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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately I've either got a horrendous cold, a flu, or a false negative on my covid test (I really hope it's not the last one) and I am preposterously tired with a couple of oceans worth of slime in my nose. The next "chapter" may take a while. To quote the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, "We apologize for the inconvenience."
  2. I've removed the contents of this post due to making up my mind, I was going to ask something for what will happen next, but I've made up my mind. also: 5257 words!
  3. The somber tone is entirely accidental, I've had a load of fun in this break. The performance is not that bad.
  4. In the recent economic (laptop performance) crisis, the space program, on return from a large and mysterious vacation (haven't played ksp for a while), has had to make major cutbacks. Most notably cancelling all missions to the outer planets (no opm) and replacing the new and beautiful Astronomer visual systems, with older and more efficient default-eve systems. The military has removed funding for the now unclassified and cancelled "BD" weaponry project. Many other systems have been replaced, removed, and altered to increase efficiency. The space program will be officially restarted soon, we hope...
  5. Golf in space could be cool, especially in a non rotating relatively small O'Neil cylinder.
  6. Chapter 5: Grounds for divorce: 20 minutes ago the half built Gagarin class heavy frigate HMS Asimov undocked from the Everest orbital construction station and put itself on a rendezvous with a station in Mars orbit. 18 minutes ago the MCN had seen this, found the station, and also found that the Asimov hadn't been given permission by them. 15 minutes ago the Red Arrow was dispatched on a fast intercept with the station. 14 minutes ago the Rocinante class Normandy followed suit on a slower intercept. 10 minutes ago press coverage began along with a wildly improvised evacuation and survival plan on the station. 6 minutes ago the Asimov fired a torpedo at Rosy station, breaking one of the two spokes going through the diameter of the station, and the elevator within. Two seconds later its single working torpedo launcher malfunctioned and exploded. 4 minutes ago it had stopped in front of one of the station's docking ports, stopping craft from docking there. 2 minutes ago a small on orbit shuttle, filled with 5 times more people than it was designed for, nearly all of them from the station, narrowly escaped from the hail of pdc fire. Right now, the Red Arrow was screaming in towards the station at a hundred meters a second. They shot past the Asimov and fired a giant emp blast that crippled all four of its left pdcs, they flew through the centre of the station and Val did a 2g burn to get them to a stop. From the other side of the station they shot a missile which went back towards the Asimov and broke one of its forward heavy artillery guns, as well as damaging its command centre. Val put them on a diagonal trajectory around the edge of Rosy, they could feel the shots pounding on the outside of the Arrow, and some of the sound came through their acceleration seats and allowed them to hear the shots in their eva suits. A bullet flew quietly through the Arrow and made a hole. No air was in the ship, so it didn't matter. For a few seconds, the shots halted, as the station was between them, when it wasn't, Heins shot a missile through the newly formed pdc blindspot and made a large hole in one of the Asimov's pressurized fuel tanks, forcing it into a slow roll. Val stopped the Arrow and put it onto a new trajectory passing over the Asimov. About halfway to it, a new blip appeared on the battlefield radar, along with a smaller, faster and closer blip. The small blip tore through the Asimov's engines, they exploded in what the external camera registered as a flash. The Normandy had arrived, bringing torpedoes, armor, and salvation for the station. The Arrow shot down some of the pdcs on the "top" of the Asimov, its slow spin brought the next line of pdcs to them. A recently fired torpedo from the Normandy exploded as the Asimov's pdcs shot it down. The Red Arrow shot half of those new pdcs down with emp blasts and its own cannons. On the other side of Rosy station, people were piling into the Normandy, carrying the injured with them and whatever things they needed to salvage. The Arrow came to a stop and then shot itself between the lone spoke and the edge of the heavily scarred and bullet wounded wheel, it launched a missile which broke into the Asimov's unpressurized command centre, the crew were vaguely visible on the exterior camera feed. The inhabitants of Rosy station continued climbing through the emergency access ladders, as the elevator would not be able to ferry enough of them, to the Normandy. After everyone was on the ship, at least, everyone who wasn't dead, the refugees and Johnson, the manager, agreed that the Normandy could undock, and that no one was left on Rosy. They undocked and burned at full throttle away from the station, the sardine can crowd wailed and struggled as Newton punished them for accelerating. A couple of seconds later, they floated around as Newton's laws were appeased with the gift of constant velocity. As the Red Arrow safely drifted away from the station at fifty meters a second, Val and Heins were both relieved that the tragic battle was finally over. Val broke the silence by saying over their ship comms, "Good shooting back there." "Good flying," Heins replied, and they fell back into the eerie silence of sadness, fear, and a tinge of rage. The martian reporter stated, her face struggling to hide the fear beneath, "Of the three hundred and eleven people on Rosy station when the attack occurred, a total of seventy four of them are dead, and a further one hundred and forty two are injured. The quick actions of the crew of the Normandy and the Red Arrow saved the station from even more casualties from the earthling warship, HMS Asimov. The earthling space command have blamed this on rogue navy soldiers, but the Martian intelligence agency has found an encrypted broadcast from earth to Mars giving the order to attack the station. Now we go to the president, who is giving a speech on this matter." The broadcast cut to the president, who said, "For a long time, we have lived in fear of having to fight in space, we had been designing the Rocinante class long before the attack on the Don Quixote. I personally had always dreaded the day it would be necessary. That day has came and went, and now, after the tragic massacre of Rosy station, we must reevaluate our alliances, we must ensure that this never, ever happens again, we must punish those who caused this tragedy." "And we must declare war!"
