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  1. I've made an Issue submission on github on the same issue's behalf video logs and all, should be gucci
  2. A grand break time is always grand, and importante.
  3. incredible, i remember this mod being on my sights just when i first got into KSP, and now I see one of the one and only pro devs reviving it legendary af man Will there be a more indepth config file in the future? its practically difficult in modern day kerbal, since the "I" key for example opens up building menu for the engineer, and lets say one uses KIS, "H" key is detaching. Mod is sexy af but without modification even on stock its a bit tough with the limitation of keys
  4. I get what you're saying, but you take this a bit too far. Also my argument was more directed to the general corporate crowd, rather than the citizen that pays taxes and gotta chase a stable dollar. I didn't discard the fact that we as people need money to live normal ''stable'' life (but thats again just a personal perspective imaginary concept of what is stable), I mentioned how in our ''world of cesar'' we definitely all got taxes and our financial duties that we all gotta pay, each their own, thats undiscardable for sure But do not forget that there is taking this to the extreme, and this is what companies like Take2 do lately, they monopolize certain developer teams and squeeze junk out of them, aiming for mininal work and maximum gain. (Rockstar a good example). Aren't games made FROM passion? That's where it all is rooted in. In my theoretical examples, I pull the line a bit towards a company's "financial sacrifice" or rather "brave investment of money they are scared to lose" towards passion, humanity, and human creativity, rather than pure "We must earn, and not lose a penny! How may we maximize profits for little most results?" That's why EA and Dice of BF2042 are a perfect example of recent events (which are way too many for way too long by now). That's where modern gaming companies at least pull towards, they do not use their wealth to enrich others so they can enrich themselves, they go full stingy mode and then wonder why they bring out junk to the market. There are way too many modern day examples of such products. The true rich man, desires to enrich others with his wealth, that's a man that has richness to use its rich abilities, and not to hoard more and more paper. And what I see in people such as yourself and other dedicated KSP mod devs, is potential for such companies, thus my suggestion. Mr krabs syndrom is a very prominent modern issue apparently, from the biggest company to the tiny man that thinks about saving a few dollars on something that may potentially enrich his life even if just for a few moments, just to keep those few imaginary value paper things in his belonging, to lose it to something else he is less aware of. We live in the world of cesar where taxes and duties to pay is our lives for sure, we all got things to pay and money to be earned, but when this is the MAIN aim of life, look what it turns into. Taking a good peek at modern gaming, transitioning from pure money making from pure passion, you'll see what I mean. When man sacrifices any possibility for growth due to the fear or rather the obsesstion with not losing his imaginary value bill, that becomes something else. It's hard to understand for some, honestly. In modern day society where they push fear and capital. But again, those that got the capital mustn't fear investing it in those that got something else other than imaginary valued paper, they got creation. A beyond human thing. And thats where you gents come into the picture, and where companies gotta open their minds a bit and remember that not all is material, but man. Take a good look at modern day gaming, and industry. From the manufacturer, to the developer. Mr krabs syndrome couldn't have been a more modern candy for ''business'' living than depression for teenagers. At the end of the day man. We are still people. And money is an imaginary bull that people legit burn their entire purpose of life for. While we all know deeply that the passion is truly what is for a man, as to what he is. Money is just a piece of wood bark grinded. And those that got way too much of that grinded condensed bark, definitely can enrich both the other than possess incredible creativity and passion, something that is more prominent in that specific person of target, and thus also enrich themselves as well, since they legit only gain by boosting a person of vision that is only benefitted and boosted even more if invested in financially and taken in officially. It's actually the best most perfect business practice, but since it depends on externals outside of corporate predictable safety net, not many want to gamble, because their corporate passion is the condensed bark of imaginary value, rather than what their company was meant to represent, which is gaming, and gaming is pure passion. I play KSP because I love the game, Devs first opened KSP to the public because they had passion for what they were doing, they were legit horny for what they created, that is passion, horniness for creation that is your own. That's what ALL games started as, cant name one franchise or title that did not began its roots from that kind of passion, but they weave and rot when they lose that passion and all their new passion is direct to a piece of paper I can draw a appendix vermicularis on. Worthless. There isn't anything but passion in this life, you are born from passion and you die in passion. All what everything are distracted by as they take their life for granted, is legit forgotten so quickly once you see it for what it is. There is nothing more worthy in life than man's imagination. That, leads to creation. That leads to the game I play, and we all do, hence why we're on this forum, that, leads to the amazing dev work you gents produced and yet still produce. One day corporations will awaken and will see the true value there. Maybe not today though But only imagine... If every video game, that had incredible people that had such insane dedication and love to the work that you began to do and went on doing all this time into those so many modified creations, only imagine if every game company funded at least a portion of their budget into growing or even providing basic financial ''life support'' to those that contribute so much and infact do actual official development, even if its just in the form of ''unofficial'' mods. Imagine if every game company invested in its mini creator devs that stemed up from pure passion and creativity, imagine what games could have been, so rich, dynamic, filled with content to the brim, endless like endless humans on this planet with their endless ideas. With such financial "life support" to those creators, those creators can fully dedicate themselves to their passion, and it becoming common... games become incredible legendary things.
