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  1. UPDATE Finally! Update 2.0 because I changed basically everything. Most planets orbit's have been changed since the last one, and I now think the solar system is how I like it. Enjoy! Changelog Kerbinary 2.0 Moved Minmus to orbit Jool in a polar orbit Made Gilly orbit Tylo Made Pol orbit Kerbin Gave Ike rings, moved it out Made Bop orbit Ike Changed Eve to it's stock version Made Duna's orbit stock and biggened it to be the size of Mars Made Dres not orbit in a polar orbit, moved it out Moved Moho out Made Laythe's orbit stock Moved the Mun out Probably more but I can't find any
  2. Also, btw, it doesn't generate new cache files for me when I delete them
  3. @Interplanet Janet Just a quick bug report: the bodies have more subdued shapes than the pictures shown, it changed for me after the update where the bodies were converted to DDS All other bodies have this sort of problem, but these are the most noticeable I am on Mac in version 1.12.2
  4. Just a quick bug report, Scar is a pretty much uniform grey in PQS view, even on the brown areas. I think it may need a higher albedo too. ALso, it says that frontier is -100º F, waaaaay to cold for habitablilty. And also i noticed glitchiness with frontier's really low atmo. maybe 50km would be a better size?
  5. look inside the scatterer folder and delete the configtool folder
  6. the latter. pqs shows outside of the atmo, which is bad for performance, as well as not looking as good
  7. I've also noticed that the planets don't really have proper fades.
  8. Looks Really Good, but i have 3 critiques. 1: the scatterer configs are in a separate folder, when most mods have the configs inside the mod folder, separate from the scatter folder and 2: the outer system looks pretty empty. it just terminates a bit outside the Habitable zone it would seem, and 3: a lot of planets and moons have shinier surfaces than would really make sense.
  9. I've been doing a bit of testing with the visuals and it seems that Scatterer is causing the lag with the visuals the most. it's way laggier than stock configs, and a lot of other mods
  10. If i install this mod for just one part of the mission and uninstall it right after, does it count as modded
  11. I've been testing and I've found that the lag seems to be coming from the large amount of EVE layers per planet; there are way more than even AVP on average
  12. But is it possible to do this? I would like to do it so that KSRSS does not take up 5 Gigabytes of space from textures i am not using
  13. It still is not working. I am on 1.12.2 by they way
  14. I too, do not have the Tab or window for KSRSS showing up. Here is a GameData Folder screenshot KSP.log here I would also like to know if there is a way to safely delete the texture folders for the resolution you are not using
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