  7. Hotkeys for retrograde, prograde, and other sas. A way to record in game videos, without the ui showing on them, but with the ui visible to you while you play.
  8. Happiness circuits overloading, initiating rewatch! In all seriousness: YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exoplanet, no new kerbol planets (that we know of) and Ovin is a confirmed exoplanet. If I may suggest something: a science report on the surface could be something like: "You (or the mystery goo) feel the same sense of dread felt by some of the first to land on Eve, the sneaking suspicion you might not get off this rock, at least, not soon."
  9. Can you tell what it’s for, or is it classified? @Souptime In south africa we have something called “krummelpap” (translation: krummel = crumb, pap = cereal, crumb cereal) it’s not soup, but what it is, is DELICIOUS!
  10. Chapter 4: Doom and gloom: The response from both earth and Mars was fast, both condemning the terrorists, earth deployed its navy en masse, and it put travel restrictions on its entire sphere of influence. Thankfully for the martians, it was about the exact wrong time to send ships to them, anything less than a gazillion seconds of specific impulse and tons of thrust would be useless for getting to Mars. They did, however, put heavy tariffs on Mars, start to work with the MCN, and start building a skeleton force of earth ships at private construction docks around Mars, with volunteering earthlings as the crew. Things on Mars were rough, the martians were angry about earthling taxes, tariffs, and control, the earthlings were terrified to Pluto of terrorism and martians, and the pirates were ashamed and surrendered, well, the martians at least, the earthlings started going absolutely pirate potty. Piracy increased by at least twofold, almost all of it was earthlings attacking martian ships and stations. At least martian colony architecture made riots close to impossible, the bases are made of 3d printed or assembled habs joined together by partly or fully submerged tunnels, the closest thing most of Mars had to a shopping mall was a load of small shops next to tunnels. The best any angry people looking for a riot would be able to do, would look like a bunch of disgraced customers standing in line to file a complaint with a phone store. Unfortunately that caused people to find other ways to release their rage on the other side. Crime rates on Mars hit record maximums every day, and it wasn't just earthlings fighting against martians, but the other way around too. For Val, this ment more work (ferrying people around on the Red Dart), but also more fun (shooting down ships in the Red Arrow). She had blasts shooting down ships, her way of fighting ships was massively different from that of a Rocinante class, it was like a space borne tank, coming in at a reasonable pace and using its superior firepower and armor to fight or guard ships. The Arrow came in like a jet fighter, it was small enough that ships would struggle to detect it with its transponder off, and then it shot itself around the battlefield leaving a trail of pdc fire, missiles and general annihilation in its wake. Her brother, Heins, was busy as a MCN mechanic and as the Red Arrow's gunner. He was also trying to figure out what was going on on Phobos that they needed hundreds of tons of Plutonium for, and which after a pirate based reactor failure, they quietly sent more people to work on. Val would be lying if she said she wasn't curious. (Author's note: Stupid school keeps stopping my writing, well, that and reading the expanse books, and watching videos, and everything else...)
  11. I’m not quite a full on adult yet, but still: 1. Do not try to “think positive”, that just results in thinking about how bad things are, try to find solutions instead. Not every problem has a solution (for example: hurricanes) but if there is a solution to the problem, use it. For example, you can’t stop the hurricane, but you can get to decent shelter and survive. 2. Being honest is a good idea, even (and perhaps especially) if that will hurt someones feelings. For example if someone makes bad food, do not say it is good if you do that they will make more bad food because they think you like it, until you either tell them their food is bad, hurting their feelings a lot more than if you said it from the start, or you die with a belly full of bad food. 3. Never spend more money than you need to, but don’t compromise too much quality. 4. (Advice from my dad) Never go in debt if you can help it! 5. Buying something you don’t need because it is cheap costs more money than not buying it at all. 6. No one is born with social skills, and nobody has written them down, you need to learn them from mistakes, and everybody needs to learn them from mistakes. 7. No matter how smart you are, you will always get things wrong, and if you’re as dumb as me, you will get a load of things wrong, just learn from your mistakes. I love it when I or someone else disproves one of my ideas.
