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  1. Hello There! You may know me as Phoenix RL#1055 on discord on multiple servers, including the CKAN Discord, Matt Lowney's Discord, Piolet's Discord, The Official Galaxies unknown server and the official KSP reddit server. Recently a hacker by the name of 'deX' hacked into my account, and spam posted CSGO trade requests on every server and DM. Heck, I dont even LIKE CSGO. If anyone reading this is the owner or moderator of these server's pls unban me and help me get this 'DeX' mf banned from steam. Thank You, Phoenix RL
  2. Hi there, my issue is now solved thanks to this. I suggest you change it to 'Download to cache ('Does not install mod'), it would be better for some people new to modding and CKAN, like me.
  3. After installing CKAN.dmg (Mono installed), CKAN installed and ran OK. When I pressed Ctrl+D on a mod to install, it said installed mods but nothing appeared in the GameData Folder. Anyone have a fix?
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