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  1. Actually, I was able to find a work-around: I'm able to thaw kerbals via the Space Center Deep-Freeze menu, just not the physical ship itself. Next time I have an issue on this forum, I'll be sure to include my logs. Great mod, thank you!
  2. Hello, I've been using this mod alongside Snacks! to freeze kerbals while I do interplanetary missions, however it seems I can't thaw them. They don't exist in the Astronaut Complex as Missing or Active or otherwise, and the Deep Freeze component says they are empty, however the Deep Freeze Menu itself shows the two under the 'other frozen kerbals on other ships' bottom part of the menu, but they have no assigned ship. Please, is there any way for me to rescue my kerbals from this ether? Thank you
  3. Hi! Made an account to post this, I don't actually use this mod for the full rockets, but for the probes and crew modules. I was messing about with the 'Dona' Miniature lander can and noticed a bug regarding the IVA. If you EVA and re-enter the can, the IVA switches backwards. Quicksaving fixes it though. Love the mod, not sure if this is the best place to make this issue known.
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