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  1. is there any plan to make an outer planets mod for KSP 2 because i couldnt live in KSP 2 without my outer planets
  2. i use it all the time. i couldnt survive without im sure my bases would have already been finished by kraken attacks if it werent for that mod
  3. parking brake. up to date for 1.12. u can just press "engage parking" brake and the vessel gets frozen and it works for rovers and even boats.
  4. galaxies unbound adds 10+ star systems i believe so i think its viable to pack some star systems like that into a maybe 5 ly radius. it could be like the pleiades cluster with some prominent blue stars and smaller yellow and orange stars maybe some black hole lurking around and maybe even a rogue planet which would be an extremely hard target but an awesome pitch black one indeed
  5. there are just normal star clusters out there with 10-100 or so stars and they can be located inside nebulas (maybe lots of protostars) so that could also be viable if u arent willing to procedurally generate an entire cluster but look at space engine. they can do that easily
  6. Globular clusters are very interesting places that as far as I know have never been featured in the game and they are cool because stars are very densely packed. This is why the sent some radio signals to them because the higher amount of stars increases the chance for life. I read some article also speculating that since stars are closer interstellar travel would be easier and we might see signs of a civilization trying to colonize its cluster or an ongoing war between two species inside one. So it would be nice to have a mod that places you on a new homeworld in the middle of a globular cluster with many big giant stars, black holes, neutron stars, and any other type literally at your doorstep some as close as 1 light year and the grand centerpiece would be a black hole at the center for you to check out. Maybe a mod that places you in the area of a cluster but not inside of it so you have to fly to it yourself. Anyway I just thought it would be a good idea because it would make interstellar travel more easier and also give you a mini "galaxy" to fly around.
  7. But shoemaker levy 9 was a comet which caused impact energy millions of times of the biggest nukes we have. im saying what if you were to drop a tsar bomba on jupiter or saturn or the ice giants. would the mushroom cloud expand down because there is no ground so it would be like a double mushroom cloud going both up and down?
  8. I do not have a very good understanding of nukes other than that they split atoms and get a lot of energy to make a big boom. I also know that in a vacuum with no atmosphere there is no mushroom cloud so the fireball just keeps expanding and does a lot more destruction but I don't really know how it would work on other planets with atmospheres I guess on venus it would be smaller cause of the thicker atmosphere. i remember there was some drawing i saw of some future space bomber dropping a nuke on a hovering soviet base on jupiter and there is a massive mushroom cloud but would that actually be the case. so please tell me guys how it would be different
  9. I want there to be the original game modes but with online counterparts, career online could have the option to cooperate with other people, or space race or it could be like GTA online where its just tons of people completing missions for money and getting bigger and bigger and the more $$$ you get more toys to play with and to bully your competitors with. there could be some chaos mode like sandbox where anybody can join up and ppl just go crazy
  10. does it work on low gravity places like the mun or duna
  11. I had been wondering of the guys who make OPM would port it to KSP 2
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