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  1. Yes, it is manned by a scientist Kerbal. I'm about to test this theory, but I believe the issue is that, though the agriculture module has storage for fertilizer, there needs to be a separate Kontainer for the logistics to work.
  2. Hello everyone. I can't seem to get logistics working at all while using this mod. I'll quickly set the stage. I have a piloted base with a Duna 'Pioneer' module, an inflatable ranger habitation module, and an inflatable ranger agriculture module. Less than 150 meters away, I have a lander with Kontainers filled with fertilizer, all with the local warehouse value set to true. The agriculture module works fine with the fertilizer it has, but it refuses to take fertilizer from the craft automatically. Every time it runs out, I have to manually transfer the resources using the Kolony Dashboard window. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, how did you fix it?
  3. I'm going to avoid doing this, as I want to be able to see the new parts for the first time when I'm unlocking the tech tree. If I was to see one of the new engines while in the VAB, it'd be too hard to resist.
  4. Possibly, the new KSC show and tell that was released recently didn't give a full view of the space center, so those landing pads could still be there. If something similar to KOS becomes stock, it would make a lot of sense.
  5. Alright, I've solved the issue. For some reason, certain inflatables cannot be deployed in the VAB or on EVA and must be deployed when you are in control of the ship. Not sure why you can't deploy these on EVA when you can for all of the other inflatable modules, but it's just a minor inconvenience. I wish the mod said this somewhere in the description of the parts, though.
  6. Sorry for being unclear in my original comment, I was able to deploy both the agriculture and habitation modules on eva with an engineer and materialkits/electric charge. The thing is, neither the mini habitat or the inflatable storage module even have the USIanimation in their description. This doesn't change regardless of what situation I'm in and what materials I have. Even odder, the storage module refuses to deploy even when in the VAB yet the mini habitat does, though neither of them have the option to deploy while outside of the VAB. This is in contrast to the other modules which will still give the option to deploy in flight even if you do not have the correct materials, though you will get an error message. Again, sorry for being unclear in my original post. Here's a link to an imgur album showcasing the problem: https://imgur.com/a/DeXds41
  7. I'm quite new to USI MKS and I have read the faq/wiki, but I still cannot work with certain ranger type kolonization models. The agriculture and habitation modules work fine, but the mini habitation model only gives me the option to deploy while in the VAB and the inflatable storage module doesn't give me the option to deploy in the VAB or on EVA. Any help to troubleshoot this issue would be appreciated.
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