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  1. 1 hour ago, RoverDude said:

    Thanks!  I know it's a pain, but it helps us see if there's a conflict somewhere, and it's appreciated.  If everything still works, then it's something in the save and we can try clearing out all of the USI-LS persistence data and see if that fixes it.

    Ok. It's confirmed, and I feel like a bit of a dummy. Progressive Colonization System conflicts with USI LS. It even says so on its main forum page naming LS by name. Once that was removed it worked just fine. Derp!

  2. 9 hours ago, RoverDude said:

    Next, do a clean save with just the latest USI-LS release (and other bundled requirementss)  in it.  Something is conflicting along the way, need to see what it is.

    Clean save with just LS worked fine. I'm going to do a one-by-one addition of all mods till it stops working. Ill report back what I find.

  3. 49 minutes ago, RoverDude said:

    Does this occur on a fresh save?  Was USI-LS added to a new or an existing save?

    So new save changes nothing. Tried it on Sandbox and Career. Blank screen in Space Center view. With and without a command pod or something similar in the VAB I can't get the screen to pop up. 

    Also, the error is still spamming in the console. 

  4. I'm having an issue with this mod. I can't open the Life Support screen in the VAB. When I'm in space or in the Space Center view the screen is blank. And last but definitely not least the log is getting spammed with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object IN ModuleLifeSupport" I could really use some help getting this mod to work. Ive searched this forum but haven't found a solution. Thanks.

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