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  1. I said I don't follow the guy, I said that right off, that meant I didn't know. Yea, that he does it here in Texas, is my biggest plus in his favor. Thank you for explaining. [snip]
  2. Yes, that is exactly what I am asking for. I'm just not intelligent enough to put it into those exact words. Thank you!
  3. A no would have sufficed. So like the last 40 years he's still stuck playing around in LEO. Maybe you can explain exactly what it is that is so impressive that he is doing? Clearly you are........."passionate "........about him. I admitted in my first few post that I don't follow the man like he's Jesus Christ, there was no need to jump down my throat because I'm from "2014". This is why it's hard to follow the guy. You get anything wrong, and the angry horde gets their pitch forks.
  4. I'm not calling "everyone" a fanboi, [snip] And fine, call me when he puts a man into space with his mess. All he seems to care about is sending a rocket up, and trying to get it to land on a tiny platform in the ocean. And failing. Is that accurate enough to get people to stop pleading his freaking case at me multiple, multiple times? Y'all making me hate the dude.
  5. I'm playing with Stock KSP, and I'm noticing the sound is "off". By that I mean the engine sound is quiet and mainly in my left ear. Is that a feature? Or has something gone wrong with my install? I was having to fly blind as the " readme" contained no information on how to properly install the mod. I originally installed it into a folder named "Real Plume" in the "GameData" folder. But that only seemed to partly install the mod. So I copy pasted everything *in* that folder, into the "GameData" folder. That seemed to make the mod work, but again, the sound balance is now off. And since I had to install it directly into GameData, as opposed to a folder *in* GameData, I'm afraid to go around deleting things for fear of breaking my install. Can anyone else confirm the sound balance being wrong? _______________________________________________ Went ahead and deleted the files that came with the mod, and extracted the files directly into the GameData folder. Sound now seems to be properly balanced. Still a bit quiet, but no longer left ear happy. I think something broke when I had it in a separate folder, and then moving it. Oh well, problem solved. Would like it to be louder though.
  6. Maybe YOU should build a better ship? Nothing needs to be changed here.
  7. The problem is what a literally said: R, WASD, R, Numpad, R, WASD, R, Numpad. If you can't understand why that's annoying, I can't help you. That is exactly what I did. Did you read my post? Even with RCS thrusters bound only to numpad, WASD still uses RCS fuel. You don't have complete control over it. Yes that is the work around I was told in another post. But it only works like half the time, so isn't a solution I'm looking for. A solution would be letting my keybindings override whatever is causing RCS to fire when I use WASD. But it doesn't.
  8. [snip] So long as he gets subsidized by the Feds, no matter how little, I'm not impressed with him. So long as he keeps focusing on SSTOs, no matter how cool his fanbois think they are, I'm not impressed with him. As far as personally goes, I don't have a beef with him. My beef usually lands firmly at the "he can do no wrong" fanbois. But fanbois can make you hate just about everything. No matter "how little research" has been done.
  9. If they are working just fine, why does he need help? What sort of tonnage are they lifting? What have the vehicles put into space? When will they be manned? What's the date for walking on Mars? I don't follow his news religiously, but the repeated failures are becoming a joke, or a meme or whatever the kids called captioned photos these days. So long as he focuses on SSTOs, he's not going to get very far. Quite literally sadly. I don't understand why he's so against staging. Because someone else made it work?
  10. I'm never said give up, where are you getting that idea from? I'm saying stop making the same mistakes the early space race made by hyper focusing on SSTOs and reusable vehicles. We literally know what works, we went to the Moon with them multiple times. It's so stupid simple. But he seems wholly against that. Which is my only other complaint other than the subsidizing. He keeps focusing on a failed design and screams at the sky why does the design fail. I like the guy, he seems alright, but sometimes smart people are super stupid. ____________________________________ Oh Lord! That poor thing fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.
  11. Well then I suggest he stop trying to reinvent the wheel. We know what works and we know what doesn't. The Space Race was 60 years ago. It's all laid out there.
  12. What does that have to do with the fact that the entire country is already subsidizing his company?
  13. Don't we help him enough through tax dollars?
  14. Can't support this, ever. Sorry. Paid mods are a giant no go. Most content creators have ways you can donate, which is perfectly fine. If you can't afford the time to make a mod, then perhaps you shouldn't make it. Keeping mods the way they should be free, not only increases the amount of people who can play them, but also increases the content's exposure. Giving the creator the opportunity to be hired on to do that for a living if they so choose. Not only that, but it gives the original IP, which mod creators don't have rights to profit from, a longer life. I still play Star Wars Empire at War and whatever that expansion was. Not because the base game was good, it wasn't, but because mods have given it a new breath of life. The idea of "hundreds of thousands of work hours" is laughable. If you are spending that much time on something, it's a passion project. If you want to get paid for it, submit some resumes.
  15. Not at all, I've moved this to dms as someone out there might actually take serious issue to it. Not that I care, but just to keep the peace.
  16. While I might have recently had the round about solution shown to me, I simply ask that RCS not override my input keys. What I mean is: I have RCS control set to my numpad. But even though I have it set that way, WASD still activates RCS. I don't want that. Ever. Anyway you guys can change that? Extremely frustrating to have to: R, numpad, R, WASD, R, numpad, R, WASD. I mean, I specifically set my controls up to avoid that! Why does it override? Let's get this patched before you guys all leave for KSP2. Thank you gentlemen for your time and attention.
  17. My bad, was trying to edit my comment letting you know I found it. Dear.....God.........What a dumpster fire. How has this never been addressed? Thank you so much! You have no idea how much frustration you just saved me! Created a topic in Suggestions. Hopefully it will get patched before they all leave for KSP2.
  18. Where in the menu is that? I have AT turned on.
  19. I wish we started with probes rather than manned missions. But I use probes to look at what kind of dV budget I need for a mission. If I feel it's too dangerous, I send a probe. I just now got into orbit of the Mun, after multiple probes to test my budget. (In my current super high difficulty career play through) I also use probes to complete the "Test X at Y" contracts so I don't accidentally kill Jeb in the process. If I absolutely need a pilot, and figure a high chance of failure, I send Val or whoever she is. After I finish the rendezvous contracts she is dead weight to me. If I lose her and need another pilot, I replace her with an appropriate gender.
  20. Sort of? I have my "RCS" control set to my numpad. 8: Up 2: Down 4: Left 6: Right 9: Foward 3: Back Problem is even though I have cleared those controls from WASD, when I have RCS on, WASD still uses my RCS fuel. That's what I have an inline reaction wheel for. I'm sure this sounds "nitpicky" to some, but it can be a Major Paine*, pressing R, numpad, R, WASD, R, numpad, so on and so forth. Would love for RCS to not activate when I have those keys not set to WASD. I have not figured out a way to fix this yet.
  21. Yahoo! That was it. Slapped a HG-5 on a rather cheap but Orbit capable vehicle, set it just above 70km, and as soon as KSC rotated away from it, Relay1 picked the signal up! Not a very strong signal, but 43% is 43% better than 0%! I should now be able to control the probe up until the plasma blackout occurs! Speaking of that is now going to be my very next test! Thanks a million @GoSlash27!
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