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  1. So I've been learning about Alkali metals in Chemistry class, and how they are extremely reactive with water. The reactivity and explosions when coming into contact with water gets bigger as the mass and atomic number increases, until you reach Francium. Unfortunately (or probably fortunately) you can't put it in water because there are no stable isotopes that last more than 22 minutes, which brings me to my question. What would happen if you could put Francium in water? What size of reaction and explosion would it have when it touched the liquid?
  2. The Discord server is now up and running, although it is still a work-in-progress. Join if you want to keep up with the series' progress in-between posts! https://discord.gg/xr7yqhrs7C
  3. The posting of the next parts and chapters will probably be inconsistent because of school, homework, and such. I might create a Discord server that I can put updates so you guys aren't left in the dark on the progress of the series.
  4. Your daily order of Autochrome has arrived on schedule. How about @Watermel00n again?
  5. You are correct! Paging @Rutabaga22...
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