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  1. Nice work. I hope you expand this to a whole suite of cargo bays
  2. KSP made xkcd alt text for today! http://xkcd.com/1106/
  3. Cepheus, there is a toggle option on the mapper UI for Storing Raw Data. Unfortunately the option is disabled by default, something I hope is changed in the next release.
  4. Space between flymetothemun and the (45,45)?
  5. Because Autodesk charge a lot of money? I wouldn\'t want to pay $6000 so I can make mods for a game that cost me $15. Unless you\'re offering to buy copies for people?
  6. I think that may well be the feature I\'m most looking forward to from 0.17 so far. I hope this all means 0.18 will have docking in it. I\'d love to assemble stations/deep space missions/surface bases from smaller sections.
  7. Did it still have to be the active ship?
  8. I experienced a similar problem using the large hinges. I had a series of hinges set up so that i could extend arms made of DR struts with ISA MapSat dishes hanging off them. All went fine until I extended the arms in zero g and it started violently flapping back and forth.
  9. Time to be an ass, methinks.... I\'d love to see this pack updated, but acting like it\'s your god-given right to get updates to a mod to an alpha game isn\'t the way to go about it. This guy only gets the fun of the challenge, the joy of having parts he wants, and the praise of grateful users as his reward for updating this pack. So try to show some respect, and ask politely, or just don\'t ask at all, instead of acting like a spoiled brat. /rant I do hope that kockaspiton updates the pack to make use of some of the cool new features, crew capacities and animations would rock.
  10. What are you looking to do? There are some really talented modders here that seem willing to share their knowledge, you\'ll just need to come up with some specific questions.
  11. Clearly the Roswell crash was 3 Kerbals from the future, after traversing a wormhole.
  12. $50?!? Be glad you don\'t live in Australia. With our dollar worth about 1 US$, we still have to pay $70-100 for a new release game, even on digital distribution platforms like Steam!
  13. Hopefully once the game hits 1.0 3D printed stuff will be cheap enough for it to be feasible to sell little models of rocket parts from the game the could clip together like Lego. Id pay $50 for a command module, a few tanks and boosters and engines etc.