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  1. chocolates of some kind... maybe something cheesy as mentioned earlier. here's an idea: how about a liquid straw, inside your helmet, so as you jetpack on a planet you can suck on some pop or milk or whatever. easy portable drink!
  2. The KSC will finally be able to TRULY celebrate their achievements!
  3. hey i'm one of those new people, also, congratulations to the winners!
  4. Nearly every time I do random. Most of it is Bob since he's first out, but otherwise it's purely based off of first out.
  5. welcome to the forum, fellow new arrival
  6. I've been playing kerbal space program for the last 2 years pretty regularly, but haven't used the forums until now. Nice to be here kerbonautkazoo
  7. I'd vote everyone too, but for me I'd relate most to Bobak Kerman from the trailers, since he shows the most panic when a mun lander goes down and explodes
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