  5. Money wise, look at BF2042 Such a good business money maker, but its absolute trash sadly for the common player, like diarrhea trash. Made alotta money though, sitting in the company's bank. so theres a bit beyond materialism in the whole industry that is gaming, and especially passion projects like KSP is and was. Everything is passion, everything began from passion. Money making is passion too for some people. This business model I threw out is just an idea out there, but ideas seeded eventually grow. This one was referred to KSP 2 though, ksp is already close to sleeping indeed. Imagine if they gathered all you pro mod devs in KSP 2 and said, look, i saw your work, I saw your community, I saw your length, we need such thinkers such developers, and boom they have an environment and they have their passion being watered by those that have resources, I WOULD LOVE to hear that one day all of you actually got an opportunity from Take2 into KSP2 development, even if its a whole different code a whole different experience, because ALL of you, THINK kerbal. That's all what matters. That's what I as a developer and owner of the KSP brand would want from those that create the KSP games. And its true, because in actuality, all of you at least created for me, a much better Kerbal space program experience with all the mods you made, enriched, and maintained. Without you gents, I'd not have this amazing game space experience with so many extra features. This is worth beyond dollars my man. and thats a perfect way to use someone's resources and powers (aka a corporation that has wealth and network) to enrich those that are more richer in the creation. Because money means excrements compared to creative creation, and that is so far from common these days. Again look at 2042 business model wise, its hot garbage but makes good money. Pays the rent for all the workers involved, got all their family likely set for life, its beautiful business. Who cares about some angry kids online going on reddit and crying? Its a game that people buy to complain about bugs on youtube, rather than like we all did with BFBC2 be stunned by the amazing features and destruction and create videos on that, thats what made that game's publicity, but BF2042's publicity is the shameful funny thing that is apparently an AAA game worked on for decades lmao. So since when gaming is about making efficient money? and I can think about so many ''efficient'' money ways that are normal, people thought that slave labour was normal back in the day, got the job done.We humans think in diverse ways, and its absolutely cool, some suit the rest some don't, But I legit believe that this business model is THE THING to grow and populate a game like KSP. ESPECIALLY with its sequel being made. Not everything has to be so official and stingy in this world, and corporations will get it some day. Money is legit a piece of paper I can draw a appendix vermicularis on, it has nothing but an imaginary value. Hoarding it like mr krabs and avoiding any use of this imaginary value to enrich and grow another seed of ''lesser economic value'' is such a waste of what could be enriched by it. But who am I to prevent people's fetishes to be enjoyed? But those that are able to create magnificent things due to their way of thinking and work are worth beyond it, thats what people with money should do, invest in those -creators-, but those that hoard the piece of tree bark made into cash called modern money, Hopefully some giant gaming corporate will think different some day, straight into that business model, I know I would i'd definitely employ that amazing business model were I a corporate that grew from passion game developers that had nothing but a desire at the beginning. They all had vision. And thats my point, I believe in it that much that I even wrote a govno online essay for this it will come to pass one day.
  6. Honestly, it would be such a good business investment for Squad from the firstplace, to establish an employment system for actual pro devs like yourself and others, those that put their soul into it. It would benefit both the creator and the created, and make a game so much more alive and keep it alive longer. If the game wasn't corporate owned, I bet such system could be employed easily and would be the next big thing. A perfect business model, since the game is ALREADY ''open source'', in a way, allowing mods and stuff, but putting people of creation into a comfort and security of putting their passion and imagination that they do as a hobby, into a stable thing in our world of cesar where money is a ticking must, that would be insanely good business model for a game with a dedicated audience that caught a certain lifelong vibe. Maybe with KSP 2 they'll consider it, who knows Also as to creators such as yourselves, you gents got way too much on your plate with insane amazing mods that are so heavy on development, that I most definitely don't even want any of you considering it. More workload doesn't mean goodload. Each got their own thing and thats what makes amazing things, reaching too far for too many is just useless. There might be some specific one that flows with the idea of a new CC, and thats then a fit for them, whoever that may be, but I am certain that one exists! lmao, the clip def fits the frustration even mod devs experience with the mods in their own experience, now thats a perfect way to describe it, perfect clip for the situation
  7. Oh man, i've seen some of your contract packs they're absolutely legendary. they definitely bring such a modernized vibe to something that is such past in KSP. definitely missing more contract packs of modernized taste. Actually legendary seeing you comment on this subject, you're definitely the man I've had in mind regarding modern contract packs development. My take, I'd personally sacrifice the past contract packs into a more modernized fresh and new contract configurator (if we leave aside the fact that backwards compatablity wont vanish since we humans can make anything happen if only we desire so ). Most definitely sacrifice an old pack of contract packs, for a new tool that will be so much smoother and lighter and easier like a compact rifle, for rising contract pack creator of might like yourself man. but again, that all depends on how it'll actually be modernized. who knows. Can't say whos definition of what is abandoned, but if you wanna feel my thought, on what is true passionate development, on what is truly breathing life into a mod of a game that is halted in development yet adding so much creation imagination into a game that never in life even thought about having these features... (which is also a mighty good time to rise in mod creations as well, since no more updates to ruin every old or already made code.) take a look at the work of legendary creators like these: Lisias, Zer0Kerbal, IgorZ, Blackrack, Linuxgurugamer. and many more I have yet to meet that are in modern day ksp mod development. When you desire to breathe life into something, you put yourself into it. and the mods these gents make are certainly a proof of imaginative creation. thats my take on it my man
  8. Nothing is dying with passion my man. I've spoken with several devs that build and work on HUGE mods right now, it all matters on whats within. That's why I made this post, I know there is someone who has that within him for this specific mod My personal word on the case with CC. It's massive bloat on the game. So if I think simply, and had the thought several times to eliminate this mod from my list (I will 100% once im done with the contracts.) since the load time increase is massive, at least adds about 10% if not more. So why would anyone make a contract pack (which as we know, people make things out of passion and their personal likeness to it), if they cant like CC? It's like junkfood, but with the minus of extra extra unhealthy on the performance of KSP and not just grade 1 unhealthy for the fps. If something is good and comfy, it's a good base for growth and creation.
