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  1. I've recently begun experimenting with an Infrared DSLR I acquired a while back. There have been many wildfires in the area that I live, but the smoke from the fires was able to reduce the brightness of the light coming from the sun (kind of like a natural solar filter). Because of this I was able to safely take some Infrared picture of the sun. Here is one of the resulting images.
  2. FONSI has been confirmed. Review findings here: https://www.faa.gov/sites/faa.gov/files/2022-06/20220613 SpaceX Starship Super Heavy at Boca Chica_FONSI_ROD Final.pdf
  3. It sounds to me like you aren’t getting proper cooling. Are all your PC air inlets clear and have nothing obstruction them? Also, are you over clocking your GPU? I know that if a GPU is being over clocked it can cause it to reach high temperatures and lead to loss of video when it overheats (and doesn’t have enough voltage to clock at that speed). Therefore, it would lead to similar symptoms to what you described. Hope this helps.
  4. It fails to start. Mining ore on Minmus.
  5. Portal 2 is my choice. I love the story and characters that are established in the game.
  6. It would be kind of cool to have an Unobtainium like exotic resource that affect the performance of engines once you discover it. Potential if this mechanic was to exist in the game, it could effect the travel time of supply route ships between star systems.
  7. How true. TUBM is waiting for the orbital Starship flight.
  8. When you know what full flow staged combustion is.
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