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  1. Thanks. (and don’t worry I got lemon cups permission to use them)
  2. iirc blackrack said it would be too much work to do plumes, also the sep motors aren't mine they are @lemon cup's. All I did was add them to the sep motors.
  3. It's realplume, I never found a good way to remove it, sorry.
  4. Update: SWE (or ISRE im not even sure) is finished 100% for KSP1. Encountered too many issues trying to get the new stuff working so I have just given up on finishing the update. If KSP2 has really bad look effects maybe I'll consider making this again for that game, probably not. Was a fun ride, hope you all enjoyed it.
  5. I'm gonna be setting up a github page eventually (anotha one) for ISRE (Improved Solid Rocket Effects) basically the new swe, so that ya'll can download it and not have to wait forever.
  6. That is intentional, will be fixed when (if) i finish swe2 also, do any of you have any good names other than "swe2"? it sounds confusing since there was already a 2.0 update.
  7. I got it working like an hour ago on earth and it does look incredible (imo)
  8. fox was going to start working on them but they have some personal stuff they are going through so don't expect them any time soon
  9. Nah this is just with default scatterer included in the download, dunno why its so dark but i think it looks good (it might have also been early morning/late afternoon)
  10. Yes that reminds me I need to fix that right now, thanks TUFX is no longer a hard dependency, moved to a recommended mod, as it is the only way (that I know of right now) to fix this bug
  11. It eventually starts fading after this rocket reaches about 10km, but ymmv since this rocket has a kind of fast ascent. Haven’t tested it on something like a space shuttle launch.
  12. Can confirm the burnout effect still works.
  13. I don’t think that is possible, maybe with volumetrics coming out in the new EVE update? Blackrack said he “may” try something like what you are asking I think.
  14. Progress so far, smoke lasts longer, plume blends better, haven't had any issues with the thing that requires TUFX to be enabled so hopefully that's fixed as well. It is currently 3:30 am, good night. This is with bloom and HDR enabled in TUFX Final images before actually sleeping,
  15. I am pretty sure this is caused by an old version of waterfall, can you check if it's updated?
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