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  1. according to allkeyshop, most resellers already sell the game at ~30€ [snip] question is how thats even possible since the game wasnt even on sale yet lol, they could easily sell it at 40€, are they trying to get rid of a bad investment? WARNING: resellers wont offer a refund, and steam wont refund games bought on external shops, so if you just want to test the game and be able to refund, you should buy it through steam
  2. but what if they were showing T2 a completely different build than everyone else?
  3. that interview was weird, if you look closely there wasnt a single minute without something being cut out, i think the original interview was actually 1 hour long and he cut out part of the answers this was so distracting i couldnt even really focus on the content because i was always just waiting for when the video makes the next weird jump lol all in all the interview felt pretty inorganic, the last one with ShadowZone was way better, i wish nate would do more interviews with actual ksp streamers
  4. i dont know what to make of these posts, they contain no useful information except the patch logs, which is something literally every game puts out, because they kinda have to. all these posts mostly revolve around nate telling us that the game is being worked on (which should kinda be the obvious thing to do anyways... thx sherlock, i thought you all quit working on ksp2 and moved on to ksp3 or something...) the rest is just excuses for why they went EA after all (we all know that you basically had no choice, stop the lies) and the usual meaningless copium nate likes to distribute. im beginning to understand why nates preferred audience seem to be kids, since they lack critical thinking and logics, and happily soak up anything he puts out, his latest interview reflects this pretty well, the annoying adult streamers just have too many pesky questions...
  5. it just takes a bit of practice, and you dont have to be on point with your burn, you can just slow down your burn at the end and slowly bring it all the way down i agree though, its not a really good system, i would prefer a readout for dV required to finish the burn instead of that inaccurate bar
  6. god of war doesnt really have any noteworthy community activity for what i can tell, and it only has like 150 mods on nexus, dont see how that would translate into a huge and diverse community like ksp i am agreeing with you in that they could have chosen better questions
  7. something is going terribly wrong here well i didnt want to call names...
  8. honestly it sounds like you dont know how to do a proper transfer by adjusting the node, after patch 1 i never had a problem finetuning my closes approach on the first burn could it be that you have been using mechjeb a lot in ksp1?
  9. i can only agree with this, the community managers seem to have no idea what they are doing, im starting to think they are just random dudes with no actual background or experience in community management, aside from maybe "managing" (banning everyone who speaks up) some small discord communities so far i have not seen a single poll or anything from them, all they really did recently was gathering some AMA questions, and they actually didnt even forward the most interesting questions
  10. apparently the game just crashes when you try to dock with 2 parallel docking ports at the same time...
  11. the game basically already supports life support: you can abstract the fuel consumption from engines into food consumption on kerbals you can abstract fuel storage into food storage or whatever u believe kerbals need to survive happy modding everyone.
  12. whats more worrying is that the board behind him just contains random scribbles instead of anything useful
  13. [snip] maybe thats the whole point behind this
  14. i would assume it was, since they added new burn markers to trajectories for where you need to drop a stage, and to see them you have to zoom in pretty close
  15. when i zoom in, the trajectory gets really weird, anyone else experienced this issue yet? kinda looks like my CPU usage graph lol
  16. would be nice to know how my trajectory continues after the second slingshot i would do it too if someone was paying me for it
  17. looking at how they are 1:1 ripping most stuff from ksp1, they much likely will
  18. idk, personally i have never done a lot of science on kerbin, just the basic stuff u can get in orbit + launchpad was usually enough to unlock parts the bring u to mun and minmus with ease i mostly did kerbin science when i was missing just a few points for the next upgrade
  19. good job, you chose the worst possible scenario... i wonder what this means for modders what a glorious idea. i think ure a bit too obsessed with bringing rocket science to kids i wasnt aware that this was the case in KSP1 i hope this gets put at the very end of the roadmap, right before tutorials for kidz will there be an option to just disable the IVA part in order to save performance? (IVA will probably be a completely useless feature for most people, like in ksp1)
  20. it was a topic on the discord shortly before the game released
  21. bruh, this sounds like the game is a total scam... they actually promised multi-thousand part ships this is likely just the parts rendered without any planets or other stuff, which is never going to happen when actually playing the game it starts to become a problem when you are docking lots of smaller ships to a station, bring tons of satellites etc. for large scale missions
  22. kerbals are minions, mutated from space radiation
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