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  1. That is... Wow. Then again these are demos and are purpose-made and don't entirely reflect what we'll see in a live game. It's possible they may already use it. If not then perhaps an update later down the line. Rewriting what they have so far will delay it further and it seems like they're fairly intent on releasing later this year.
  2. Hype is important for advertising. They just did it a little bit early considering the delay. We should see things ramp up big time in the coming months though as the day of release comes closer. Besides, there will always be people who are impatient no matter what.
  3. It's all "we need to keep up inflation," yet you won't see employee wages and benefits won't so much as budge, lol. Then there's the whole thing that games these days are easier to make than ever with the experience, documentation, tools, courses, etc, that are all out there. Heck, most of the money with such media these days doesn't go into development, it goes into things like advertising. With some stuff you can get a full bag, but there's an alarming amount where that isn't the case. I wouldn't worry about the NFT crud, at least not for KSP 2. I don't see it playing out. The third-party/indie scene has a LOT of content to offer and often at a greater value/dollar, if that's what we're really going to be using as a metric. Not always mind you, but there is at least a more diverse selection. I'm curious if we'll see names like Charles Pellegrino and Jim Powell (designers of the Valkyrie antimatter starship and assistants in designing the ISV Venture Star from Avatar) or Ken Burnside show up in the credits.
  4. Crew parts have been shown prior, particularly in early versions. I believe we get to see more in the larger craft orbiting Gurdamma. This looks like a ship that has dropped off its payload. In terms of ship size, we could very likely see ships stretching 1,000+ meters. Starships need to be gigantic. Especially if it's antimatter, crewed, or going to make a return trip.
  5. Mmm. I'll believe it when I see it. I'd like to hope this game will go without a hitch but chances are there's going to be a catch somewhere. Heh. Back in the day you could get new stuff for $40 a pop without needing DLC. Sometimes less. Could even grab used games for peanuts. Now stuff's getting to be over $60 just for the initial purchase. Then we got all this DLC shtick. Bah.
  6. Seems to be very similar. Not 100% the same but a similar species of MIF. Curiously, the starship they used in the example animation of a brachistrochrone flight has what appears to be a straight 1:1 HOPE fusion drive. Its performance is trash at least compared to other options out there. Perhaps they found a way to boost performance with one of their guys, or did it for balance. Curiously it may well be a first interstellar trip engine. The system we see it go to appears to be a brown dwarf? No other objects glow pink. That'll probably be the closest system. Of course, this is all speculation.
  7. Hey, I'm Gen Z and I know (and even used once or twice I think) phonebooks, and loved the heck outta my visual dictionaries and other books. Now it's the Oxford Dictionary. Tell ya what, it's absolutely surreal (and concerning) seeing just how much stuff has changed. As for the other lil tangent, I still don't know what TGIF is other than the name of some old restaurant that I think went outta business. ANYWAY-- I wish I had to worry about that. I have the opposite problem; time passes by way too fast and this chap is getting left lying in the middle of a dusty road. I have several worries, but I am curious how well (or poorly, rather) it's going to run, and if they'll ever add the likes of Mac compatibility. While I've moved from using a Mac as my main station, not having Mac availability would alienate a portion of the current userbase. I remain unconvinced that this isn't going to be a heavy game to run. My other worries are in regards to always-online DRM, subscription fee, and a lot of gameplay being different than imagined. Getting hyped is dangerous, and a lot of what I've seen and heard sounds a little too good to be true. I've been burned before.
  8. I'm guessing we'll see a release that comes just in time for Xmas. It's enough time for them to advertise and get the word out, and it's in that goldilocks time frame several games tend to release on in time to make a boat load for the holidays so execs can boast to shareholders. Guessing October-November.
  9. Particularly high end fission engines (think Medusa which is Orion but a forward sail, and highly enriched NSWR/LSWR) and perhaps a breed of electric engine (laser or plasma sail?) will likely be the first interstellar-grade propulsion units we get. Then bigger fusion would come along, I'd imagine. Antimatter? Don't bank on it. Because A. blasted stuff is hard to produce and B. it's freakin' antimatter. Yet it remains a possibility since we've seen metallic hydrogen, but we've yet to see antimatter engines. It's entirely possible this is a large interplanetary vessel heading out from its base. It reads like one at first, but this could also be interstellar, albeit a somewhat lower grade one. Though... I don't see a shield at the front. Perhaps one traveling across a binary star system? Looks to me like a Z-pinch magnetic confinement engine or something along that vein. Those are not super high-octane like the all too common Daedalus engine that may be our "crucible" motor.