  12. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, And then some things that couldn't go wrong also went wrong!" -A commenter on a Danny2462 video.
  13. My science teacher has been saying, since the first school weeks of the year, that in the 4th term I would be teaching . The 4th term is about the solar system and space which she says I know much more about than her. (She is not a space nerd, and I’m the only person in my school that plays ksp, or at least in my class.) Today she gave me the first of two classes to teach the other kids about anything I wanted. I explained basic orbital mechanics to a bunch of slightly confused faces. I explained suborbital, orbital, and transfer orbits, as well as delta V, reentry, zero g, and a brief foray into vacuum exposure. They seemed to understand. She also invited the principal to come watch tomorrow as I teach them about the planets and exoplanets. I’ve gotten the slightly boring orbital mechanics done (I did that because a load of people don’t understand that) I can now do the fun part. tomorrow in science class: Vaporizing planets, Atmospheres of acid, and Blue sunsets!
  14. "Generally the BBC gets an equal amount of complaints from all sides, and then they reckon they've done their job about right." -Tom Scott "To Pluto with the tent!" -Centurion Nefarius Purpus (in the Asterix comic: Asterix the legionary)
  15. Question: Could a hydrogen oxygen burning engine, which produces water as exhaust, break up some of the water (through thermolysis or in other words, heat) and burn the hydrogen and oxygen created, creating more heat, splitting more water and making a cycle of increasing efficiency and heat, stopped only by water leaving the engine? What about if you inject water directly when it is hot? I’ve done some basic searching, and found that half of water splits at 3000’C and rocket engines work at 3200’C. Could this make higher efficiency engines? If not, why? And what problems would you need to overcome if it can work?
  16. Missed opportunity, it would have been funnier to say, “That got really real, really fast.”
  17. Chapter 3: Continued: As the Kingpin approached, it started looking eerily familiar to Val, even though it was heavily damaged, that somehow made it seem even more familiar. This made her suspicious, the ship contacted her and asked why a ship as small as her's was sent to them, she said it was to guard against another pirate attack while someone came to get them. She sent a directed message to the Rocinante class ship, named The Huntress, that was coming to pick the crew up, to warn them. Bob "the marine" stood, along with two other crewmates, in the airlock of The Huntress, the pilot had docked with the Kingpin, and they were waiting for it to finish cycling. They were wearing bulletproof MCN eva suits, with their guns ready, the Kingpin had lost its pressurization, and the eight crew members were wearing eva suits. The Red Arrow had warned them that this may be a trap, so they came prepared. The airlock screen went green, indicating it was done, he contacted the crew on their eva comms and prepared to exit. They opened the hatch, and he saw the crew, of only four, float in front of him. That was a surprise, but it was massively overshadowed by the fact they had guns. The apparent leader said, in an accent you'd usually only hear in gangster movies, "Are we gonna do this peacefully, o' do we have to fight for yo' ship" One of them fired a silent warning shot at the wall, and span backwards with about as much dignity as a brick. The others seemingly agreed that this ment war, and shot at him and his crew. He threw an emp grenade towards the shooters before the others tried to shoot back, this stopped the attackers' life support, and more importantly, caused the electric triggers on their guns to reboot. They quickly gathered up the, now disarmed, pirates, with their comms disabled, and brought them into The Huntress. They told the crew of the Red Arrow that they safely gathered up the pirates, a fact the Arrow's crew seemed disappointed to hear. They put them into the holding cells on the ship, and Bob interrogated the leader. After confirming, with both the pirate's claims and an eva drone inspection of the Kingpin, that there was nobody else on the ship, he asked the pirate other things. It turned out the Red Arrow's crew's speculation was correct, and this was, in fact, the wreckage of the Don Quixote, used as bait to lure in a Rocinante class. The pirates wanted to take the ship and use it to fight off earth ships, in order to get earth to "leave Mars alone!" They had failed, but it was still a threat. While he was interrogating them, the pilot, a red haired woman named Alex, came to show him a news broadcast from earth. The reporter looked terrified, he must have been very scared, as he had given up on the journalistic habit of acting calm, even if they weren't. The journalist said, his voice shaking, "Ten minutes ago, a group of Martian terrorists docked to an asteroid mining station in low earth orbit, and deorbited it. Along with the asteroid it was mining. It collided with the earth in the sea near the Cape Canaveral launch complex," Bob was almost weeping, the reporter shuddered but continued, "the resulting death toll is estimated as a minimum of," the reporter paused, almost in disbelief, "3235, 72 of which are the crew of the station..." (Author's note: this post was a load of fun to write.)
