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  1. “I’ve seen concrete less concrete than my thoughts.” -me, translated. Original: “Ek het al concrete less concrete as my denke gesien.”
  2. Abel Tazman found New Zealand, Tazmania, and the Philippines, but missed Australia.
  3. “I take back all the bad things I have ever said about the A-10. I love them! They’re saving our rear ends!” General Chuck Horner, press briefing, Desert Storm. (Actually the word wasn’t exactly “rear ends.”)
  4. And: whether it was truly an accident or not makes no difference.
  5. On our geography/history (they are merged into one subject here) class group: this happened: Our teacher posted a link to Zirk Bergh’s Ek hou nie van skool nie. (I don’t like skool) I proceeded to spot on spotify, and send the link to the youtube version of Zirk Bergh’s: Ek hou nie van werk nie. (I don’t like work) with the subtitle Wel, meneer gee skool, so: (well, sir teaches, so:) Our teacher posted a handclap emoji in reply, which I think translates to well played.
  6. Boy, that can’t be fun. Meanwhile, in SA: temps are finally starting to heat up above 30*C, and I spent the beter part of an hour procrastinating lunch by looking at loadshedding and eskom jokes. Example: Rain today with a 40% chance of electricity in places. Eskom is aware the power is on and they are working on the problem. The ‘e’ in south africa stands for electricity.
  7. Exactly opposite to me, math, unless it's algebra, is quite easy (now, and I should note that SA doesn't have a good education system, our teachers set up their own tests because the department expects a test of thirty marks, mostly comprehension (or in that case deciphering their spelling mistakes) to last 2 hours) but art, and language, not so much, though recently my Afrikaans mark has improved into the higher 70's, my English actually dropped to the middle, though we did switch through 4 teachers. I also today got my "yearly junkmail", aka: apparently I am as 'one of the best academic achievers in my school' invited (again) to a zero expenses paid (~R72000) October vacation to, this time, UK and USA, in the far flung future year of 2023, though we ain't no gazillionaires and I ain't no genius, plus I only recently started getting over my fear of flying, so uh, I'll stay here and go get driving lessons from my cousin in Bethulie. My parents don't have manual cars, so we use my grandparents' old golf, and since I sure don't have a license, we drive on the abandoned school rugby field.
  8. Lucky duck, we have a airshow in a few days, unfortunately it’s in Centurion, and we, aint. I’d have loved to see a grippen, or usaf tanking (wrong continent) or an Atlas Oryx ( made in SA!), but maybe once I’ll get to see the museum airshow and see an Atlas/Denel Cheetah. (Think mirage, but grey, with a digital glass cockpit, in flight refueling, infrared tracking missiles and more, aah back when state owned companies werent corrupt to the bone (alright, there were less appealing parts of that timeframe, but we have heard enough about that), by the way, as a result of ESKOM loadshedding, the power is out now and tomorrow morning.) But anyways, I took my entire bath, completely, before the bath even filled (so as to not have the lights go out while I was in the bath, trust me, that ain’t fun.) How to work efficiently: Step 1: Watch a movie about aircraft carriers/planes/military. Step 2: Work.
  9. To quote many a pilot, explorer and other people: “I can see my house from here!” also: we are currently in a four hour loadshedding (blackout). I also proved the power of the internet: Was sitting on a tractor, old rusted already scrapped buried down one as a toy in a playground, saw an engraving of ‘model a tractor’ on it, typed that in and got the maker, John Deere, along with a load of other info, in a few seconds. We are in clarens, a town, not my home city by the way.
  10. The floor reminds me of my grandparents’ house. Though they appear to have sanded down the spiky stick out bits, and it’s lighter. (Less dark) Also: wrote my maths exam, felt too easy, but that’s probably because it was completely totally algebra free! I love geometry, but since I am not an abstract thinker, hate algebra, and find it hard.
  11. Finally watched top gun maverick! I don’t like cinema watching, so now that it got on box office over here, I watched it. good fun. Also, the power went out early in, we turned the generator on.
  12. We have words for the day after tomorrow (oormôre) and the day before yesterday (eergister).
  13. Spent 25 minutes in the hardware store, came out with a good few new plumbing parts (aka big boy lego blocks) but I forgot to get the ones I came for. Also, my vegetables are above ground! My mom noticed before I did, since she grew up on a farm, and could recognize them better than my city brain. Why am I growing food? Well, doesn’t matter where you are, Africa or Alpha Centauri, you’re gonna need to eat.
  14. Today an outdated antique orion and a modern apollo docked to a new station.
  15. The vickers wellington bomber was found to be nearly invisible in daylight if it had its spotlight on. A bright object on a bright sky, hard to see, once it was close enough you could see the wings, it would also be too late.
  16. Saturn V upside down, crashing like a good deal of my early rockets.
  17. Aesthetics add mass, well, if you have to add them to make it pretty and it ain't already pretty, looking at you LM, blackbird and nighthawk.
  18. Eat it Aussies! (24 to 8 baby!) You might do better next time, but not this one!
  19. Alrighty, had to stop dinner ‘cause I was laughing too much. Now that is kerbal comedy if I ever saw it!
  20. Yeah, this place has gone backwards fast. Back when I was born load shedding was unusual and uncommon, now it happens every few weeks. And don’t get me started on the potholes. In other news, I found a newspaper piece about spirit and opportunity with a picture of an old mirage jet on the other side in one of those books.
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