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  1. I can't wait to accidentally timewarp into these!
  2. I think that this is going to go into the category of "game feel" rather than realism. I know that if I released a giant torchship from the gantries, towed it away from the station, and lit the engine, I would expect to hear it rumbling away under my rocket. Anything else would be anti-climactic. While not strictly realistic from the POV of the camera, you would certainly hear it onboard the spacecraft. As for the atmospheric properties changing the sounds, I absolutely want to see that. Not entirely sure if it's somthing they'd work on, maybe if they already have the base sounds finalized they'd have time. It would certainly be cool.
  3. My understanding is you have to fly the resupply mission once, then you can ask the game to re do what you just did every so often. If you want a faster or more efficient resupply, you have to do it that way first, so the game can "record" it and re do it that way in the future.
  4. I just thought about this earlier, I kind of want to do long haul flights carrying cargo/resources around other planets! If resources are decentralized, you'll need multiple bases for different resources. I super want to have one main colony for all the refining/building and smaller extraction outposts. Fly food out to the outposts, fly raw material back.
  5. I hope they can keep the console version up to date. I have been a pc player since before the game was on steam, and I've always wanted to play while reclining on my couch. The only thing that's kept me from buying the console version is how far behind the updates are.
  6. This is such a fine concept, but I'm a smoothbrain what can't even get a duna lander right on the first try. There's no way I'll be able to make that even structurally, let alone functionally.
  7. What I would really like is a test environment. I hate being unable to test landers for say, duna without getting the whole mission there and hoping it works. I still think failure is fun, but that type of thing is a significant time loss when all I need are a couple of design tweaks to make it work.
  8. I think the plan is to make things function similarly. Kind of like how the VAB and the SPH have similar UI and functionality. For the colony building, I'm expecting something very similar, but outdoors and probably constrained by available building materials.
  9. I think it needs a calming british voice to explain the concepts as we see them. I get hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy vibes from the art.
  10. I am absolutely going to make racetracks. I can't wait!
  11. True. The 100m/s was for a round number to make the example easy. Also the the amount of delta per pulse will go up anyway as the overall mass of the craft goes down due to the expended explosives.
  12. I'm not talking about vessel mass. The way the game currently stands, if you create a maneuver node that requires 100m/s, and the est. Burn time is 10 seconds, you need to start your burn at T-5 seconds and continue the burn through T+5. If you can tune the yield of the nuclear devices, you could theoretically get one pulse to impart all 100m/s at T-0 instead of trying to split the burn around the node.
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