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  1. I tried to build and fly a Y-wing fighter/bomber. As I suspected, it flies terribly .
  2. There is a long story to both of those questions, but here is the short version. Sivako is a Na’vi word meaning “rise to the challenge” (a good motto for all things in life I think). When I started playing games on Steam I adopted Sivako as my username. So when I stared using the forums I added Aerospace to the end of my username to make it sound more like a space company. My profile picture is a hybrid between a mark I saw in the Avatar movie and a mandalorian mark I saw on a helmet. I took elements from both then I digitally rendered my profile picture.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion about trying more inland. I’ll give it a shot.
  4. Yes, I have. The scan revealed where the ore should be I then used kebnet to make the locations on the map. Most of the large ore deposits are in the oceans it seems. I have checked out the some of the sites that I thought had ore in concentrations above 2.5% at them (they did not), but I don’t really know how to read the scans.
  5. Hi, I am currently trying to find an island on Laythe that has enough ore that you can mine to make more fuel. Everywhere I have tried so far has yielded no results. Any ideas?
  6. I finally have finished up my entire, a light weight, highly maneuverable interceptor known as the SA-5A Kestrel. It is armed with 8x missiles (6x heat seeking and 2x radar), 1x 30mm cannon, and 1x .05 cal. turret. With some minor weapons loadout changes it also can sever in a ground attack role. Let me know what you think. Craft file and more images: KerbalX - SA-5A Kestrel
  7. Umm... I think I broke something.
  8. He is currently on Laythe with the rest of his team. Their mission is to determine the feasibility of a long term colony on Laythe. He will be returning to Kerbin soon…hopefully.
  9. Today I conducted the first launch of my Delta IV Heavy recreation. All went according to plan with the rocket launching to operational altitude. However, because this was a test launch with no payload onboard, I decided not to go into a stable orbit just to keep the debris in orbit to a minimum. I also discovered you can clip a lot of Vector engines into each other and they won't overheat each other. Image gallery of the test launch:
  10. I would say it is all down to which docking port you tend to use on your ships the most. I tend to lean toward the standard size because I find there is more versatility in that size range. Therefore most of my ships have a standard size docking port on them. Hope that helps!
  11. Hello, I am trying to map the control inputs on my T.Flight Hosta X joystick in the settings menu so I can fly my SSTOs more easily. However, when I press apply and accept to save the mapping; it doesn't save and there is no control input response while in the game. Any ideas? Thanks!
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