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  1. Ah, that would be it. Appreciate the assistance and your work! I've been very curious about BDB for ages but found it too overwhelming. This tech tree makes BDB more approachable imo! Thank you.
  2. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/201439-111-bg-planetside-exploration-technologies-surface-bases-nasa-mmsev-wind-turbines-more-initial-release-v101/&do=findComment&comment=3963444
  3. I wasn't 100% certain so I created a completely fresh install with only SSS and it's dependencies - still got the same issue. I can't figure out why this is happening unfortunately...
  4. Hi, I'm having an issue where there is no SAS control from any probes. I stack on several probes with electric charge and antennas but I'm always met with the message that there are no "operational SAS modules onboard" even though there are multiple SAS-capable probes. I know there is an SAS upgrade system but this isn't correct behaviour, is it? Screenshot KSP.log Player.log Any help would be appreciated, thank you. EDIT: I should mention that this install only has SSS & it's hard requirements so I don't think it can be a mod conflict issue.
  5. I was thinking, could this mod be made to work with Simple Construction for building bases? My idea was to essentially "extend" my base from each docking port by building it a single module at a time from the newly built docking port. Then, use KaBoom! to SuperKlue the two modules together. However, when I try this I get the "This part needs 2 parts on attachment nodes. Kaboom Cancelled." error. Is there a way to get this working? Here is an example - the docking port on the right is the first module from which I am using SCON and the docking port on the left is the newly built module. Not sure if this should be in the SCON! thread or here honestly, hopefully I picked the right one!
  6. I use it with Restock. Works just fine. If you want to test it, create a fresh, clean install and test mods on that so it doesn't affect your saves. And back up your saves every now and then to make sure you don't lose anything.
  7. Hi, just wanted to give a heads up on a tiny issue: the table in OP states GooExperiment has a timeToRun of 1 hour but the config file lists it as 1s.
  8. You might be interested in the Making Less History mod.
  9. Hi, I've not been able to get this mod working for quite a while. I first downloaded SCON! through CKAN on a heavily modded install and none of the features of the mod seemed to load (i.e no metal, no rocket parts, no SimpleConstruction augmented parts). CKAN install KSP.log CKAN install Player.log Most recently, I downloaded the most recent release from GitHub and placed it into the GameData folder of a brand new and clean install. Then I installed ModuleManager through CKAN - the result of this was that each of the parts seemed to be correctly configured in the editor but when I launched the vehicle, the construction UI was not available and there was no EL button on the apps. Manual install KSP.log Manual install Player.log I really like the idea of this mod but just have never gotten it to work unfortunately haha, I may just be missing something.
  10. Honestly, I have given up trying to understand the stock tools. My current game has KAC, transfer window planner, MechJeb, stock alarm clock and stock maneuver tool all installed and I just use whichever gives me the result I'm looking for in a particular situation. It's easier than trying to figure out exactly how each tool is coming up with it's corresponding results.
  11. Unlikely since The reDIRECT mod has Space Shuttle SRBs.
  12. Just a heads up: the SpaceDock link in the OP leads to your Pteron mod, not Probitronics.
  13. @Aelfhe1m Oh, I see! That makes sense, thank you very much!
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