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  1. So ignition will be independent on batteries, but probability of ignition in certain conditions stays? I don't know how realistic is electric starting anyway? I though, that for reigniting are used some hypergolic fuel capsules directly injected in the burn chamber (or somewhere into turbopump burning part)? But... also i know that there exist engines (usualy the smaller ones) which have turbopumps powered only by electric engines. This type of engine is surely not possible restart without electricity. EDIT: BTW: If it's easier for you, i can live without electricity dependency, no problem with that.
  2. @linuxgurugamer So i spent this afternoon by cleaning my game installation and then searching mod configuration when problem occured. And surprisingly i found, that problem is done by remote tech mod, it's not problem of engine ignitor mod. And also i found how to change settings of remote tech to prevent this problem. I scribe it there for case that somebody other meet this problem too: In Remote Tech settings in Miscellaneous options is option "Throttle unaffected by loss of connection". By turning this option off is problem solved. I think, that there is some race condition in remote tech code, so when i stage and there is probe core on boosters, for a few microseconds remote tech "think", that the whole rocket loss connection and cut off engines. When there are engines which can be reignited, when remote tech code start act that rocket have connection again, game also try to reignite engines. But sometimes it's not successfull, some engine is not ignited and rocket goes to spin because thrust is unbalanced at that moment... (and when there are engines without internal ignitor, game is over in every case...) Thanks for your concern for this trouble, but now i see, that problem is not in this mod definitively.
  3. @linuxgurugamer Yes, i know you maintaining a lot of mods, so you are busy all the time (and thanks for that...) . :-) Well, i don't have problem with engines which can be started by clamps only (if i don't like it, i can fix it by myself), but with engines cut off in case i use fuel pipes and add probe core to boosters for later automatic landing. In this configuration when i stage, all engines on the rocket dies. So if i use engines which start only by clamps, there's no possibility to reignite them and rocket goes to hell. But even when i use engines with few ingitors, i must spent next ignitor for reignition of engines. And after next stage use next ignitor... When i don't add probe cores to boosters, this doesn't happens and staging works well. But this way i can't save boosters, because i can't land with them. Only is possible add parachutes on first stage boosters, which are dropped in low altitude and there's no need to have probe core on them, just let deploy shutes by staging. But this is not possible for next stages, which goes to much higher altitude, or out of atmosphere in suborbital trajectory and is needed do retroburn and deploy shutes back in low altitude, when most of velocity dropped down. So whole problem is in using fuel pipe (FTX-2 External Fuel Duct) and any probe core on boosters. When i build rocket without piping boosters, everything work fine. So mod is confused only in using both - fuel pipes and also probe cores on boosters. But without piping are rockets much less effective and it realy suxx on heavy carriers for big payloads. I think, that as hotfix it can by bypassed by lowering auto ignite temperature for some let say 400 K, but i think this is a bug anyway. You can try it by ourself, build some rocket with 4 side boosters and from booster 1 and 3 set pipes to booster 2 and 4. From boosters 2 and 4 set pipes to middle one and launch. Everything will work good. Now try next start with the same rocket, bude add to booster 2 and 4 probe cores. When you stage and drop boosters 1 and 3, all engines on rocket cut off in the moment you press space for staging boosters 1 and 3. That's the problem im asking for...
  4. Linuxgurugamer do you need from me some more info about probem with dying engines?
  5. Hi linuxgurugamer. I wrote some notes about this bug on previous page. I was sniffing about details of conditions when it happens and it realy looks to me, that problem is onlly when i add probe core to the boosters and this boosters must be connected together by pipes for fuel transfer. Imagine rocket, that have some paiload on the middle booster. And around are 4 boosters connected by pipes in asparagus configuration of fuel flow. When this boosters are "stupid" (without probe core or kOS processor), rocket works well. But when i add probe cores (for driven landing of boosters) to this boosters, at the moment when there's BECO of first two boosters and i press space for stage, all engines on rest of rocket stops. In case that there are engines with ignitors, i can reignite them, but when i have on rocket engines which can be ignited only by clamps, whole rocket is in the hell. So it looks to me, that mod is somehow confused when on rocket is more probe cores. (BTW: I removed this mod for now after long time and when i try play without it, whole game looks like toy for small kids from that moment... it is now so simple, when playing without precise planing of ignitions and so... Just... i wants to tell, that this mod makes game much more realistic. I didn't realise how big impact it have, until i remove it. )
  6. I want to ask about bug with dying enignes when staging with boosters which have probe core. Any news about it?
  7. Yes, i make in principia directory config file "principia.cfg" with this: principia_override_version_check { version = 1.12.2 version = 1.12.3 } Without this config game don't start. This map view crashes happens with this config. So... am i missing something? EDIT: About "no support when version override" - so simply i must wait for next release of principia, which will be compiled with 1.12.3 libs and that will solve this problem? No problem with that, i can live with 1.12.2...
  8. BTW: As i did a few test, it looks, that game crash only, when i jump to map view on the ship which has previously cerated some prinkipia trajectory. When trajectory doesn't exist, i can go to map view, create flight plan, execute node. And it works well. But not sure when problems start, looks to me, that problems start when i save and restart game.
