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  1. I noticed that the vessel was set to a ship, so I changed it to a probe. After doing that the contract showed that the telescope was on the vessel, so I'm OK. Seems a bit strange, but as long as it works, I'm fine. Thanks for the suggestions about the location vis-a-vis Kerbin; I time warped so that it caught up with Kerbin, and the misalignment issue want away Now to wait for things to be detected...
  2. Thanks! I'm on the opposite side of the sun from Kerbin, so that explains it. Any idea about why KSP seems to think that the vessel doesn't have a telescope on board?
  3. One of the missions I have is to detect 2 comets with a SENTINEL Infrared Telescope. The objectives are and current status are: Have a SENTINEL Infrared Telescope on the vessel (incomplete) Achieve orbit around the Sun )Complete) Detect 2 new comets (Incomplete) I’m having 2 issues with this mission. First, I really do have “a SENTINEL Infrared Telescope on the vessel”. It’s operational and seems to be working fine. Secondly, when I right-click on the telescope, the status shows “Telescope: Misaligned with Kerbin”. A screenshot of the telescope in orbit is here. So, any idea why KSP doesn’t seem to think that I have a telescope on board the vessel and what the misalignment status means (and how to correct it)?
  4. OK, my bad. The target ship has the docking port on the nose (top), while the vessel I'm maneuvering has a docking post down low on the side. Never had a problem with a 90 degree docking like this before, but for some reason I must have gotten disoriented while trying to maneuver. Going through it again, getting within 30 meters or so before switching to RCS, and taking a bit more time to see how the docking ports moved relative to each other was the key. Thanks for the help, and apologies for what turned out to be an error on my part. - Ken
  5. Is there a way to check or reset the orientation of the RCS thrusters? I had need of 4 thrusters on a vessel in orbit, so I used an engineer to move 4 thrusters from an adjacent and inactive vessel to the active one. When I used them in a subsequent docking maneuver, the I/J/K/L controls did not work as expected. For example, a “left” (J) thrust actually spun the vessel around, forward thrust (H) moved it sideways, etc. I’m guessing that the issue is caused due to the thrusters having a default orientation when attached in the VAB, and when I moved them from vessel 1 to vessel 2, the fact that the vessels were (possibly) upside down and backwards relative to each other messed up the thruster orientation. So, is there a way to do orient the thrusters to the way they would be if I had positioned them in the VAB? Working with an engineer in space where there’s no up, down, or sideways makes it difficult to figure things out. Trial and error might work, but the permutations of 4 positions on each of 4 thrusters would take way too long. Any ideas much appreciated, and thanks in advance. - Ken
  6. I'm currently running KSP 1.11 on OSX Catalina, and it runs great. I would like to upgrade to OSX Monterey (skipping Big Sur), but wanted to check and see if anyone is currently running KSP on Monterey before I do the upgrade. Probably OK, but it never hurts to check, and since downgrading the OS is extremely difficult I want to make sure that I can still run KSP before biting the bullet and upgrading. Thanks!
  7. Wow! Lots of great ideas and things to try. And I am planning on doing this on Minmus; lower gravity and more flat places to land and set up will be a big help until I can get more experience. Thanks for all the help with this.
  8. Thanks! Great suggestions, and I'll definitely try the claw. The second idea sounds pretty cool, and I may try that also if I'm feeling brave (and remember to save the game first). What could go wrong?= Anyway, thanks for the idea - just what I needed.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping to do it without mods, but I guess that isn't possible in the stock game (and I don't have Breaking Ground yet). I'll either install KAS or just dual purpose the miner as a refueling ship and move it back and forth between the mining site and orbiting tanker. How hard could that be? Definitely good practice for docking and precision landing... Thanks again!
