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  1. it says "there aren't any open issues" anywhere else I could submit requests?
  2. I'll leave that decision up to you. I'm perfectly fine with whatever works. I'm trying to find unique things to suggest for this mod, but a lot of them have already been added in other mods, it seems. say, did any of his mods have an M-SHORAD or MMEV turret? if not, that's ok. again, just hoping there's a turret that combines ATGMs, short-range SAMs, guns, and, in the MMEVs case, rockets.
  3. is this open to part suggestions? if so, please add an AGM-28
  4. Me Again! If possible, please add an M-SHORAD turret (or a similar turret like ADATS) to the mod. I've been waiting for a turret that combines missiles and guns for a long time, and while it has happened with NKD/NKDR, with the LAV-25/LAV-AD turrets, those don't come close to the M-SHORAD, with space for both hellfire and stinger missiles, as well as, of course, a gun. if neither of these is possible, at least add a HAAWC for higher torpedo launches. in other words, multi-stage torpedos. it has been done with other weapons from other mods (missiles, mostly), not with torpedos from my memory.
  5. oh, and one last thing, please add a katyusha rocket launcher if it isn't already in another mod
  6. did you equip your craft with weapon manager modules? also, how about gun pods, like those on the Ju-87? as well as HVAR and RP-3 without the rail? I'm trying to mount the current rockets to ACA's reloadable missile rail, but the double rail looks kind of cursed/odd, and it also replaces the rockets with AMRAAMS. lastly, are the .50cal guns compatible with the .50cal ammo from BDA/BDAC/BDA+?
  7. you, sir, are a genius. unrelated, any mod with gear that partially retracts, ideal for gear-up landings, similar to the A-10s main gear? that's all my A-10 is missing (minus APKWS rockets) some random photo I found showing the gear visible when retracted
  8. Ok. Kind of hoping there is a mod out there with gear that partially retracts, just in case.
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