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  1. jesse gus is starting a space program as a front for his meth empire jesse
  2. yes what you are saying no intelligent aliens like it should be a realistic take on aliens most of them in the game would just be bacteria and small multicellular things
  3. how in the lords name do you get them into space though
  4. for any of u that are wondering my idea is that the robotic kerbals will need to recharge and have batteries and stuff they could be deployed by kerbals like the breaking ground experiments are and once they are switched on they function like super buffed engineers that can carry super heavy objects and manipulate larger parts and they have more eva fuel so they can fly around for longer and if there is any life support in ksp 2 obviously wouldnt need any they would be very helpful for building bases but they would have limitations like not being to go in liquids and cant be controlled if theyre not in communication range
  5. how would it make kerbals obsolete, you can make rovers in the game that can basically do everything a kerbal can kerbals are special because they carry risk with them and u usually want to get them home the robotic kerbals are just tools to be used and arent important theyre just another space probe
  6. So instead of actual living kerbals it would be cool if there were robotic ones like NASAs robonaut that could do everything kerbals could do but of course they would need to have electrical charge and have a connection to kerbin. because they are not alive they could be stored outside a space capsule and could survive stuff that kerbals normally couldnt like high speed impacts or lava etc. just imagine these things but with a more kerbal like form
  7. how tf are u gonna get to other galaxies the distance between them is unimaginable
  8. i just visited laythes north pole for the first time the other day thats partially why i got the idea to make this suggestion
  9. yea it would be cool to have it on kerbin but i feel like it would be good to kind of give laythe a new style cause in the old game it kind of looked like a tropical paradise even though in reality its more like northern canada
  10. I think there should be more emphasis in the new game that laythe is a cold place. it already has polar ice caps so it would be a nice feature if ice bergs would be randomly generated around the planet sort of like how asteroids are generated. they would appear more frequently the closer you get to the poles because of the lower temperature it would also be funny if kerbals tried to walk on them they will slip and fall or freak out trying to hold their balance
  11. it would be cool if planets with thick enough atmospheres had weather events like tornadoes, dust storms, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods etc
  12. imagine how many people are just gonna run them over or fly planes into them like its GTA
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