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  1. I'm not going to lie to you guys, I have still be suffering from major burnout on KSP for awhile. The next part is still in development, but it will be pretty delayed for this reason.
  2. Nooooo, why did you have to make one of the worst rockets ever designed...
  3. THP - Chapter 11, Part I: Iliad III Launch - It's Back! The time has finally come, it is time to launch kerbals back to the Mun and to stay permanently on our celestial neighbor up in the skies. The lander that will be used on this mission, Iliad III, is mated to its Hyperion IV launch vehicle in the Vehicle Assembly Building and rolled out to the launch pad a distance away. In the curtain of darkness, the rocket will rise into the sky on top a pillar of flames. Mission Report: This part might not seem very special other than there being more screenshots, but once crew enter the picture it will look a lot different. See you guys then.
  4. Do you mind if I steal borrow the design of the Seth 1’s first stage? I’ll credit you.
  5. The special chapter is going to be delayed a little bit because of things happening outside of this series, like burnout on KSP and becoming a developer on a space game named Aether. Thank you for all of the support that the series has been receiving over the last week, and I will continue work on the next chapters ahead in the Hyperion Program .
  6. I came a little too late, but at least I get to make someone else wrong Come in @Melontime!
  7. It is indeed me. Calling @Ryaja
  8. I can see where you got your inspiration from my series! Everything looks great so far, good luck!
  9. The youngest tree is three (7)
  10. Hey all, I am currently on vacation until Tuesday, which is why there have been no uploads for the past week after exams. When I get back, I might have something special planned for the first Hyperion Mun landing. Thank you for all of the support of the series that I have been receiving on the forums and Discord, and thank you for your patience.
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