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  1. Have you tried running it with terrain quality set to high? That disabled tessellation which boosted me past 60fps
  2. It only works on JNSQ because some of the planet names are the same. Otherwise it has no support What GPU do you have? Parallax isn't very CPU hungry
  3. Waterfall adds it’s own sounds, as well as realplume, and Rocket sound enhancement, and other mods that add their own sounds for their parts (SWE for example)
  4. Due to me starting school, SWE development on my end is paused. Do not expect any updates soon unless Kochi surprises me
  5. Some plumes have weird blue artifacts at the top. The only way to remove them is using TUFX HDR.
  6. Go At Startup a story of a space program destined to conquer the stars...
  7. Hi, I am the developer of SWE (a mod that adds waterfall configs to SRB's) and I was working on adding them to BDArmory's missiles, however I can't get them to show the plume because the missiles do not have a module engines in their configs. Do you know of anything I can do to get them working properly?
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