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  1. Anyone else have an issue where some minor parts (Lights, ladders ect.) fall off when construction is complete?
  2. Since I can't seem to find uraninite on iota and I don't know how to add it to the "resource table", I went ahead and added a module to the tundra refinery. Basically just copied the refined exotics module and made it so the refinery extracts "trace amounts of uraninite" from the rare minerals and metals. Same for some other recipes like trying to get deuterium from hydrates/water and helium 3 from regolith.
  3. Thanks guys, I managed to fix my issue, I appreciate y'all lending a hand!
  4. Turns out after booting up a new sandbox and testing things, rational resources likely does mess with WOLF resources. Now is there a way to "reset" the resources on existing saves or am I gonna have to go about mostly using the old fashioned mks colonization since it doesn't fix the resources on said existing saves.
  5. Hm, I checked the GPP_resources/Res_CRP and there's already a config for water for the planets, Iota included. Here's the entry: BIOME_RESOURCE:NEEDS[CommunityResourcePack] { ResourceName = Water ResourceType = 0 PlanetName = Iota BiomeName = Droops Distribution { PresenceChance = 1000 MinAbundance = 4 MaxAbundance = 10 Variance = 40 Dispersal = 10 } } Also I do have rational resources installed too, would that cause an issue or is it unrelated?
  6. Very last thing, I just need to know where exactly to look and what to type in order to add the config.
  7. thanks, one last thing I forgot to ask. But is there a way I can progressively add modules? Because I'd rather not have to launch a biomes whole infrastructure all in one vessel.
  8. I use Galileos planet pack and water doesn't exist on iota so far except as hydrates for WOLF, is there any way to mess with configs and add water to it? If it is possible, I'll need to modify the resources I get on Gael too since it doesn't match up to Kerbin.
  9. Tried it, now I just crash after time warping for a while even without an SOI change. Any mod that are known to mess with things? I've heard that OPT can sometimes do this.
  10. Despite having KSP Community fixes installed and doing reccomended steps, I still crash when changing SOI after slowing down from time warp.
  11. Is there a way to make it so KSP IE doesn't interfere with how this mod works?
  12. Anyone else having the statics editor being stuck on the screen and not being able to swap tabs or spawn stuff? Are there mods that mess with that? I am using KSC extended and tundra space center.
  13. I'm trying to mess with the config for the nuclear smelter so I can add Deuterium and He3 as a recipe since I use Galileo's Planet Pack and Galaxies Unbound and I don't think they're properly configurated for those resources unlike stock (IE I get far less He3 on ceti than the mun or far less He3 on icarus than on moho). I can post the config modules I tried to add.
  14. For some reason I can't leave the home system, it behaves as if I didn't install GU and just annihilates any vessel that reaches a certain distance.
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