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  1. https://imgur.com/a/kRgaPDE I've been having some problems with my realism overhaul save and as of right now the biggest thing bugging me is that my delta v readouts are broken. Is there a fix to this issue because so far I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and a bunch of mods. Any help would be appreciated thanks! *Image of issue included in the link
  2. Having some issues. I downloaded the @SpaceODYversion of the mod and everything works well except the engine mount. Whenever I grab the engine mount and attach it to the rest of the shuttle everything is fine. However when I switch editors or load the craft in so that I can launch it the mount just disappears. Everything else seems to be interacting with it yet it's just invisible and unable to be interacted with (clicking on it does nothing). I have the mod running on version 1.12 so maybe that's the issue but I am honestly lost. I have tried every version of the mod and have been encountering the same issue every time. If anyone could give any tips on how I can fix this it would be greatly appreciated, Thank you
  3. I have returned to the thread with another issue, https://imgur.com/a/f6eZfNF Recently I have started using the SOCK in Realism Overhaul. When I got all the mods working I noticed that I get a really wimpy solid rocket plume as seen in the image link. Even when I'm still on the pad and the engines are off this same plume shows up and it has been bugging me. I have waterfall, real plume, and smokescreen so I don't know why the solid's are acting like this. Is there a config that can fix this or is something else off? Thank you Also I was wondering if anyone has a special procedure that they could share when deorbiting the shuttle for landing at Kennedy.
  4. On one final note would anyone be so kind as to link the files in which I can change the look of the shuttle. (I am still slightly new to pc and do not a good grasp on this stuff). Anything would be greatly appreciated and I want to thank everyone that has helped me to this point.
  5. Sorry if I am being slightly vague so i'll get straight to the point. @lemon cup I was wondering what you had to do in order to make your shuttle look the way it does (Having it resemble the look of the real ones so well). I would quite like to try it out myself. I hope that cleared things up as I already have the lighting taken care of and TUFX already installed. I am only seeking what you had to do to change the look of the orbiter, external tank and boosters themselves. Once again sorry if I was not clear before Thank you
  6. I was more referring to the added decals and how the boosters and external tank look different (More closely resemble the real life shuttle). Like for example in the picture that I quoted above the external tank was a more solid orange with less patches of a lighter color.
  7. Hi y'all, I was wondering what mod was used in order to improve the textures of the shuttle in these images. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. Does anyone have the files so that I can make the cryo tanks from ReDirect larger for the realism overhaul version of the shuttle (With engines that also match the new size ). On top of that I was also wondering if there textures that can further enhance the look of the shuttle. Thank you
  9. Thank you guys so much. I will change the file and see if it works now. Edit: It worked. Once again thank you guys for helping me with this.
  10. Alright, So I turned the code that I was given into a config file. I'm not sure if I've done something wrong but when I went back into the game the plume effects of the engines stayed the same from what I could tell. Is there something I might have done wrong? https://imgur.com/a/CxWlci7
  11. Final question. How would one put this patch into their GameData folder (I don't really know how to manipulate and create files so all this stuff is kind of new to me). Once again thanks.
  12. I am once again here asking for help. I was trying to add the vector engines on the back of the orbiter since they have nicer plumes and sounded better. However the fuel from the tank would not go through properly (Fuel tank from the ReDirect mod). I would always seem to end up with a ridiculously low delta V count no matter what I tried (Whenever a flameout occurred with the engines it said that they were liquid fuel deprived). Is there a fix for this or will I have to use the "rainstorm" engines that come with the mod? https://imgur.com/a/EiGDcHA Thank you.
  13. Hi, I need some help as I have really been wanting to get this mod for my game however when I insert it into the game data folder and start the game the parts do not show up. I have my game on the latest version and have been looking for tutorials and other forms of help with the download of this but to no avail. So I am here looking for some guidance on being able to download this mod and pair it with reDirect which is working for me. If anyone is able to help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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