  9. Gentlemen. This is a calling not just for someone random, but a mythical developer that is capable of such task for its purpose. Not because of its difficulty, but because of its weight, for us all the KSP Mod community, especially this bit, is part of history on a continuous level. We write that history daily as we continue using this one and only mod that allows us to dynamically add so much content in such many creative levels. Contract Configurator def offers such a perspective that is sunken deep in KSP history, SO MUCH CREATIVE CONTENT comes out of it, contracts are a whole new world. both in the Contract packs people make for it, and both the Contract Configurator itself. Alas since the configurator (i assume) carries so much outdated weight and bulk of errors and outdated bulk, that it likely too repels the Contract pack developers themselves. Why make something for something that takes such a hit on KSP itself? And so, part of history remains frozen Sadly, the mod is so outdated that it makes KSP gain at least 300 pounds, both in loading times and in performance. It needs modernization to pull its excrements together. At the moment, the mod is like an ultra creative junk food for KSP, but it needs not to be like this forever. Mythical legendary passion for revival and even re-creation of many mods that are once in a lifetime in KSP does come around, and its amazing to see it hit many legendary devs I know that are currently working on such projects, such as KIS 2, KCT Revamp, DistantObjectEnhancements Revamped, and many more such golden creations in the cooking. Question is, who will be the one to rebirth Contract Configurator and revive back to life an amazing creative tool for all KSP community? Imagine all the new modernized contracts popping, with the modern KSP version we have and its features. so much new content insane
  10. I have no doubt that some day the new KCT will be even more legendary than anything we can expect from a mod like KCT its maturing slowly like a baby, only promises good
  11. Alt f4, restart its a chronic ksp disease without any traces of diagnosis
  12. There is an easy solution for all. If the rover decides to launch itself up, or blows up or anything wrong with it, go to the mod's settings and disable rotation TEMPORARILY. then once it all goes good, return it. sometimes over large distance / other side of the map / terrain gets in the middle of what we want to achieve. mods working swell, just gotta adapt to the small things
  13. This issue has been plaguing ksp since 1.12 hit. When at first everyone were going mad about it, devs patched it some time after in the latest vesion we have, and lowered the probability of it happening by at least 50%. Yet it's still there. And I am lost on pinpointing it, which leads me to believe 1.12 has something in it that causes this thing, whether its a script incompatability with mods, or whatever this is. This is not mod specific, after tons of uninstalling and tries. (I dont remember about my stock game time due to memory loss, so cant state on that.) For some reason, the main trigger are time warps, and at times the trigger to the complete sound effect silence of the vessel (RCS / Engine sounds / Mining drill sounds), tends to be simply pressing M often and coming in and out of the map, during flights. It forces you, in about every hour and a half or so, restart the game to regain engine sounds, of course after some intensive flight with intensive time warps (just the usual moon job) but TIME WARP is the deal breaker seemingly. And surprisingly, a completely normal time warp without any extra modification. It looks like it's a rather common issue as well, with itself striking occassionally but unoccassionally. (My experience, it hits in about 1.4 hours, after you do some flying, map in and out and so on.) It seems and sounds like the vessel is actually FARTHER away from the camera than it actually is, therefore getting the sound effects sound distant, until over time they completely vanish requiring a game restart, which more and more narrows it down to being some kind of a time warp related thing, and I am not the only one to narrow it down to this. Anyone has any leads? Or maybe found a secret solution and just hasn't shared with the world yet? If this is what squad has left us in the last version, it really sucks. No one wants to restart the game after doing some ingame fiddling and losing all ship sound effects turning all vessels ingame silent until a restart is done. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuj6etcxnhtmqz3/logs%2Cand all the rest.rar?dl=0 All the logs that may be needed. Modlist: This is like the cure for cancer of KSP 1.12. Who ever manages to find a lead to it, will infact save this game. I tried my best digging into it myself, but just as the rest that I've seen, left with no answers, eventually dropping off interesting. Am not professional at these kind of things, unlike many amazing individuals on this community that have certainly impressed with their skill and abilities, yet I do believe there is something we're missing. There must be.
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