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  1. I just hope they fix the EVA Issue , can't get any of my Kerbals to exit anything .
  2. Yup none of them at all , tried loading a simple craft just the capsule and a undersized fuel tank , in case it's blocking the exit nope . Happens on all craft Pods Tried a New Fresh Start , Nope Validated Files on Steam , Nope ???
  3. Specs mine 12th Gen i7-12700k 32 GB Ram DDR4 GTX 1080 ti Windows 11 980 Pro SSD Hopefully it will be ok
  4. Time for some retro KSP ...........sort of
  5. Mostly playing a stock game , well apart from a few mods , Parallax , TUFX and some other stuff p:s
  6. Building absurd rockets and killing Kerbals safely .
  7. Time to revisit my childhood lmao I was 7 years old when this program was released on TV , Saturday Mornings where amazing then .
  8. Imported a older craftfile from 1.7.3 , managed to get it to work
  9. Oh it just happens to be rather EPIC............ Thank God I have something else to destroy my social life with
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