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  1. On 6/2/2013 at 9:58 PM, ZigZagJoe said:

    Latest and most favorite SSTO: Tubby X Cargo Spaceplane - Stock, 86 parts, 28 tons without payload, lifts up to 9 tons of cargo unaided with dV to spare for docking. Payload capacity dimensions roughly that of an orange tank.

    Not much of a looker, but very useful. Mechjeb is optional but useful solely for the flameout prevention feature - it can be sort of really hairy managing the zoom climb unaided. Doable, but hard, especially with cargos near payload max.


    Freshly deployed station core.

    More pictures: http://imgur.com/a/cVKUh

    Craft files (6): http://ridetheclown.com/downloads/TubbyX.zip

    First spaceplane: Stubby X. Stock, 48 parts. VTOL capability - hence the two tiny rockets up front. It's been superseded as a SSTO, but retains a place in my heart. Originally based on a little VTOL atmospheric runabout design, just banged on two lv909 pods + extra tank and called it good.


    Stublonger VI: first nuclear spaceplane. Stock, 50 parts.


    Little Pig II: minimalistic spaceplane. 37 parts. Non-nuclear - two LV909s.


    What is the mod you are you using? I am a newbie so I am trying to find some good mods.

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