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  1. How to use the "KBF LAD-X Low-Altitude Dispenser"? It seems that there's no way to toggle it, BDA manager doesn't show it during flight, and the part's own right-click window doesn't show any toggle or fire option neither.
  2. Is there a adjustable parameter in FAR's setting that can incrase the LIFT force generated?It's very insufficient for non-supersonic aircraft.
  3. I found this mod functioning well in aircrafts, but not in other "weird crafts" such as a tunnel which contains ten rotors installed with fanblades (so it looks like a turbofan engine). The mod seems to "not realize this craft needs the mod's smart control of blade pitch", even when I already made sure that all setting are on position. I set the rotor to have "throttle mode", but during flight test the pitch control do nothing, and I have to manually change the blades pitch. Then I've tried other mode like "thrust" and "efficiency", they don't work either. But with the same setting, as long as I build a "regular aircraft", which means a root main part like "MK1 aircraft cockpit" and make a regular aircraft with it, then this mod works perfectly fine, the "throttle mode" helps a lot for both fanblade and propeller blade. And then I built a not regular aircraft with one rotor facing ahead in front of the cockpit, and another rotor facing backward at the tail of the fuselage, during the flight I found that only the front one is being controlled by the smart pitch adjust mod, but the backward rotor's blades simply just stay a fixed pitch number. So I realize that there must be something that would make this mod to "not realize that this rotor and blades need its control". So I wonder it's there a solution to make sure that this mod can always take over the control of all rotor and blades, not matter it's an aircraft or not? (For example, the hollowed tunnel with then rotors in its center axis, which looks like a turbofan engine.)
  4. I wonder if it's possible to make the "green cirle" of droping bomb to show up in a higher altitude. In current mod, you can fly up to below 10,000 meters (such as 9,850m) to make the "green cirle" show up, but when I tried to make some high-altitude supersonic bomber aircraft and tried to drop some nuclear bomb from them, it's difficuty to aim because the "green cirle" cannot show up at altitude higher than 10,000m. Is there a ".xml" file or something that I can edit to enable the green circle to show up with higher altitude? Or is there any mod that can help with these? Or is this function limited by some distance factors in game? Thx~
  5. Sometimes when weapon ( from BDAc or other MODs) exploded, such as a bomb or missile hit the target, the screen turn black, but the UIs and windows and sidebars are still shown, and the aircraft sounds like still running (the voices and engine sounds are fine), and I can even switch to the map mode to see the planet view and my craft's icon moving on it. (This is the screenshot:https://imgur.com/a/2bOcwQr The interesting part is that this phenomena doesn't happen all the time, it happens in a frenquency about 1/3, so the bomb or missile could possibly explode fine, but sometime the black screen bug happen. So I think this is not a regular malignant BUG, but something random and perhaps about the computer performance? If anyone have aslo encounter such problem or even know what's behind this strange little black screen bug after weapon exlosion, I'll be grateful to know.
  6. By editing ScaleTypes.cfg, I did get a perfect scale of 0.95~1.00 meters, this solves my problem and save my day~ and also Thank you for making those attempts under the game's troublesome mechanisms!
  7. I've made a mistake about thinking the size0p5 is 0.935, but now I know that it's for 0.9375, so I understand that 0.938 make sense now. But the problem bothering me is actually the 1.00m diameter, because when I try to match it to my other 1.00m diameter part, it only has 1.013, I know it's an approch to 1.0125, but it's just too far away from 1.00m, and maybe the only thing I can do is to duplicate a new part and edit it's .xml file's size multipier. And the Piston engine part is the "8A "Spud" Engine" form the [1.4.x-1.8.x] Airplane Plus - R26.4
  8. In 1.12 all parts from Stock or any Mods have strange rescale multiplier such as 0.938m instead of 1.00m, this only happens in between 0.9m~1.25m, other ranges are fine. here's the gif: https://imgur.com/a/jFDnyCY
  9. The Airplane Plus Turd would make the Airplane Plus's piston propeller engine can't show its rotating disc during flight, which means the blades just roate fast but can not have animation transition into disc rotating. Seems that other Mk2 and Mk3 Turd still have their properller disc showing fine. Wonder how to fix that problem.
