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  1. Absolutely fantastic! Realism of the first, with the fun created elements is what makes Kerbal such a brilliant game. Science is amazing, and something that I am passionate about. You should have a Kerbal getting hit with an apple being tossed from a lunch box by another Kerbal, for a spin on the apple from the tree. Would fit your work perfectly. Look forward to seeing your Newtons in action.
  2. I was observing the Sun this morning, when I saw tornadoes form. I have been watching it for almost two hours now, waiting for each new update from SDO. This happened back in February of last year as well. Can we get stars observed in Kerbal to do things like this. I would definitely be thrilled to have this be a thing, and would motivate me to stream the game more often as well.
  3. I would lose. The Doodling Astronaut would lure me in with the hug and catch me off guard.
  4. Nice YouTube Channel, Doc!

  5. I have always had a great respect for those at NASA. They are some of the brightest minds that I have worked with. I have friends who worked in NASA, some who still do, and even my sister who did work with NASA. One of the selling points for me, to get Kerbal, was seeing NASA worked with Kerbal Space Program developers. I had not heard of the game before then, but seeing that, I knew this game would be one of my favorite gaming experiences. I worked with a different agency, but did some satellite and aircraft calculations for missions and other things of that nature. I find myself in familiar territory, and am having a lot of fun with that. I really enjoyed my work then, and this is a good way to incorporate what I enjoyed with a video game, which is very rare indeed.
  6. I will design a small Tumble-Bee for the Kerbalians. I have an interesting idea forming, and will play with it until I find what I am looking for.
  7. This is an odd request. This is not like Electronic Arts with Madden Football, where it is mostly a roster update and a slew of microtransactions to bank on as well. This is a brand new game from the ground up, with modern graphics and many new features. Aside from advertisement keys to streamers or reviewers, used to build awareness for the game when released, there is absolutely no logic behind this request. That aside, why would you not want to support a developer who is making something that you appreciate and plan on investing a lot of time and mental anguish on. I am sure that I will be learning all kinds of things that I do not know or had forgotten, when I finally get to play Kerbal Space Program 2. I will be sure to have snacks and water ready for a gaming marathon. I will also raise a glass to all of the Kerbalians that will be lost in my first attempts. Maybe we should have a memorial wall for our fallen Kerbalians. May their last moments of panicked bravery never be forgotten. Now I have the song from Alexander Hamilton in my head.
  8. I think this would make a very interesting concept to connect distant colonies on the same planet, so to focus one location as the station for the space connection. I might be looking at it differently than the suggestion, but similar in that it would be a train network of types. You can have several locations for the fuel production and a centralized location to get it off world to the planet or space craft/station that needs it.
  9. I think this is a fantastic suggestion. I would like to see something like this to be implemented.
  10. I run a non-profit YouTube channel that focuses on science. I really like the animations and would like to know if I can use some of these images in my YouTube channel? I will also include a link in the channel description to this website as well. https://www.youtube.com/c/MatthewShipleyInformationNetwork/featured
  11. I caught up on all of the developer diaries. What I learned from that, to unfairly sum it up with a short sentence, is that this game takes what was awesome about Kerbal Space Program and improves upon it. The animations and behaviors of the Kerbalians brings more life out of the lovable and cute creatures. The science is constantly being ensures to be accurate within our real world scenarios and situations. The colonization is fun but not a micromanaging nightmare, and is focused on the core experience of rocket design and exploration. Most agree that Kerbalians are plant based lifeforms. The engineering aspects are carefully managed and giving the player more freedom in design, with greater upper and lower limits. The real world science of orbits is applied with complicated algorithms, to give a realistic experience, while also managing system resources, to not be load heavy. I really liked the demonstrations of this. The people working on this project are invested with a sense of purpose and a passion. The positive energy draws me into the excitement, and even more builds upon the anticipation that I already have for this game. The most important point, in my opinion, is that we should be incorporating science more than we are, in our education and society. The Developer Diaries did answer most of my questions, and I will be checking out the KSP 2 Knowledge Repository next.
  12. There is a message here that gives games, especially like Kerbal Space Program, a deeper meaning. Without innovation and advancement, we will never be anything more than our past. With science, we step into the future as better people individually and as a whole. I see Kerbal Space Program in the same light as I saw Mythbusters. Everyday is a beautiful day for Science!
  13. Nothing at all, Vanamonde. In fact, these are small to medium size for me. I tried making larger vessels, but the game has some complications with too many moving parts, and it seems that really unusual things happen. I had one vessel started moving in very peculiar ways, and looks like a bird flapping wings, then exploded. My small ship is the Tumble-Bee Orbit Express. I have a version of it that can launch to any planet from Kerbal, and become an orbital for any planet and moon in the known Kerbal space. However, I end up either having to strand a pilot, or find a better way to increase my range of communication for pilotless travel. This is problematic, but also explains why I sometimes will have over twenty missions going on and forget which one was supposed to do what. Just as well, as Adam Savage said from Mythbusters, "If it is worth doing, it is worth over doing." I am a firm believer in that philosophy. Than again, I am also an Adam Savage fan, as it were. That amount of energy for science, that is the way to live.
  14. I am not 75+, but I find it difficult to think that I will live that long. Anything is possible though. As Groucho Marx said, “Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.” Science is a wonderful topic. Magic is science that is yet to be explained, and in doing so, we find new magic that we never knew about. In everything we have learned so far, there is so much more yet discovered and deciphered. I just did one of my daily updates on the YouTube channel, so I am in a good mood. An hour of catching up on events and looking at current graphs and data, as well as maps and so forth. Always ramps me up. I am sure many find it boring, but it is what I enjoy. Thank you for the welcome. I hope to meet more people here, and with KSP 2, we can enjoy a game of fun and science together. Cheers and Game On!
  15. Oranges and gummy worms. It is my favorite two high sugar foods, though different sugars.
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