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  1. I had this idea like half a year ago for extended smaller airplane fuselages. The basic idea is it parts that are half meter tall, but up wide like 2 to 3 mk 0 parts connected together side by side. I don't have much 3d modeling or modding skills, so I'm putting this here just to get the idea out there.
  2. Sorry about that, Its the most recent. 1.4.5 with Making history.
  3. This happened 3 times is row, only this time added a launch clamp hoping that would pin it to the ground. It clearly did not work as intend. I believe the issue is due to the Quiztech F35 Vtol parts. Testing with the suspected part removed proves my idea. For some reason the QuizTech F35 Engine causes the vessal to spawn 1000 meters above the runway. How do I make it Not do this.
  4. The Flash SP, a development of my SSSSTO design. (Stupid Simple Single Stage to Orbit, The Rockomax Jumbo 64 plus a Skipper) I gotta find away to elegantly include a docking port on this.
  5. Made me a Salamis Replica! Not 1/1 or even 1/kerbal scale, but looks about right.
  6. Gotta a pair of pics: From an Alt-History Universe I have. In 1974 there was the first and, as of 2016, Only armed confrontation in orbit. These to craft stayed at distance in rendezvous for 13 hours, with no shots fired.
  7. Made space station to be put into orbit with my Shuttle, a tight fit. However, i had no means of the controlling the station, as i found out in orbit. So, i but it back in the shuttle and brought it back to Kerbin. Then the Game Crashed
  8. I draw Robots. His name is Tim,he likes jetpacks.
  9. Made a jet pack, or more accurately a Rocket Seat.
  10. Oldest one i can find, the true first is lost to my old computer.
  11. Sent little probe to Eve, First time to Eve. Kerbal Engineer and Olex's transfer calculator really helped.
  12. Prototype little spaceplane, launched up with a rocket. This was just after the first manned reentry test. The High Visibility version of the plane, basically the mark 2. More viewing, more lift, but lacks the prototypes abort system.
  13. I reemerge from nowhere and claim the hill with a Fusion Cannon. My hill surrounded by a conga planet.
  14. Despite having the game since .13 i've only been to Duna legitimately once.
  15. 0/10 But I'll add 3 for Spaceballs 0/10 +3 -------- 3/10
  16. 0/10 I've never seen you before.
  17. 71. When said restaurant begins the nightly entertainment.
  18. 64. When logic goes off for a sandwich and never comes back.
  19. No Expects the Miner! (Mostly because I haven't posted in a month but still,) Captain Giblets?
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