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  1. Mmm, looks like the bots goofed that one up. "Why yes, this is totally a real review and I absolutely ordered and am enjoying my 'Vexarp IVA for Near Future Spacecraft mod' drip and you should too!" Ah, Russia. Please change.
  2. Ah, glad to see it works for you now. I'll have to look into that sometime. You are very welcome! Glad to provide. ...Wow. It sure has been a while since I've said something, huh? I feel very bad for letting this sit, but I have been having a truly terrible time with motivation while also tied with rl stuff. New computer, school, family stuff, all that jazz. BUT! This is not dead. Nuh-uh. Sometime later this month I should have the update out.
  3. It's good to get a view at a new world. ...I can't help but feel like something is off though. Maybe it's the rings? They feel too Saturnian. And I can't make out too many features from the orbital view. And at an absolutely monstrous 4g I hope there's a unique feature or resource it possesses.
  4. Oh I knew you were retiring after this last bit; I was referring to this final lil stretch here. Most likely hands off. Work doesn't stop after the game has an initial release; updates area thing, and now having officially been employed in the gaming realm, potential new doors of opportunity have opened up. Either way, Nert you have our support.
  5. Understandable. Take your time. Burnout or even the potential of it is a real you-know-what. Your job takes priority. Good luck out there and I hope management treats you well and that you're not pulling super long hours; both of those are distressingly common in the game development realm.
  6. At last some gameplay (even if the UI is depreciated)! This shader has me curious... Will there be a dedicated "simulation" option to test vehicle designs as opposed to the old fashioned throw it out and revert if it fails approach?
  7. Good post. The models themselves look amazing (how did I miss such a wonderful sneak peek?). The bits inside the cone do seem to suggest a jacket of water being injected. The smaller of the two is probably a lower tech and thus lower ISP, but it may also be a more atmosphere friendly version. Not that you'd be lighting one of these monsters near a populated area. I imagine the one on the right will have an ISP in the high 4, probably 5 digit range. The larger one will probably be the holy grail sitting at 500,000 ISP, which is absolutely reaching scifi torch drive levels. It's also likely vacuum only and probably expensive to run, but who cares? I'm also curious if we'll see LSWR as a variant, though for simplicity it may just be NSW. I'm interested to see these things fully rendered. I imagine we'll see some other torch drives such as Ultra Dense Deuterium, high-grade Orion/Medusa, axial flow Z-pinch fusion, the ever-so-coveted Inertial Confinement Fusion pulse, and perhaps a D-D-D breeder. Maybe even a CCGCNR? Thought that isn't quite int he same league as these other ones.
  8. Deepwater Gate is a wormhole. Thus, it only appears when you have the appropriate KopEx module installed.
  9. Fear not, I am aware of this issue. This should be resolved or at least reduced in the next update. It's something about the PQS or LandControl subnode doing some buggery.
  10. Apart from the possible hint given in one of the recent videos, there will be no new bodies in the stock system. It is possible however that we may see some of Nova's old ideas updated and used in other systems, which I would love to see. We won't know for some time most likely.
  11. Hey there all, I had hoped to have an update out before the end of the month, but rl stuff has really caught on to me and so to have issues upstairs. It pains me to not have it out by this point already, particularly considering that this is thread of the month and I had hoped to capitalize on that. But I'll give an idea of what is to come. Oceanus is getting its texture rework, which will include new normals, biomes, and potentially icecaps. Compatibility with some of Sigma's mods like Dimensions and Loading Screens are on the docket, as well as providing new, unique scatters for Hreveldor and updating the pack to 1.12 as it'll use textures provided in the new updates instead of just 1.8's. However that'll mean it's basically 1.12 only for now on. Eventually™ I'll be paving the way for new objects around Porthos and Athos, but that is a ways out.
  12. Absolutely wonderful! The detail is incredible. No doubt this is easier to work with and hopefully more optimized than KSP1's scatters. Overall I hope the game in general doesn't require a NASA computer to run.
  13. Woo! This made it to thread of the month. Good timing too, since I plan on putting out an update later this month as I've gotten free from the previous semester. This will be remedied next update.
  14. I was wondering if I'd make it on here sometime!
  15. Aeneas is not a garden world. Unless another mod is borking the descriptions, it is explicitly stated it is similar to Eve, but lighter and with a thinner atmosphere. The green does not come from plants. There are liquids, but it's small seas of diluted water and oil-like goo. Yup! Oceanus is not frozen at all. What you're seeing is the cloud cover. It is an ocean world through and through.
  16. Deepwater Gate and Baldur's Gate are both wormholes that appear if you have the Kopernicus Expansion module installed. It is optional and not a dependency.
  17. Enjoy! Yup! It's certainly a different take and I was not sure how that would be recieved. Typically with other star systems you're within a few degrees of the ecliptic (relatively anyway) and gravity assists can be used to slow down. That is not the case in here. Unless you use wormholes of course. Hm... Do you have your scatters set to 100%? I'm not familiar with a visual mod doing that. It could be the new Kopernicus, though I have not been keeping up with the specific new versions and what their issues are. I don't think it should be the cause but it's possible. Nice shots! When KSP2 comes around, it's hard to say if/when I'll be able to port SNW over, as right now I run on a mac and unless something changes, KSP2 will not support mac at least on launch. I hope that changes.
  18. Thank you so much! There are some limitations that KSP has but I've made due... You can try cranking down your settings. Also due to a goof there's a .git folder in there. Kill that. In the future I may look at converting the image files into something that can load quicker. Hehehe. As for a general update: My semester will be ending soon-ish, so hopefully that results in free time. I have been spending time away not just on break, but to work on college as well as some very much needed therapy and more. So I may have a fix out in August.
  19. You'll have to ask @Spaceman.Spiff. I do not remember if there's a location for it, and if there is, where. It may be worth checking the FFT thread. If that fails, you can always go directly into the configs and bump up the ISP yourself.
  20. Will bits of real planetary science be greatly emphasized or pronounced in the descriptions, science experiments, and development of the bodies? There is a lot of misconceptions out there on celestial bodies, particularly extrasolar ones, and this is a chance to set things straight. Y'all probably have one already, but considered having a planetary/stellar science consultant? Perhaps the people behind Cool Worlds? There is a lot of things I know as a planet modder and simply as a hobbyist or person who's curious about space, and there is a LOT out there on the realities as well as very possible what-ifs regarding planets, moons, stars, and minor bodies, and I wouldn't mind seeing more people have some of that knowledge.
  21. A protoplanetary or young system!? Wonderful! Excited to see the rest of the system! I spy some emissive features... I wonder if we'll receive bodies of liquids with varying height? It's nice to at last see a showcase of an extrasolar planet! The terrain looks sharp as ever. Gurdamma here looks like the lovechild of Mun and Laythe, with a dabbling of Dres. And... Is that axial tilt?
  22. Any pack that works on 1.11 or so should work just fine on 1.12. Updating is largely on Kopernicus' shoulders. You should be alright.
  23. From the sounds of it, the parts are locking onto the sun instead of the Aramis. That's not something I can deal with; that would be up to Kopernicus and SCANsat to handle.
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