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  1. Well, I have finally managed to get it uploaded on Spacedock. ...Took me long enough. Enjoy!
  2. Considering the stage of development, it is most likely a test scene. As we trundle closer to release we may get a glimpse at other environments as they look to show off different features.
  3. It could be just an artifact of testing or an effect of the helmets, but I'd love to see kerbals have different varieties and have unique individuals outside of "NPC" kerbals. It makes them feel like an actual species instead of generic copypaste #134875. Different hues like the colors of some plants, which can include a bluish green, all the way to purple, just as an example. The lack of diversity and features unique to an individual kerbal is something that has bothered me. Like, you'd imagine Jebediah and Valentina freakin' Kerman to have something to set them apart from just spacesuits. He
  4. It's worth to note that SQUAD themselves are separate from Take-Two and all things KSP. When Take-Two came along, they took up the KSP property and developers, not SQUAD. The latter would be of little use to a game company. Indeed. ...The roads remind me of those little foam or plastic road plates you'd stick together while in pre-school.
  5. Launch clamps? Good, good. Wind turbines? Awesome. ...Geothermal power plants? Colony roads? This is going to be a bit more in-depth than I thought. Looking forward to future peeks.
  6. Thanks to WarriorSabe there is now a ∆v map! Whoa, hello. Didn't expect to see ya. I suppose they're both similar in that pieces of real terrain were used in the creation of the terrestrial worlds. I also went and used shots from wood, rocks, and other mundane things. There's also the extra emphasis on scatters at least in terms of Beyond Home, which is one reason why of the system replacers to pair it with I'd probably recommend that one, as stylistically they fit together decently, albeit we still have our own styles and preferences.
  7. I was going to create a thread until I found this. With 1.12 being the final update in terms of content, will the Suggestions & Development Discussion subforum be retired?
  8. I do too. Though I imagine KSP will still have its share of players regardless. There are plenty of people out there that still play original games instead of their sequels. There's also nostalgia, performance, mods, comparisons, OS compatibility, affordability, etc, to consider as other factors. I'm probably missing a few other things.
  9. You'd have to be a madman or a troll to pronounce it with a J.
  10. Probably. Today KSP's final update was announced. ...Alas, it was bound to happen sometime.
  11. Well... With the recent news I suppose this really is a train now. Heading to another destination, whilst not entirely sure what to expect, but in the end... Leaving the past for good.
  12. Hot take: The reason KSP has been able to last so long is because of mods. And I wouldn't say "franchise." Wouldn't want to give KSP the "Triple-A" curse.
  13. I am... Frankly? At a loss for words. I know that KSP's update lifetime was limited with KSP2 on the horizon. But I didn't think it'd be this early. I had hoped that the game would go open source or something along those lines as one last goodbye. Mods will have to do for now.
  14. Distances and objects in KSP are scaled down to 1/10th real scale, and I wanted to give an idea of the rough distance to it. Having it at real light-year distances would be monstrous. Roughly, yes. However the balancing that other extrasolar system mods have stuck with has systems at 1/100th real scale distance as opposed to 1/10th, so I went ahead and added a lil patch to bring it in line with others. I do too, but I don't feel so bad knowing I'm far from the only person that has had this issue. SpaceDock has a bit of a reputation for being finicky with file uploads afaik. That, and
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