  10. Welcome back! I was wondering if I was seeing stars like the usual.
  11. Much appreciated! I was not expecting this. Thank you. Thank you. Due to the amount of work and writing required I do not presently plan on doing science definitions, as nice as that would be. If it weren't so much I'd do it, but as it stands I am avoiding taking too much weight so I don't kill the rare bits of motivation I get.
  12. Please be good no strings attached! Please be good no strings attached! Please be good no strings attached! I suppose all that's left now is to sit and wait for release and see how it really is. No pre-ordering.
  13. Not yet, but I can see about adding that to my to-do list! I was under the impression those took care of resources on their own. Thanks! I hope you enjoy! Scatterer recently updated to use a slightly different format; I will be fixing this in the next update. So sorry for leaving everyone out in the cold. I've been struggling with some health and personal complications and that has not allowed me to get much done. BUT I've been making some good progress recently so I don't think it should be too long. And Beardy miiight pay this system a visit? We shall see.
  14. Absolutely astonishing to see this come stock in a Kerbal game. The volumetric clouds in particular are sick as heck! I've been watching the development of a mod aiming to give just that to KSP 1. It brings joy to me to see that this game will not slack on visuals suite for the wonders of space. My concern however, is performance. Many, many people do not have super ultra nitro NASA uber computers, let alone desktops. How is this being accounted for? I've also noticed that it mentions that this is pre-alpha footage. Is this pre-alpha of this particular feature, or the game itself? Making games is not a joke and is a long and strenuous task even for whole teams of people. Alpha and beta stages are not short, and with a present release target of some point this year, that brings me great concern for both the quality of the game and the health of those working on it. Crunch is abusive and NOT something to be taken lightly.
  15. Make sure you have the appropriate Kopernicus Expansion module installed.
  16. While the others are tempting, scatters are no. 1 priority for me without a doubt. Sometimes it'll be hard to tell is the problem is on the user/developer end instead of the Kopernicus end, and having confusion is no bueno. It also looks terrible in general.
  17. Thank you. Now I think I see the issue here. That pack kills "sun" which is a big no-no. It should either edit the sun, or move the line that kills the sun into the same file that provides its own sun.
  18. "Won't work" doesn't tell me anything. At least give a proper explanation and provide logs.
  19. Mmm, looks like the bots goofed that one up. "Why yes, this is totally a real review and I absolutely ordered and am enjoying my 'Vexarp IVA for Near Future Spacecraft mod' drip and you should too!" Ah, Russia. Please change.
  20. Ah, glad to see it works for you now. I'll have to look into that sometime. You are very welcome! Glad to provide. ...Wow. It sure has been a while since I've said something, huh? I feel very bad for letting this sit, but I have been having a truly terrible time with motivation while also tied with rl stuff. New computer, school, family stuff, all that jazz. BUT! This is not dead. Nuh-uh. Sometime later this month I should have the update out.
  21. It's good to get a view at a new world. ...I can't help but feel like something is off though. Maybe it's the rings? They feel too Saturnian. And I can't make out too many features from the orbital view. And at an absolutely monstrous 4g I hope there's a unique feature or resource it possesses.
  22. Oh I knew you were retiring after this last bit; I was referring to this final lil stretch here. Most likely hands off. Work doesn't stop after the game has an initial release; updates area thing, and now having officially been employed in the gaming realm, potential new doors of opportunity have opened up. Either way, Nert you have our support.
  23. Understandable. Take your time. Burnout or even the potential of it is a real you-know-what. Your job takes priority. Good luck out there and I hope management treats you well and that you're not pulling super long hours; both of those are distressingly common in the game development realm.
  24. At last some gameplay (even if the UI is depreciated)! This shader has me curious... Will there be a dedicated "simulation" option to test vehicle designs as opposed to the old fashioned throw it out and revert if it fails approach?
  25. Good post. The models themselves look amazing (how did I miss such a wonderful sneak peek?). The bits inside the cone do seem to suggest a jacket of water being injected. The smaller of the two is probably a lower tech and thus lower ISP, but it may also be a more atmosphere friendly version. Not that you'd be lighting one of these monsters near a populated area. I imagine the one on the right will have an ISP in the high 4, probably 5 digit range. The larger one will probably be the holy grail sitting at 500,000 ISP, which is absolutely reaching scifi torch drive levels. It's also likely vacuum only and probably expensive to run, but who cares? I'm also curious if we'll see LSWR as a variant, though for simplicity it may just be NSW. I'm interested to see these things fully rendered. I imagine we'll see some other torch drives such as Ultra Dense Deuterium, high-grade Orion/Medusa, axial flow Z-pinch fusion, the ever-so-coveted Inertial Confinement Fusion pulse, and perhaps a D-D-D breeder. Maybe even a CCGCNR? Thought that isn't quite int he same league as these other ones.
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