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  1. Today I have to report something My PC had problems and I had to format and my ship that I had made and another that was in progress was lost I also wanted to say that I will do it again and try to make the boats the same, but in another place not in the forum because it does not let me post photos with its format, but I will be in the forum to face challenges or other things I will be uploading all my content to a vlog soon I will pass the blog here or for another notice
  2. If I really did the accident because I landed perfectly and hit the statue I actually got off when it was about to explode but I don't know what Jeb did that stopped the plane when it crashed I can't wear the emblem, I don't know why
  3. this is my plane I called it K-22 Raptor I managed to land but did not take photos. I also got an easter egg Jeb scared Easter Egg I faked this accident
  4. it's true they all turned out great, but you won
  5. Hello Today I announce that I will stop playing KSP for a while, because my KSP fails from time to time because of my PC that does not support it, but I will continue in the forum and when I can play again I will send my space shuttle
  6. Well the time has come I didn't mean to announce this but I will the winner of this challenge is: Sivako Aerospace I chose it because it had a platform for the crew to enter Although no one faced the challenge like I said I said create a launch pad for the first three fuel tanks. the 1.25, 1.85 and 2.50 meters but I still liked all three I hope you agree with my decision
  7. forget this I'm not good at this space shuttle thing always ends up losing control in the middle of the flight no matter what space shuttle it is
  8. I have a question can my shuttle land with the engines? I am not very expert in using it as an airplane, but I can land it at the airport, but with engines
  9. Very cool can you grab your emblem and I hope you know which emblem to grab XD I have a question for you How do you have those tractors? I know that those tractors appear on the VAB
  10. verry cool now you can grab your emblem but the participant's, not the first place
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