  9. Hm... but i still have problem. With config game starts, but when i switch to some ship and press "M" to go to map view, game crash. I thought,, that problem is somewhere in old trajectories stored in old save, so i created new profile and start completely new carier, but result is the same. This is in principia log: Log file created at: 2021/12/19 11:27:10 Running on machine: MSI Log line format: [IWEF]mmdd hh:mm:ss.uuuuuu threadid file:line] msg E1219 11:27:10.705547 17960 interface.cpp:702] Initialized Google logging for Principia E1219 11:27:10.707542 17960 interface.cpp:703] Principia version 2021120408-Hamilton-0-gd0f59ca12318ef52bff4ee83615a2e1851f719a1 built on 2021-12-05T18:18:20Z by Microsoft Visual C++ version 192930037 for Windows x86-64 E1219 11:27:10.707542 17960 interface.cpp:716] Base address is 00007FFC75DB0000 E1219 11:27:10.714525 17960 ksp_plugin_adapter.cs:322] Unexpected KSP version 1.12.3; this build targets 1.8.1, 1.9.1, 1.10.1, 1.11.x, and 1.12.2. E1219 11:27:34.330938 17960 ksp_plugin_adapter.cs:322] Unexpected KSP version 1.12.3; this build targets 1.8.1, 1.9.1, 1.10.1, 1.11.x, and 1.12.2. E1219 11:27:45.593734 17960 ksp_plugin_adapter.cs:322] Unexpected KSP version 1.12.3; this build targets 1.8.1, 1.9.1, 1.10.1, 1.11.x, and 1.12.2. @ 00007FFCDA2F443F google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal [0x00007FFCDA2F443E+46] @ 00007FFC75E5EE93 principia__LogFatal [0x00007FFC75E5EE92+322] @ 00000241E9CBCEA9 (No symbol) [0x00000241E9CBCEA8] F1219 11:27:52.760295 17960 gl_lines.cs:25] Exception while drawing lines: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'principia.ksp_plugin_adapter.Style' threw an exception. ---> System.ArgumentException: You can only call GUI functions from inside OnGUI. at UnityEngine.GUIUtility.CheckOnGUI () [0x00010] in <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0 at UnityEngine.GUI.get_skin () [0x00001] in <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0 at principia.ksp_plugin_adapter.Style..cctor () [0x00037] in <1fb8e31093424753b8844b2e63416cf2>:0 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at principia.ksp_plugin_adapter.PrincipiaPluginAdapter+<>c__DisplayClass139_0.<RenderTrajectories>b__2 () [0x00387] in <1fb8e31093424753b8844b2e63416cf2>:0 at principia.ksp_plugin_adapter.GLLines.Draw (System.Action line_vertices) [0x0001c] in <1fb8e31093424753b8844b2e63416cf2>:0
  10. Hello kerbonauts! My game crash with principia Hamilton after upgrade game to 1.12.3. I wasn't searching for details, but i removed principia and game start normaly. Anybody have the same expirience? I know, 1.12.3 is fresh, so im asking do you already know about it?
  11. Hi linuxgurugamer. Im afraid i found a bug in this mod. To see this bug all this conditions must be met: - rocket have boosters with liquid fuel engines WITH EXTERNAL IGNITOR - boosters (it is not important if only one, or all) must have their own probe core When this conditions are met, rocket at first normaly start all engines, but when staging (for example if you have asparagus fuel pipe connection), then all engines with external ignitor stops. Engines which have their own ignitor works normaly, even in case that engine have only 1 ignition. BTW: If you will look at this problem, in last update 1.12.2 there were updated Swivel and Reliant engines, so in MM_stock is needed add this lines: // LV-T30 Engine v2 @PART[liquidEngine_v2]:NEEDS[!PartOverhauls] { MODULE { name = ModuleEngineIgnitor IgnitionsAvailable = 0 AutoIgnitionTemperature = 800 IgnitorType = External } } // LV-T45 Engine v2 @PART[liquidEngine2_v2]:NEEDS[!PartOverhauls] { MODULE { name = ModuleEngineIgnitor IgnitionsAvailable = 4 AutoIgnitionTemperature = 800 IgnitorType = Internal UseUllageSimulation = true ChanceWhenUnstable = 0.2 //0-1 ECforIgnition = 20 } } So please add them to the fix too. Thank you
  12. Hello kerbonauts! I noticed, that T-1 Toroidal Aerospike "Dart" engine have 0 ignitions and external ignitor. Make it sense to you? Because IMHO this make this engine almost unusable because of low thrust, even with quite nice Isp. I used the same config as is for Swivel, which makes sense to me much more. But i take it just as hot fix. I was trying google something about igniting of aerospike engines, but i didn't found anything usefull, so im asking there. Have you some idea for realistic config? Because i like use this engine (in stock game it's only aerospike...), but don't want use setup far away from reality. BTW: THX to Errol for making history engines modification.
  13. Ah yes, as you wrote it i remember, that long time ago i did this trick, but it is long time ago. But now, when i try override config check result is the same as in my previous post. So, is it working to you with 1.12.0, when you override config check or not? I can live with version 1.11.2 and wait for principia fix, no problem with that, but i'm not sure if its problem in my installation or not.
  14. Hello, at first i want to say big thanks to authors of Principia, because it is realy impressive piece of work (and all related math documents are perfect for study). Well, but my question is about Principia with last big update of KSP to version 1.12.0. Im not able load KSP anymore and i found, that this happens because of Principia. When i remove Principia form GameData folder, game loads as usualy. With Principia it stays jammed shortly after start of loading and last i see is message "Loading Part Upgrades". I don't see any notes about issue like this there in forum or between github issues. So my first question is if this is known problem and i just need to wait for fix, or am i only person with this problem and i have some trouble in my game installation?
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