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  1. Installing from CKAN says incompatible with later versions of Harmony. https://imgur.com/a/5ZMYh1i
  2. Anyone figure this out? If I use this on a tall rocket, unclamping the tower pushes the rocket into a wobble. Anyone figure this out? If I use this on a tall rocket, unclamping the tower pushes the rocket into a wobble.
  3. So I had the previous version installed on 1.12.x and it loaded all of my 1.11.x instances, but obviously didn't load the ctrl-K interface fully. I replaced it with this new version, and now ctrl-K does nothing and no instances load (I copied over the NewInstances folder). The toolbar icon is there and loads the toolbar button stuff, but none of the construction stuff works. Log here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/npznbgl0qfc8uqu/KSP.log?dl=0 Edit: After glancing at the log file myself, I tried removing the NewInstances folder, and it works now. I'm guessing it was a custom MapDecalMap that I hadn't copied over?
  4. That's odd. I modified my KSC to be all flat in 1.11, and it still is in 1.12.2.
  5. Yeah, so it seems any same vessel grapples flip for me. Doesn't matter in which order they were used. Just that they are the same vessel. EDIT: Figured I should try without mods. Same result: https://imgur.com/a/1FQPhj9
  6. Looks like they do. These are the two ModuleGrappleNodes in the sfs. MODULE { name = ModuleGrappleNode isEnabled = True stagingEnabled = True state = Grappled dockUId = 3684687629 grapplePos = -0.456129104,0.42180261,-0.397637904 grappleOrt = 0.77568686,-0.468438506,0.422936171 grappleOrt2 = -0.508752942,-0.860675693,-0.0201938152 MODULE { name = ModuleGrappleNode isEnabled = True stagingEnabled = True state = Grappled (same vessel) dockUId = 3684687629 grapplePos = 1.49011527E-07,0.50418061,4.47034608E-07 grappleOrt = -1.49011612E-08,1.00000012,-8.94069672E-08 grappleOrt2 = 0,8.94069672E-08,-1.00000024
  7. Here's a video with first just one and then both attached. Also shows the flipping happen... https://imgur.com/a/Ibn6l32 Mechanically, it seems to work as expected. Just not visually.
  8. I'm trying out having multiple grabbers on arms, and while they both seem to attach, one always flips backwards. Is this normal, and is there a way to avoid it? I'm using restock parts in these images, but it also happens with stock parts. It also happens whether the arms are built with symmetry or separately.
  9. Try removing the MiniAVC.dll from this mod. I had that prevent my game from loading when I updated to 1.12, so I deleted all of them.
  10. I think it would be cool if when cycling through cameras the vessel could remember the last used one, and then have pressing backspace when it normal flight camera toggle between normal camera and the last used hull/dock cam. I just find that I spend a lot of time cycling through cameras, when really, I probably want to just do it once per mission. My guess would be that you'd want to store that in the camera parts rather than the vessel though, so that it persists through docking and undocking. On another note I often seem to have the target info stuck on the screen even after docking and no longer having a target.
  11. Is this possible to fix? I also get a similar issue (ship flipping) when the control point is set to something other than default (reversed or forward, etc for probes).
  12. I find subassemblies very helpful, but feel like I rarely use them just because they are hidden behind a few clicks. Would it be possible to: A) make the drop zone visible at the bottom of any category? B) add the subassemblies category to the bottom or top of the main parts categories list? C) attempt to automatically reroot unattachable assemblies (or ask to click a new root part when dropping into the zone)? Appologies if such a mod exists. I could not find one.
  13. I'm wondering if this is expected behaviour... If i have max particles set to the default 1,000, I get a very nice long smoke trail. If I set it to 10,000, my trail gets a big gap near the beginning, and then starts to trickle back in. The actual count seems capped at 1,400? https://imgur.com/a/PCZTKcR https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zbsamp4bpq298w/KSP.log?dl=0
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