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  1. If i install this mod for just one part of the mission and uninstall it right after, does it count as modded
  2. I've been testing and I've found that the lag seems to be coming from the large amount of EVE layers per planet; there are way more than even AVP on average
  3. But is it possible to do this? I would like to do it so that KSRSS does not take up 5 Gigabytes of space from textures i am not using
  4. It still is not working. I am on 1.12.2 by they way
  5. I too, do not have the Tab or window for KSRSS showing up. Here is a GameData Folder screenshot KSP.log here I would also like to know if there is a way to safely delete the texture folders for the resolution you are not using
  6. 2 things: a Ganymede like moon of aciore and and a frozen planet orbiting the black hole farther out than the stars Also give sulpma a gas giant moon with a 0.4 earth mass gas submoon Gas giant-ception
  7. Oh god. I just deleted the save when I was trying to reinstall ksp. Mission report's over i guess
  8. CHAPTER 6: WE MEET AGAIN (AGAIN) ___________________________________________________ Hooh BOY, this is gonna be a big one. First, we start off with a few changes to the space program. First of all, the Horizons program is being split into 2. The Horizons program is going to become exclusively crewed missions, and the new program, the Dawn program will have the unmanned ones. Also, i installed the state funding mod (using the USK). This will be the first launch, an unmanned test flight of the new advanced Muun Capsule (the Muun is the mun in Kerbinary, but it's a planet) Liftoff! Next: we farmed some science Now for the launch of Telecom 1 - Dawn 5. it will validate the usefulness of communication satellites in orbit. it will be the last of the Cargo Bay Satellites Ignore the antennae Mission accomplished! Now for a Big Deal TO TYLO To get to Tylo, the New Horizons rocket will be in its most powerful configuration, with 3 stages and 4 boosters. Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. The mission was stressful. At Tylo, flying by GIlly Now the fuel is spent and the active part of the mission has ended, the passive part can now happen All in all, a good day for the KSP A Report on the New Horizons Launch Vehicle The New Horizons Launch Vehicle is an incredibly configurable rocket. It has an optional 3rd stage and number of solid rocket side boosters ranging form 0 to 4. It also even has an optional fairing. The naming convention is as follows: New Horizons starts it off. Next is the number of boosters, Then the number of stages, the if it has a fairing, represented as an F or an N.Examples as follows: New Horizons 22F; New Horizons 43N; New Horizons 00F. This Has been a report on the New Horizons Launch Vehicle.
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