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  1. Doesn’t that require different electrode materials? I used the exact same type of electrodes on both sides, and they don’t corrode. Wouldn’t that only provide power for a short time, because I tried it a day later, and it still worked. Could it be something to do with microbes digesting the meat?
  2. So, I was messing about while eating biltong (a South African snack), and I put the two ends of my multimeter on a bit of biltong and it read: around 200 millivolts! My question is, HOW!? I was trying to make thermocouples, so I had originally measured the resistance, around 5 mega ohm. I also in later tests determined that: Wrapping it in aluminum foil can boost the voltage to 400-500 millivolts. Temperature does not appear to effect it, at least not a temperature gradient, so this is not the thermoelectric effect. For those curious, biltong is essentially just meat, dried, salted, and it contains saltpeter.
  3. "Douglas Adams: -Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. Isaac Arthur: -it's free real estate." -Youtube commenter, username: Horsmi.
  4. It exists to get us a certificate (and the needed skills for that certificate) to get us to university. Alright, it teaches us math and basic general science, and that I will need, but I seriously do not think I'm going to have to write a 200-250 word afrikaans essay about one of four topics in approximately 90 minutes in adulthood, not to mention biology, okay, I know a lot of people like biology, but trust me, if I'm ever doing anything more reliant on a comprehensive understanding of biology than agriculture and livestock farming (ideally in space), something has gone seriously wrong.
  5. “nine days later, on March 12, 1876, red "corpuscles" with a "vegetable" appearance fell over London.” The missiles were fired at them in orbit, they may have retained some of their velocity, they broke up fast, the petunias were teleported higher and into a slower orbit.
  6. I still don't understand. Who started this thing and why does everyone constantly say puns are bad? It has to be some kind of inside joke among people who socialize for enjoyment, right? That little comic made me chuckle, it's funny! It's very annoying that everyone keeps mocking puns like that. Also, over here we have zero lakes, we do have a bunch of rivers and dams though.
  7. A substitute teacher threatened to send me to the principal because I put my hand up and asked, and I quote (translated into english), “If I may ask, and if you don’t want to answer just say so, are you going to be just a temporary substitute or are you going to teach in place of miss Chrisnette (a retiring sick teacher)?” Single rudest, meanest, dumbest teacher I have ever seen. Alright, I’m okay with a reasonably strict teacher, it is always fun to have some quiet in between the cursewords, screams, and talking, but that is just plain mean. After a few minutes she banned us from asking any questions at all. She wanted us to sit and do other classes’ homework, I would have loved to, but unfortunately I had already finished all my work in other classes (seriously, I didn’t even have to work in break). After studying for my maths test, I kept myself busy, first by numbering and counting the lines in my workbook, then by using the classic prison four lines and then cross out number system to do math, after that I rummaged in my backpack and found a tiny bible, I read a while, after that I mostly either did nothing at all, thought about other stuff, or prayed that the old teacher would get healthy and come back. In retrospect I actually should have went with her to the principal. All she had against me was putting my hand up and asking an innocuous question. I’m sure my principal would not be happy that someone wasted his time because they thought that it was worth bringing one of the top ten kids in his grade to him just because he had put his hand up and politely asked a question. Though, as my mother later pointed out to me on the way back, there was nothing stopping her from lying, so I may have been right to play it safe, though if I had anticipated the option of lying, all I had to do was to bring along a classmate as witness, since I have a reputation for being the good kid in class who always follows the rules.
  8. Old Leon, truly a national treasure, I apologize for it not being English, but it's really stuck. "Swem Jannie swem man swem, swem Jannie swem man swem..."
  9. This technically happened yesterday, but it's still hilarious: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/awkward-moment-as-bbc-world-news-struggle-to-find-south-africa-on-map-video-breaking/ Seriously, that's just plain pathetic, my home nation is pretty much the easiest one to find, just find Africa and go to the bottom tip. Edit: also it turns out that the flood's death toll recently dropped by 13, due to four people presumed to have been killed by the flood actually having already died from natural causes. The other nine had bullet holes in them.
  10. Trying out visual mods, I have a regular laptop (same type one of my former teachers had), and it runs eve (default configs) and scatterer plenty good enough, it’s not perfect, I still get the occasional lag spikes especially when starting up, and blowing up, but believe me it's worth every second of lag you get. Also, landing on every body in the kerbol system, not necessarily in the same ship. I still have to do this one, farthest I’ve got is Vall, well, farthest without cheating.
  11. Thanks! But in all honesty that mod is mostly cobbled together too, probably just cobbled together a little better. Edit: Double trouble on hubble! I forgot to give credit to @Janus92, sorry about that! Janus made the original code cfg files, that I merely slightly modified (and struggled to do even that) to create other parts.
  12. "Your ability to get through it, as this gets harder, that is a hundred times more powerful than slapping a smile on your face and pretending like everything is just fine." - Matt Murdoc, the first time I've seen someone in a show with this same philosophy.
  13. "So many people have worked on rocket science that almost all ideas I've ever came up with have already been proven wrong by someone smarter than me, almost." -Sorry for qouting myself, but it is a lesson I've learnt, not that it will stop me from trying to come up with new working ideas. "The most important thing a sport can teach you is not how to win, but how to lose without giving up, or even worse, complaining." - I did it again, sorry.
  14. No need, it was his idea, and it's not very economical here either, we just have more of a motive (economics and practicality always outweigh anything about the climate (and in all honesty we are not doing this for any reasons around climate change or going green, the solar panel could turn the ozone layer into a cloud of sulphuric acid for all I care (not that I think that should happen, and I know climate change is a problem, I just have bigger problems (in other words, problems that will bother me sooner (in a leaky spaceship you patch the big holes first)), as long as it makes power, we're good). He's a civil engineer and he is still going to need to save up. (By the way, do you have any info about what to use?)
  15. On the way home from Sunday school (ironically located on a Wednesday night) the power was (and still is) out in the neighborhood we live in, we were driving through the dark streets, and in a fit of outrageous irony, when I turned the radio on it was playing blinding lights! Needless to say this has only increased my dad’s intent to get a solar power system and thereby stop having to put up with load shedding (controlled power outages to reduce load on the power stations), without having to pay for petrol to power a generator. Edit: Something funnier just happened, I played 'all systems to go' by man or astroman, and directly after the song completed the first "all systems to go" the power came back!
  16. Yeah, I probably should have added more indication that this is speculation. But then, what does that end scene mean? And why does the chapter say "something more?"?
  17. Yup, you're right, I mistook its solar panels for windows and thought the tank was a tourist pod.
  18. Someone probably realized this before me, but I think I know what the ship at the end is for. It's a countdown, and it's at T-2. Every showcase video contains the same ship, going through a mission, every time we see it, the ship is later in its mission, which is a mun trip. The latest part had it staging away all its boosters on what I have concluded is most likely a munar impact trajectory (due to it looking like one, and crashing being common in ksp). It has no landing fuel tanks that I can see, so it almost certainly won't be decelerating, let alone returning. It is "falling" towards the mun, or in other words, dropping. I hearby speculate that when it hits the ground, ksp 2 will drop.
  19. I read on a university website that deuterium fusion needs 50 million degrees of temperature and 2 atmospheres of pressure. A Farnsworth fusor from the 60's can get 100 million degrees. So, why can't we just pump 2 atmospheres of deuterium in? Unless the reactor is actively reducing the pressure inside it, this should allow for sustained fusion from low power (a Farnsworth fusor can run on mains power).
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