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  1. Hi @bewing or anyone else, I don't want to bother you. But please let me ask this. I just don't understand where to start. So the antenna on my spacecraft is a relay antenna. That's good. And I am glad to keep my craft in permanent orbit. However, to whom do I send a message? How do I send a message? What do I say? Once I get started, then I should be able to figure out a lot of things. Thank you for your consideration. Stanley
  2. Hi KSP colleagues, I am still quite new to this amazing KSP game. But I am happy to report that I have now achieved Minmus orbit. May I show you this screenshot which illustrates my orbiting spacecraft, and on the bottom right you can see Kerbin along with Mun to the lower right of Kerbin. At this point, I would please like to ask this not very well formulated question, if I may. From my newly established Minmus orbit, I would like to set up a Communications Network. How can I do that, if it is possible to do? I normally ask very solid, precise questions. Here I am not exactly sure what I am asking. I have heard of KSP Communication Networks, but I am still not sure what they are and how to set one up. Thank you for your consideration. Stanley
  3. Hi @jimmymcgoochie, Thank very much for the detailed explanation. I will keep it handy for all my KSP plane-flying experiences. Stanley
  4. Hi KSP colleagues, OK. I guess I figured it out. Don't start in the VAB but in the SPH. Well, let's see how well I do. Stanley
  5. Hi KSP colleagues, I doubt that I want to spend much time flying airplanes or spaceplanes with KSP. I would like to try it at least once or a few times, however. I am confused on how to even get started. I am in the hangar, and I click launch. For a rocket, after activating your engines and SAS, you hit the space bar and off you go. But what do you do with planes, please? Thank you. Stanley
  6. Right. That was going to be my next question. Thank you, @18Watt, for your asking it. And thank you, @Echo__3, for answering my first question.
  7. Hi KSP colleagues, I was watching a video where the NavBall was off to the side of the screen. That interested me, because I find that the NavBall placed in the center is often in the way. However, I cannot figure out how to move it. Could one of you nice people please tell me how to do it. Thank you for your consideration. Stanley
  8. Hi everyone, Then I am confused. When I am talking about time-warping, all I mean is pressing the period key to speed things up. I didn't know about physics warp. Stanley
  9. Hi KSP colleagues, I think that I know the answer to this question, and that the answer is yes. However, I would please like to confirm it. The screenshot below shows a maneuver path from a quite circular Kerbin orbit to an encounter with Mun. By definition, therefore, this is the path of a Hohmann Transfer, right? Citing Wikipedia, "the Hohmann transfer orbit is an elliptical orbit used to transfer between two circular orbits of different radii around a central body in the same plane." And this is exactly what is going on, is it not? Thank you. Stanley
  10. Hi KSP colleagues, I have noticed that sometimes if you time warp -- especially by large amounts -- you will get a warning that time warping can damage the spacecraft's structural integrity. (I may not have the wording exactly correct.) Could this really happen? Is time warping potentially dangerous to one's spacecraft? Thank you. Stanley
  11. Hi @kerbiloidand @Dman979, Thank you for explaining that. I am just learning this amazing KSP game -- although I am making substantial progress -- so I still am playing in just Sandbox mode. I see now that the scientific multipliers pertain to Career mode, so right now I can leave this alone. At first I thought that scientific multipliers had some application to the real world. Good. I am all set now with this issue. Thanks again. Stanley
  12. Hi KSP colleagues, If you go to the KSP Wiki and you click on any planet or natural satellite of any planet, you will see in the summary section of that celestial body information on its "scientific multiplier." Could someone please explain me what a scientific multiplier is. Thank you. Stanley
  13. Hi @Ben J. Kerman, Thank you. I see -- the CommNet. The Communications Network is one of the next things that I want to learn in KSP. I don't really understand it or how to use it. Stanley
  14. Hi KSP colleagues, I am orbiting Mun in a fairly circular orbit approximately 65 km from its surface. You will notice the green lines extending from Kerbin to my orbiting ship (although the lines are not extremely clear in this screenshot). Could someone kindly explain to me what these lines mean. Thank you. Stanley
  15. Hi @jimmymcgoochieand @Vanamonde, Thanks to both of you for your answers. Right, I now see that F1 works as well as F12. I found where the screenshots go when I use F12, and I also know where the screenshots go if I use F1. Since both keys work, this is no big deal one way or the other. However, I prefer F12 because I hear the clicking sound -- you know, what you hear if you use a camera -- when I press F12. When I press F1, I hear nothing. Stanley
  16. Hi @king of nowhere, I found the F12 key assignment, and managed to change it to F8. I did a screenshot experiment, and I no longer got that popup message. Thank you for explaining that I needed to change the binding. That put me on the right track. Stanley
  17. Hi @king of nowhere, Could you please tell me how I change the F12 key to F8. I am sure that it is somewhere in the settings, but I don't want to goof something up. Thank you. Stanley
  18. Hi KSP colleagues, When I take a screenshot, I click F12. I have KSP through Steam, and I learned where my screenshots are saved. But here is my question. After I press F12, a quick popup appears saying "Aerodynamic Forces Overlay: Enabled," and then the next time it says "Aerodynamic Forces Overlay: Disabled." One way or the other, the screenshot gets taken and saved. So, please, what do these messages mean? Do they have anything to do with Steam? Thank you. Stanley
  19. Hi KSP colleagues, I have now achieved Munar orbit! Here is one photograph: And here is a second picture: I am so grateful to all my KSP colleagues for assisting me with this. For this particular accomplishment, I am especially grateful to @Zhetaan, who has been extraordinarily helpful. Again, I thank all of you knowledgeable people. Stanley
  20. Hi Echo_3, Thank you for showing me these videos. The commentator goes awfully fast, so following the presentation is difficult. Still, I appreciate your showing me these. Stanley
  21. Hi KSP colleagues, I have KSP from Steam. When I click F12 to make a screenshot, I get a popup saying that the screenshot was saved. In my file structure, I have a folder that says Screenshots. But sometimes the pictures are there, and sometimes not. Does anyone please know what the situation is? Thank you. Stanley
  22. Hi @king of nowhere, Thanks. I know there is a tutorial. I have had trouble with that too. One thing that I don't get is that I have gotten close enough to Mun that its gravitational pull should have captured my spacecraft. But it didn't. Stanley
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