  18. What do you mean I’m good at visiting places?! @Melontime It’s almost watermelon season here, I love watermelon.
  19. Oh boy, that's a lot of words! I just used microsoft word to estimate the word count of this series, from chapter 1 to the first part of chapter 3, and it spat out an absolutely colossal: 3235 This is probably the longest continuous thing I've ever written! I can’t wait to see my english teacher’s reaction to this fact, after we’re back to school from vacation.
  20. All I will reveal is that the first of the three pirate attacks was two days ago, and that not everything to do with pirates is as it seems...
  21. Chapter 3: The battle is over, but the war goes on: One week later: The reporter calmly stated,"The government has reported three more piracy attempts in this week, two of which were stopped by the three new Rocinante class ships, with only minor damage and injuries on Rosy station, and the Hephaestus orbital construction dock. The third was a major piracy attempt on a government run Phobos base, the prototype reactor went near critical after the pirates bombarded it, their ship was hit by a large e.m.p. blast which knocked their weapons out, as well as some other systems. They were arrested by the first Rocinante class ship, which is named the Rocinante. There were a couple of injuries in the base, mostly due to fire from the pirate ship, as well as some radiation exposure in the station, no casualties as of ye..." Val switched to an earth news broadcast, a new reporter with a background of the earth's jungles, deserts and oceans stated,"It's been three days since the creation of the space navy treaty, a cooperation between major countries for the defense of each other, and earth as a whole, and the introduction of the Gagarin class heavy frigate, as well as the Shepard class corvette. Joining me now is one of Japan's top spacecraft engineers as well as the director of the United states space force. General Grayson, what are the main threats posed by martian piracy?" Val turned her phone off in slight disgust, they always had to say 'martian piracy' not just 'piracy', as if they were somehow too important, too many, or too amazing for pirates to come knocking at their doors. She left her seat and coasted towards the airlock, which her brother was almost through. He was done with a tethered eva, along with a MCN technician called Marty to outfit the Red Arrow with a second crew seat, replacing a pressurized storage compartment, and acting as a gunner seat, some armor plating made out of a mix of aluminum and graphene, and weaponry in the form of gatling gun point defense cannons, missiles which are essentially mini torpedoes, and some e.m.p. weapons. After Heins and Marty left the airlock, she asked to the room in general, "So, is she ready?" Heins tried to reply but Marty beat him to the punch and said, "Yup, ship's ship-shape, and armed to the teeth." to which Heins added, "Want to go for a test drive?" She replied, "As if you need to ask!" The Red Arrow undocked from Harpo station, a small non-centrifugal station which was mostly used as a parking space for vac-only ships, like the Arrow. Its only crew were some guards to stop any old crook from walking up and stealing a ship. The Armorer, a repurposed civilian ferry-tug hybrid now acting as an MCN engineering ship, carried Marty, other technicians, and some equipment to test their new weapons, such as targets or false torpedoes. Val spun the Red Arrow around, flipping between prograde and retrograde a couple of times, then putting them into a spin, and using the computer stability assistance to counter it. Then she fired up the engine, and a slightly uncomfortable ⅔g rested on her shoulders, before warning Heins, her gunner, and activating the afterburner. The gravity ramped up to 2g, or 6 times the gravity she grew up in. She could see the strain on her brother in the reflection on her screens as she decelerated, and burnt at a max of 1g on the way back. When they arrived back, Marty said, "Now you've gotten the racing out your system, are you ready to test the weapons?" Val replied, "Yup, and just for the record, she handles like a dream." Marty released a small cheaply made target and remote controlled it to move around. Val said, "Heins, make some swiss cheese!" The guns fired a barrage of bullets at it, and she could feel the rcs going mad to keep them stable. A second later Marty exclaimed, "Contact lost to target, that was quick!" Marty asked them to hit it, or what's left of it, with a missile and get out of its range. The Arrow happily obliged and no more than 5 seconds later they were 50 meters away from an expanding cloud of shrapnel that used to be the target. Marty relayed a message to them, it said in a almost familiar voice, "SOS, this is the freighter Kingpin to all vessels in range, we've been attacked by pirates, and need to be evacuated. We have attached our orbital parameters." Marty proceeded to state, "There is a Rocinante class on the way to pick them up, but we think you should go too, you'll be there first, in case the pirates strike again." She replied, "Roger, maneuver plotted for rendezvous, burn countdown started." When the count down stopped, she put the pedal to the metal, and the acceleration carried them towards the Kingpin, but mostly tried to crush her. (Author's note: chapter 3, like 1, is split in two parts.)
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