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  1. I haven't made KSRSS configs since I don't play KSRSS. If someone else creates them and sends them to me i'll include it in the mod.
  2. No it does not. But I have looked at what GGE does and would be happy to integrate it into the mod.
  3. Originally released on github back in November/December 2021, I finally came around to making a KSP forum post for it! PRVE is a visual enhancement mod for Real Solar System. Components of the mod are derived from RVE64k, EVO, RSSVE, KSRSS, GGE, and much more. COMPONENTS: 32k Cloud texture with even higher quality detail 4k detail clouds texture 43k Earth city texture 64k Ground texture and shadows addon if desired Newest scatterer configs Wavy auroras GGE integration and optimization (Big thanks to @ballisticfox0) Custom TUFX and KS3P config (Use both for most optimal looks) MOD DEPENDENCIES: Scatterer (v0.0835) Environmental Visual Enhancements (v1.11.6.1) Real Solar System (v19.0.2.0) KSP (v1.12.3) PC REQUIREMENTS: This mod has been created with a computer rig of these specs running Windows: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 32gb RAM (Maybe a bit excessive, unless you use the 64k addon) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb Dual fans This pic uses a custom 16k color map for Earth's surface which may be available soon: Earth's Aurora: Sunset in Earth orbit: You may download this mod via CKAN or github Licensing:
  4. 1. For the subtypes not working make sure you have B9PartSwitch installed 2. Parts like the SSME and AJ-10 will disappear with the ROEngine patch. But for some reason people have issues with non-engine components like the Engine mount or body flap to disappear as well. 3. When TUFX has HDR enabled it will cause issues on the shuttle. If you turn it off when in game and it still shows the odd clipping you mention you may need to restart ksp for it to work.
  5. I plan on creating a forum soon about PRVE. And yes there is an incompatibility issue with it and RSSVE.
  6. In game it should be 34.924 latitude and -117.8912 longitude.
  7. It is a bit weird at the moment so you have to get close enough for it to load. I will also be redoing this a bit in the coming weeks since I picked up a few more things on writing configs.
  8. KSP keeps crashing half the time after I export an MU file I edited in blender, know why?
  9. You can switch it from SMAA to another option for how it renders it. Though it does create new issues in different ways and is slower.
  10. I am noticing an issue with the anti aliasing not saving at x8 in settings with scatterer. Whenever i switch a scene when i already set it to 8 it acts like it was off. I noticed some anti aliasing in the scatterer config and I don't know if i need to change something there or not. EDIT: Looked into it more, found out why. Not a problem for me now.
  11. Go right ahead. I want this mod alive for as long as possible in the best way possible.
  12. Because Radar sees this mod as a community mod I have got a version of this mod that has waterfall support and realistic time period textures here: https://github.com/SpaceODY/Space-Shuttle-System-Expanded I did nothing to the 3D objects. I only have up to date support and better textures on it there. All credits are in the description there. Photo of it with Waterfall:
  13. STS Locations (RSS) A mod that aims to add STS program locations in both the realistic and planned but never executed timelines. EDWARDS AFB - Converted from a Kerbal Konstructs structure to a City2 node with Kopernicus. - Runway lights for the primary runways. - HD textures for both the primary asphalt runways (That way it doesn't look like 10 pixels) Smaller Buildings for detail: Both of the New HD runways: VANDENBERG AFB - Very high quality terrain with both correct height and color. - Launch complex 6 for shuttle launches into polar orbits. - KSC placed at the primary runway rather than its default location. Overview: KSC and LC6: DOWNLOAD (V2.0) NOTE: Bugs may be present in the mod. Please notify me if you find anything and I will try to fix it ASAP. Enjoy your landings (and now launches)! This mod is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). You are free to edit and change anything you would like as long as you attribute me. If you make any changes you want applied to the mod put it in the comments or get in contact with me.
  14. Love this mod in RO. I would use this if EVO did not have a hexagon bug because it is over water. Unless there is a fix I don't know about.
  15. Very nice mod for stock. Used it back when I played it. I am now playing RO but still a very cool mod.
  16. I made custom 43k clouds for this, lags my game alot though with 64k ground textures lol.
  17. Am I allowed to do it aswell? I have a good foundation of the mod and waterfall support for it too that I want to give people.
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