  10. in 1.12 When I installed the mod "[1.11.x] Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot", then the Airplane Plus Properller engine faild to show rotating disc during flight, it still have thrust power ouput, but the properller blades are just rotating fast and never switch to the disc animation. I checked other mods with properller engine, and I found that SXT and KAX are showing the rotating disc animation well, the only mod went wrong is Airplane Plus and Firespitter, so I guess it's because the module: MODULE { name = FSplanePropellerSpinner Because I found the only difference between Airplan Plus and other properller mod is inside this module, and when I copy the module lines from Aiplane Plus Helicopter Rotorwing file, into the piston part's file, the disc finally show up but in a very strange way. So if there will be something fixed about the compatibility in future compatibility for 1.12, it would be great
  11. Yes, that's a good easy way, when I used FAR before, the"deflectionLiftCoeff" is useless, but now I can reaaly simply get more lift from that. Thanx.
  12. Yes, I changed it like this: "mass = 0.00001 //0.05", but in game playing the wing nass is still not changed, looks like the procedural wing doesn't use this parameter to define mass, just like ProceduralParts mod, but in ProceduralParts mod at least I can find a parameter like this: "dryDensity = 0.05", and when I change it into smaller number, the in-game procedural part actully become much lighter, and that's why I tried to search for such density parameter in B9wing .xml file, but now I've already open all .xml that I can find in the whole mod's folder, but there isn't anything about density, now I guess maybe it's hiden in some other format of file such as .dll
  13. Is there any way to edit the density of the Procedural Wing? Such as .xml file parameters. I used to use FAR with can help all wings part to change mass-structural density, but now when I tried to use Stock system without FAR, I realize that the B9-procedural-wing parts are kind of too heavy for some light aircraft design, so when I check the part's .xml file I couldn't find a parameter that affects part mass.
  14. in 1.12 Version, with the newest Airplane-Plus mod and with TURD mod installed, All propeller engine fail to show rotating disc, which means when engine is started, the blade just rotate fast but never switch to rotating disc. Even when the engine is in stock texture, the rotating disc still doesn't show up. And I tried other mod's propeller engine, they also fail to show rotating disc. I guess it's some 【MODULE = FSplanePropellerSpinner】problem, but can't find a way to fix it.
  15. I've been playing the aircraft design Using mod installed in KSP (1.8.1 and now 1.12) for years, All of it is good, except for one fact that this mod generates lift in slow speed (taking off speed) obviously weaker than it should be in reality. I built aircraft according to the real-life examples, I always edit the mass and size in part.xml file and change all mods' setting to make sure the aircrft is close to real ones. This Fokker Dr.I in game is made to be 5.77m × 7.19m, Weights 550kg, Wing area is 20m^2. It's really close to the Wiki data, and I make the Mass-Lift-Centers-distance close enough for a fighter aircraft. However, the stall speed is tragically much higher than real-life-data's 72 km/h, I have to fly over 120km/h to make sure it doesn't need too much AOA to keep level flight. When it comes to other larger aircraft like B-29, the taking-off is so unrealistic that it feels like flying a Space Shuttle. I've been testing the different factors that might affect the Lift force, like the thickness of B9-procedural-Wing, or the length of Leading and Trailing edge, or the distance between deckedwings, And the result is, the only factors that determine lift, are Wing area (not matter how the wing is shaped) and Wing AoA in flight. So that means I can never use the real-life aircraft example's WingArea-to-TotalWeight Ratio to take off in the real-life speed, I have to fly much faster in higher AoA I've tried to edit part.xml to increase the "deflectionLiftCoeff " or any factor that looks like being about Lift or wingarea, but nothing works, the flight test data are the same. So, is there a secret setting button I don't know in FAR fuction that can increase the Lift generated in low speed ? Or is there any other ways to violently edit and increase Lift of B9ProcedralWing or other wingparts?
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