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  1. thanks! that restock poodle is going down..
  2. I have a dumb question, what if I just delete the files of the parts I don't want restocked?
  3. Here's one: colony styles. Basically there isn't only one look for whatever the new colony pieces are, there's a stock style, a retro futurism style, there's an industrial style, etc. Modders could also make more styles for the pieces, a restock style, an interstellar style, etc
  4. hey this mod is great! But, I tried doing the whitelist thing and it doesn't work, i have a file called ksp.restockwhitelist with a whitelist for the poodle, but it wont work, any solutions? Also, on my rovers the illuminator MK2 is flippedhttp://
  5. Rest in peace, Pirs, the Russian ''docking compartment'' will soon be removed from the ISS on July 23 2021 12:45 UTC to make room for the new Russian Nauka laboratory module that launched on July 21 2021 at 14:58 GMT
  6. I'm confused, how do I add stuff like the alien worlds expansion into my game? Wait, I figured it out!
  7. R.I.P but seriously, you have great talent, you should def make a part mod!
  8. oh my god.. its gorgeous! is it a 3d model? is there a tiny chance you can make this as a mod? id love to have this
  9. We were at Ottawa today and we went to the air and space museum... I SAW CANADARM! HhahHAHahHAHahHAHah!
  10. look I swear I haven't heard about that! look at my steam library, the outer wilds isn't in it ;( Also the way i imagined the planet was well, a crust with a huge hole in it, kind of like that ''eyeball'' planet we saw for ksp 2, exept that you can see huge scars going in the black hole, caused by the planet's atmosphere, biosphere, oceans and alien-made structures getting sucked into the planet who was migrating into the middle of said planet
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