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  1. Hi Angel! I love this mod and I wanna know: is it possible that this mod is compatible with the stock inventory system? For example making players able to place like, 50 snacks in a SEQ-3 storage unit and being able to take them out, then place them into the inventory of a kerbal, walk to a base then place the snacks in said base. Thanks!
  2. Will this include those new smaller truss parts? I hope I don't sound impatient, take your time!
  3. Congrats on the release! I thought it looks like 2 bags of flour stitched together
  4. https://archive.org/details/NASA_NTRS_Archive_19940020434/page/n75/mode/2up I just found this thing, a 6m tall and wide command pod! Edit: at page 105-106 and page 36 it talks about a... methane fueled RL10 wait its from... 1993 D:
  5. OH. MY. JEB. YES oh wait, I just realized that this switches the stock system, is there any chance you'll make this another solar system near the kerbol system in the future?
  6. I should have put another image where it shows that the black and white image is part of the others, so 2.5?
  7. Question: are the experiments gonna have definitions for the entire stock system? or for kerbin and the mun only?
  8. Oh great ones! I have a question, since @Beale and @Nertea have retired from making ksp 1 mods, what are you gonna do? Will you finish the Saturn parts, and Skylab and that's it? or are you gonna make more content until you make Ingenuity? I just realized.
  9. so is a sub-moon of minmus out of the scope? Also, here's an idea: one or two trojan asteroids that share the orbit of jool, so we can recreate Lucy!
  10. Hi everyone! I have a question, does the galaxy setting make everything orbit around the ''galactic core''? or do the systems stay static? Thanks! Also... gorgeous, I love how its not green foliage
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