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  1. My best guess is that the MIT is for the config and ARR is for the model and textures. Although it should have been specified.
  2. It is bundled so that you don't have to go looking around and also it is so that you don't forget about that dependency, just be aware sometimes the bundled dependency may be outdated
  3. As you have stated I will be using release 60 until this is fixed.
  4. Hello, today I updated Kopernicus to release 64, and now all of a sudden I get this popup. I am playing on the latest ksp version and using KSRSS(which hasn't received any changes as of now). https://imgur.com/a/05PazeV KSP log
  5. Because KK basically just places statics and the only thing that happens to them is the explosion effects (when you crash into them). And even for animated Statics they are still still objects just like the VAB or the tracking station. The only real time where you would hit the limit is when you have millions of these. Also, KK loads parts individually and unloads them after a certain range, which maintains performance. Because of this, there isn't really a limit at all. Press the KK menu on the Space Center scene of your save (as in, the scene where you can access the VAB and astronaut complex, etc) and there should be a button to repair statics.
  6. its a part mod so it should work with any version
  7. I'm pretty sure this has been reported before, but I can't find it anymore. Australia looks weird in Orbital Sunrise https://imgur.com/a/4Os982I
  8. Just spotted this mod and can't wait to try it! ...Just gotta add some Landing Zones... EDIT: there is already landing zones..
  9. Actually, quick note, it is working for me now after a reinstall.
  10. Oh yeah... about that. I have reverted to 1.11.2 since I wanted to keep my mods compatible and I don't really think 1.12 did much change. However, the issue had stayed and the ctrl - k menu is still not working.
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