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  1. I'll patch it all up clarifying that apparently it means that the size shown in the editor is PER crew member. that's why it was significantly small in flight with 4 crew members. so FLOAT does want a HUGE amount of space, maybe worthy of several flights to connect that massive resting space for the lazy plants as test subjects. so you gotta make a long weiner no bugs, just shown as volume per kerbal
  2. no idea. the editor does a great job mimicing the real time situation of any feature. so slapping on the crew in the editor gives the given scenario, and having a full crew doesnt change that volume / square cube number in editor no matter how many people. suppose i'll just use normal transport big modules to sort it out
  3. Cheers for letting me know. So interestingly enough, all the habitats are written as enabled. makes me wonder what made the game suddenly decrease the habitat sizes in such spread out capsule manner, like I built? launching just 2 passanger habitats did count as that. maybe thats just a FLOAT thingy
  4. Would you bros know by any chance... how come I am unable to enable / disable habitats in space for every capsule attached to the ship? there's simply no option to enable / disable during flight at all. FLOAT mission had me to slap enough capulas till I get 25.00m''3, editor showed for 4 kerbals over 25, yet in flight its 6.00m''3. I simply assume not habitats are enabled other than those, yet even spreading out the 4 kerbals does nothing. still stays on 6.00m''3 despit the editor saying i reached over 25 with all habitats enabled in the editor, yet in flight no even such option to enable / disable
  5. Why does the Scrubber have no Dump function? can't ensure that when the CO2 storage hits max, to be dumped, they choke on themselves
  6. The fact that you've delivered a legendary cake so far, i believe it's worthy to call it done. i am fresh new into kerbalism, and to me as a fresh explorer it seems complete. overhauls should be done with passion, yet they aren't always necessary, especially if ksp 2 is real near kerbalism is exceptional as is
  7. Gents, For some reason Scrapyard fails to reuse Command pods, they just stack up every time, 1 use each. When I apply it, it appears "1 previous use" for a split second, then switches to Part Is New immediately. Command pods aren't in favor or something? Ofc I run it with KCT and kerbalism Writes this in the log, for some reason [LOG 22:03:11.816] [ScrapYard] Copied tracker. Recovered 1 times with id 2740612802 [LOG 22:03:11.816] [ScrapYard] Found inventory part on vessel that is not in inventory. Resetting. mk1pod.v2:2740612802 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ud0qj4mdn6e6087/KSP.log?dl=0 zi log
  8. Is kerbalism worth playing rn, with a grand pile of other mods? or should i better wait for the next update?
  9. How does the grappling hook / harpoon work? ive got no idea how to use em
  10. @linuxgurugamer Is there any way to disable the outline that happens when u hold and drag left click, like a windows desktop marker? i understand that its for selecting the kerbals you want, but incase i want to disable it, what might i have to do?
  11. I've made an Issue submission on github on the same issue's behalf video logs and all, should be gucci
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