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  1. I think there should be more emphasis in the new game that laythe is a cold place. it already has polar ice caps so it would be a nice feature if ice bergs would be randomly generated around the planet sort of like how asteroids are generated. they would appear more frequently the closer you get to the poles because of the lower temperature it would also be funny if kerbals tried to walk on them they will slip and fall or freak out trying to hold their balance
  2. it would be cool if planets with thick enough atmospheres had weather events like tornadoes, dust storms, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods etc
  3. imagine how many people are just gonna run them over or fly planes into them like its GTA
  4. I have a million ideas for types of multiplayer game modes there could be so here is my list. some of these can be combined together as well 1. Online - big online sandbox servers with random people unlike normal multiplayer where its private. you are allowed to do whatever you want and there is a text and voice chat feature so you can scream at people. basically GTA online 2. Custom online - same thing as online servers but you can create them and add your own goals or mission scenarios 3. Hardcore - VERY realistic mode, real money and government funding and public reputation, missions can fail randomly and kerbals need food water and oxygen to survive. 4. International mode - like hardcore but multiplayer and you can work together with your friends or not your choice 5. Space race - choose between too ideological rivals, Kapitalism or Kommunism, they each come with their own ups and downs that will influence your funding and the technology you get, the goal is to beat the other space program to the edge of the solar system, the game ends by tallying up your space achievements and whoever has the most wins. can be played against an AI or friend 6. Science career - a game mode where your funding is influenced by how much science you do 7. Colony mode - play against a rival and try to colonize every planet in the solar system and beyond whoever has a larger population of colonists wins 8. Doomsday mode - the clock is ticking before and an asteroid hits kerbin and ends the world, the asteroid is too big to be destroyed so you have to get at least 1000 kerbals off kerbin and on another planet before the asteroid hits. 9. Crime mode - you are up against a rival and your goal is to hinder his space program as much as you can and vice versa. bonus points for stealing, if your opponent is more far down the tech tree than you than you can launch an operation to steal a craft with technology you dont have yet, once you recover it you will unlock that technology without having to get science points. 10. Custom mode - Maybe people could make their own custom game modes to play, similar to how making history lets you create custom scenario i dont think the devs probably have enough time to make all of these and thats ok but im sure some could fit
  5. speed of light limits communication with the ground for transmitting science back home from far away places
  6. the idea of a crew of kerbals sneaking up on some other ship in low orbit and throwing the other crew out and speeding off is like GTA on steroids I love it
  7. i think if theyre gonna be climbing cliff faces there should be some stamina system so you have to give them a break every once and a while but it will be easier for them on low gravity worlds because less energy is needed to move yourself around
  8. add an experiment in the new game that detects signs of past or present alien life like primitive bacteria and have some fully habitable planets with some weird animals everywhere and u can punch them or something and maybe some are aggressive so the kerbals can have guns to defend themselves
  9. yo guys by boat parts i mean like hulls that come in different sizes like 2.5 m hull and they would have central parts and one for the front and a back part with two connecting parts for engines and submarine hulls go by the same logic but there also parts for a tower and fins and ballast tanks of course
  10. by boat parts i mean kind of like the space plane hulls. different types like there could be some if you want to build a massive ship or a tiny speedboat
  11. i always felt like boats were something KSP really needed. they literally made a moon like laythe that is almost entirely covered in ocean and never added boat parts so we could sail on them, i know its still possible to make boats with the stock parts but its a lot harder and to test them on kerbin you have to get them moved all the way to the water which is a pain in the ass. so maybe add a port as the 3rd launch pad where u can test them and some water physics. idk much about how boats work but ik if something is less dense that water it will float so maybe make it so that if ur boat is denser than the liquid it is floating on it will sink and this could be done to make submarines too and finally make its so you can place flags on water. its just a normal flag with a little buoy to keep it afloat on the ocean
  12. nah it would be cooler if there were actually cities with tall buildings and all that would also really nice to see the cities light up at night
  13. So the function basically the same as a submoon would but on a larger scale. like if you look at IC 1101 it is so big i wouldnt be suprised if it has some large satellite hiding behind it we cant see that might have tinier galaxies orbiting it. they might be rare but i guess the laws of physics can permit them just like submoons.
  14. could you make it so that smaller and farther objects are less visible. in real life you cant see uranus or neptune in the sky because they are too dim but i can see urlum and neidon shining in the sky even though they are so far away and i can even see the tiny dwarf planet plock
  15. is there any plan to make an outer planets mod for KSP 2 because i couldnt live in KSP 2 without my outer planets
  16. i use it all the time. i couldnt survive without im sure my bases would have already been finished by kraken attacks if it werent for that mod
  17. parking brake. up to date for 1.12. u can just press "engage parking" brake and the vessel gets frozen and it works for rovers and even boats.
  18. galaxies unbound adds 10+ star systems i believe so i think its viable to pack some star systems like that into a maybe 5 ly radius. it could be like the pleiades cluster with some prominent blue stars and smaller yellow and orange stars maybe some black hole lurking around and maybe even a rogue planet which would be an extremely hard target but an awesome pitch black one indeed
  19. there are just normal star clusters out there with 10-100 or so stars and they can be located inside nebulas (maybe lots of protostars) so that could also be viable if u arent willing to procedurally generate an entire cluster but look at space engine. they can do that easily
  20. Globular clusters are very interesting places that as far as I know have never been featured in the game and they are cool because stars are very densely packed. This is why the sent some radio signals to them because the higher amount of stars increases the chance for life. I read some article also speculating that since stars are closer interstellar travel would be easier and we might see signs of a civilization trying to colonize its cluster or an ongoing war between two species inside one. So it would be nice to have a mod that places you on a new homeworld in the middle of a globular cluster with many big giant stars, black holes, neutron stars, and any other type literally at your doorstep some as close as 1 light year and the grand centerpiece would be a black hole at the center for you to check out. Maybe a mod that places you in the area of a cluster but not inside of it so you have to fly to it yourself. Anyway I just thought it would be a good idea because it would make interstellar travel more easier and also give you a mini "galaxy" to fly around.
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