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  1. Thank you. I've gone ahead and pushed the change to Github. A release with it will come some time later. I've gone ahead and resolved the first two issues in the GitHub repository. For the sun flare, I have not been able to find an adequate solution that doesn't either nuke your eyes at the starting system or outright destroy them while you're in the Polaris system. For your folder issue, I'm not sure what specifically you're talking about there. For the final issue, and this is likely tied with the previous one, is that you're using 1.11. I have not made this pack to be used on 1.11, just 1.12. I recall seeing a similar issue when trying to use one of the new versions of scatterer on an older version.
  2. I wondered when the inevitable question would arrive. Yes, it is! OPM just adds stuff to the stock system. It has nothing to do with other star systems so you've got the all-clear signal.
  3. A new file is strongly recommended unless you're willing to put up with losses and other issues which I will not help you on. AVP is meant for stock. This comes with its own visuals.
  4. Hm. I'll have to double-check the configs. It should be there? The distance might be too much. While it's on my mind, I don't have much for plans for going bananas with the upcoming Parallax scatters n' whatnot. I can't bring myself to work on the mod most of the time and when I do, I don't enjoy it. Hoping the upcoming EVE is fairly easy.
  5. Take two, and action! Back in business. Spent some time and killed some other bugs that flew past my radar. No more issues should be afoot, yahoo. Being on hiatus isn't too great for the ducks that are sure to wander out of their rows. Grab it on GitHub! Spacedock comes soon™ Changelog
  6. So, looks like a few nasty issues made it past me. An update to fix those is on the way.
  7. Version 0.1.3 is finally here! Due to Spacedock's finicky nature I have not been able to get an upload on there yet, so it is restricted to the GitHub for the moment. I will provide some new pictures soon, but right now I'm tired lol. I hope y'all enjoy it! This might be my last hurrah. GitHub link
  8. StrangeNewWorlds! MACOSX is a system file generated by, you guessed it, Mac OS. It serves no purpose on other platforms and is hidden on Mac. So you can outright delete it. This will not be an issue in the next update.
  9. Hey howdy howdy. Boy, it's been a hot minute since there's been an update eh? Well I've got good news and probably not so good news. Good news is I've managed to put together an update that adds a couple features and makes tweaks and fixes problems, and it will finally bring it on to 1.12 officially! I hope to have it release in the next couple days provided there's no major issues. It won't be a huge update nor does it add new bodies however. It refreshes existing ones. The not so good news is that I intended to have this done in mid-late last year. There's been issues outside of KSP that have prevented me from making progress and they continue to get in my way. But at any rate, I'm also getting a bit weary. So SNW might be left as is outside of the rare surge of progress. With KSP 2 coming along that shouldn't be too bad anyway.
  10. That is... Wow. Then again these are demos and are purpose-made and don't entirely reflect what we'll see in a live game. It's possible they may already use it. If not then perhaps an update later down the line. Rewriting what they have so far will delay it further and it seems like they're fairly intent on releasing later this year.
  11. Hype is important for advertising. They just did it a little bit early considering the delay. We should see things ramp up big time in the coming months though as the day of release comes closer. Besides, there will always be people who are impatient no matter what.
  12. It's all "we need to keep up inflation," yet you won't see employee wages and benefits won't so much as budge, lol. Then there's the whole thing that games these days are easier to make than ever with the experience, documentation, tools, courses, etc, that are all out there. Heck, most of the money with such media these days doesn't go into development, it goes into things like advertising. With some stuff you can get a full bag, but there's an alarming amount where that isn't the case. I wouldn't worry about the NFT crud, at least not for KSP 2. I don't see it playing out. The third-party/indie scene has a LOT of content to offer and often at a greater value/dollar, if that's what we're really going to be using as a metric. Not always mind you, but there is at least a more diverse selection. I'm curious if we'll see names like Charles Pellegrino and Jim Powell (designers of the Valkyrie antimatter starship and assistants in designing the ISV Venture Star from Avatar) or Ken Burnside show up in the credits.
  13. Crew parts have been shown prior, particularly in early versions. I believe we get to see more in the larger craft orbiting Gurdamma. This looks like a ship that has dropped off its payload. In terms of ship size, we could very likely see ships stretching 1,000+ meters. Starships need to be gigantic. Especially if it's antimatter, crewed, or going to make a return trip.
  14. Mmm. I'll believe it when I see it. I'd like to hope this game will go without a hitch but chances are there's going to be a catch somewhere. Heh. Back in the day you could get new stuff for $40 a pop without needing DLC. Sometimes less. Could even grab used games for peanuts. Now stuff's getting to be over $60 just for the initial purchase. Then we got all this DLC shtick. Bah.
  15. Seems to be very similar. Not 100% the same but a similar species of MIF. Curiously, the starship they used in the example animation of a brachistrochrone flight has what appears to be a straight 1:1 HOPE fusion drive. Its performance is trash at least compared to other options out there. Perhaps they found a way to boost performance with one of their guys, or did it for balance. Curiously it may well be a first interstellar trip engine. The system we see it go to appears to be a brown dwarf? No other objects glow pink. That'll probably be the closest system. Of course, this is all speculation.
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