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  1. Hey guys! First off thank you putting the little gem that is KSP into my life. I cannot count the amount of hours I've played it but I can say that a game clearly doesn't need the best graphics, it just needs real community input and love built into it which is what KSP is to me. I've honestly had some dark periods in life and KSP has helped me get better so thanks you amazing human beings behind KSP Secondly I wanted to offer some suggestions and ideas for KSP 2 that I hope you guys find interesting! -Movable, controllable Kerbals in IVA e.g being able to say take control of a kerbal and actually freely walk around inside a base, explore a station, etc -Actually giving kerbals automatic routines to make them look busy kinda like the Sims if they are doing EVA's, etc like growing plants in a greenhouse, furiously tapping away at a computer in zero-g while poor old Jeb floats off into deep space which brings me to... -TEATHERS! That way kerbals can use a cable to keep themselves attached to e.g Stations without fear of flying off into the void -Procedural fuel tanks and structural pieces -A tutorial or something similar giving players an understanding of how to establish interplanetary infrastructure to e.g support bases and colonies like where to put fuel depots, etc -Exosuits -Space weather -Integrating KerbalX into KSP 2 so console players can download other people's designs Seriously though thank you for taking the time to read this, I really do appreciate it, sending much love and many hugs to you all
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