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  1. Hello KSP-Community, I'm a fellow Kerbonaut for almost a year now and without this Forum, I'd probably still be sitting on the pad. So let me say a big thank you to everyone even though it took me a year! Well, apart from playing KSP, I'm studying Transport Systems with a strong focus on Aeronautics and Astronautics, which I hopefully will be graduating soon. I was talking to my Fundamentals of Space Technology-teacher recently about a senior thesis under his supervision and knowing about my passion for KSP he offered me to develop a concept/solution for using KSP in his course. One objective of my thesis is to build a "sub-mod" to kRPC. Students of the course will have to calculate data (e.g. dV needed for Hohmann transfer, inclination change, combined maneuvers or optimal ascent profiles using numerical integration) which are then fed into the autopilot sub-mod. Their calculation is executed by Python scripts which they'll have to write individually. Those scripts can be developed and run in an environment build by myself having its own UI in KSP. If they' run their code the vessel/rocket will do what they calculated, hopefully leading to spectacular explosions. This way we think their understanding of orbital mechanics and maneuvering will get much better. Building my own IDE / Editor + integrated Terminal will most likely be the tricky part. I've some experience writing mainly mathematical scripts and super basic sorting algorithms using Python, MATLAB and C but was never really taught how to develop a proper program. Nevertheless I really want to learn exactly that. At the moment I'm just getting started in C# and getting to know how to set up an console inside my own program/window to later integrate that into KSP and let the students run their scripts from there. So at a certain point I think this even might worth a dedicated thread but since I haven't much to show yet I figured I'll include that into my introduction. I'm sorry for the long post but I wanted to give you some background and not start with asking probably stupid questions, of which I already have one: If I run into an problem that I can't fix by myself, should I rather open a thread dedicated to my project or would you recommend posting it for example in there: The official unoffical "help a fellow plugin developer" thread ? Thanks a lot again!
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