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  1. I really hope KSP 2 is gonna be available in Russia. Russian KSP community is quite big and active
  2. The shadows are nonexistent and the aliasing is horrendous, is this running in unity editor?
  3. I will pre-order the game as soon as it's an option, but I still have to figure out how. My country's been cut from Swift and take two games aren't available in my region (in Steam)
  4. I would rather get a version with some bugs than wait forever for it to release
  5. If a bug makes the game unplayable, the game is DEFINITELY not in the alpha/beta stage (Or it was made by Bethesda)
  6. Hell no, no more delays. I was promised to play in early 2020, and now it's almost 2022. Offer beta to everyone who wants it. I've waited enough already I would prefer playing with bugs rather than not playing at all KSP 1 had alpha and beta versions, so I see no problem doing that with KSP 2
  7. Maybe not a slider, but a switch But overall, I like the idea
  8. Yeah but Star Citizen is already available for everyone to play, while the KSP 2 is not I would've agreed with you if there was an open alpha/beta test for KSP 2, but sadly there isn't I would've been the happiest man in the world if we had a playable demo or something Even with no tutorial, outer solar systems and not all parts included
  9. This sounds like a great idea! Would really like to see it in KSP 2
  10. IMO there only should be diversity in hair styles or maybe accessories, no different skin colors please
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