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  1. I think some of the people who didn't get chosen... *Puts on sunglasses* Might get a bit testy. ElectronicFox: How long is this testing going to last?
  2. From a non-medical, non-help-the-world, non-caring-about-humanity standpoint... this thing is STILL amazing! It's a dirt cheap, durable microscope that projects things and fits into your pocket. Add in the rest of it and... Yeah, it's amazing.
  3. I have so many plans for these. I would certainly like to test them. As far as my plans go: -Rocket-powered tracked planes sound like a fun stress test -Submarine crawlers are bound to find some obscure bugs (Old ones worked very well at this!) -I need to set up my Extraplanetary Launchpads base. And a mobile launch pad would do just the thing... -I have a boatload of mods (30+!) so if there's some issues between mods - Well, I'll probably find it. And for my config editing - I did the initial modulemanager fix for HotRockets. I've also made ballast tanks (That filled and emptied!) for experim
  4. Overengineering things. My rockets are generally much larger (By an order of magnitude) than they need to be to accomplish the mission.
  5. So - 1/50 scale. Going by the 98 km length, 1/50th ends up at 1960 meters. Doable within physics distance.
  6. I'm sure you'll find no shortage of testers! And of course i am interested
  7. Fun fact about new(ish) laptop drives: A SATA cable's a SATA cable, regardless of if they're laptop drives or desktop drives. IT's not like the old IDE ones, where you had to get a converter to plug it in to a desktop. So those are likely still good. The RAM from the laptop's probably fine as well. Could eBay that off. Hell, you could e-bay the rest of the computer off for parts to someone that needs things
  8. Oooh, someone else that cannot stand blender! I learned how to model (Badly, I might add) in gMax, autodesk's short-lived free version of a now-ancient version of 3ds max (I mean, seriously. The minimum system requirements were Windows 98...). I, used 3ds max once upon a time a bit later and it was, well, identical to 3ds max in methodology and use (It was pretty much all behind-the-scenes things that were changed in gmax. And the colors). After learning of blender, I downloaded it. Tried it. Could NOT get past a few things on it - Mainly, it does NOTHING how I expect it to due to 3ds Max. Som
  9. I use this: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/59005-0-23-Release-2-15-Active-Texture-Management-Save-RAM-without-reduction-packs%21 Helps a lot! I'm running B9 AND NovaPunch AND these and half a million other things and I've not even broke 3 gigs memory used by the game.
  10. It's not "Science spam" but it gives you a BOATLOAD of science just by looking at everything (Which is really easy to do). If you're running MechJeb it's painfully easy (Hence my current rule for myself of "No MechJeb on the telescope"), and you can get a LOT of science. If you boost the telescope to Munar or Minmus orbit - Hell, even a flyby - you can do it all over again from there. Pretty sure he's fixing the latter, and I THINK he's toning down the science of the observations, but I'm not sure.
  11. Biggest issue I have had with the tracks was going over some things ended up being impossible. It seemed that if the center of the tread was off the ground the track had no power
  12. As said by a few: Embrace it! Find something else to spend your time on. Go find every nook and cranny in Skyrim. Play through XCOM. Start a YouTube channel. Make a webcomic. Do SOMETHING, as long as it isn't forcing yourself to "Enjoy" the game. Sometimes it's great to get a bit rusty - then you have the joy of re-learning things.
  13. Does this require kerbals to be in the workshop, and does it scale with productivity? I feel like it should require kerbals but not require productivity (At least without other things scaling too)
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