  10. I’m getting ready to try my hand at ore mining, and have a question about how best to transfer the mined fuel. My thought was to have a good sized (semi-permanent) mining ship that contained the mining excavator, ore storage tank, ore processing unit, and fuel tanks. To transfer the resulting fuel to an orbiting tanker, I was considering a separate ship whose function was to simply carry fuel from the ore miner to the orbiting tanker, then return and repeat. Finally, some. sort of mechanism to transfer the fuel from the ‘miner’ to the transfer ship. I had thought about a fairly simplistic rover with a large fuel tank that could be used to carry the fuel from the miner to the transfer ship, but I’m not sure about how to connect to the miner to ‘get’ the fuel and then to the transfer ship to ‘put’ the fuel in. Docking ports seem to be an ideal solution, but how and I ensure that they will all match up? That is, making sure that the rover (if that is indeed the best solution) can mate to the docking ports on both the mining ship and the transfer ship. Easy to do in space where you can maneuver in all directions, but I’m not sure how to do it on the ground where you can’t maneuver vertically. Any ideas about how to do this? Or am I making it harder on myself than needed and there’s an easier way?
  11. Well, poop! I had saved the old version of KSP before I installed the new one, then ran into some issues so I switched things around and re-downloaded from Steam a few times.. Turns out that my "old saved game" is version 1.12.3142, while the "new game" is 1.11.2307. Time for me to take a smart pill and rename the two folders correctly. At least I got lots of practice starting from scratch, so now I can continue (on the latest version!) with a little more experience under my belt. Thanks for the confirmation about the Alarm Clock and sorry for the bother.
  12. I started using the stock alarm clock in version 1.11-1, but when I upgraded to version 1-11.2 (via a Steam update), I had two problems. First, all my existing vessels were no longer compatible. That wasn't a big problem since being a newbie it gave me a chance to "start over" with a better idea of how to proceed. The other problem is a little more troubling; the stock alarm clock is no longer available. I've upgraded the tracking station to level 3 so that can't be the issue, and I can't figure out how to get the alarm clock back. Was it removed as a part of the 11.1-2 upgrade? If not, any hints on how to get it back? I guess I could install the alarm clock mod, but I'm curious why the stock one is no longer there.
  13. Thanks for the info! Taking lots of care per OHara's suggestion, followed by symmetry per modus' tip worked great. In the future I'll have to remember to take extra care placing the SRB and check after attaching it to make sure it's attached correctly. Once that's done I'm good to go. Well, good to go for the next challenge, that is... Thanks again!
  14. I’m a new KSP user, and am having a problem using the radial decoupler. After placing the decoupler on the rocket body (anywhere from 1 to 6 of them), attaching the SRBs to the decoupler seems to be a matter of hit or miss. With 6 decouplers on the rocket body, placing the SRBs on the decouplers seems to attach the SRB directly to the rocket body instead of the decouplers. Sometimes it works, but a lot of the times the attachment isn’t correct, resulting in a “click” when I decouple in flight, but the SRBs remain attached (with an attendant disaster!). Using the move tool to reposition the SRB doesn’t seem to help, since correct positioning of the SRB on the decoupler requires both lateral and rotational movement, and seeing what’s happening is nearly impossible, especially when you get to 6 SRBs. This seems to be a known problem since I’ve seen references to it dating back to 2015, but I’m hoping that there is a relatively simple solution since all I want to do is add 6 radial decouples and attach a corresponding 6 SRBs. If it matters, I’m running the latest Steam version on a Mac. Thanks in advance for and advice.
  15. Thanks for the quick response. In 1.11, the tracking station shows as level 1, but the markers are visible when in orbit. V1.12 shows level 1 also, but the markers are not visible. Part of the problem might be due to the way I'm running KSP, which I do by launching the program directly from the app, which is buried in (OSX) Library folder. Running directly I get v1.11, and If I run via Steam I get v1.12. Very strange, and it implies some sort of a problem with the application launch structure (or me being too smart for my own good!). I just discovered this, so I think my next step is to uninstall KSP via the Steam interface, then delete the KSP folders in the user Librarty (if they still exist), and finally reinstall it via Steam and see what happens.
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