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  1. Thanks for this, this was really interesting to read through
  2. @c_bunnyMerged your report with this post @zaqwsx156Unarchived your report
  3. @CFTeague2 It wasn't entirely clear from your report, but I believe this is the same issue, so I've merged your report
  4. @ShadowZone Merged your report with this post
  5. This seems to be strictly a visual bug caused by placing the wings with the COP visualiser already enabled, toggling the COP visualiser off and then on again causes it to correctly recenter, OP's mention of the plane wobbling left/right on the runway is most likely an issue with their landing gear placement rather than an aerodynamic issue.
  6. Your assessment seems to be correct, there is a small delay between the biome changing and the starlab actually pausing its progress (being in a lower orbit makes this more apparent), if the experiment finishes during this small delay then it will be counted for the biome the vessel is currently over instead of the biome the experiment was initiated over.
  7. @StephensanUnarchived your report @CameronLerouxMerged your report with this post
  8. @nasafan2841 Unarchived your old report and merged your new one into it
  9. @roly Merged your report with this post, as it encompasses the same general issue of science reports being missing
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