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  1. Hi all, Ive been having issues with my commnet stuff, none of the green lines show up, nothing in the top right or anything. It's like all my commnet is non existant but i can still connect to the KSC and stuff. Could someone help? Log: Player (mediafire.com)
  2. Hey, for a while now i've just been clipping through asteroids when trying to attach to them. Then i hit something hard and i still cannot attach? Does anyone know how to fix it?
  3. Is it possible to put a satellite in any lagrange point in rss?
  4. How do you make a launchpad on another planet with Kerbal Constructs?
  5. How could i change the KSC location to a different planet or moon in rss?
  6. Is there any mods for interstellar antennas, or far future antennas.
  7. Is there anyway to place launchpads or even just structures from kerbalkonstructs and stuff on other planets in rss, if there is how?
  8. Im watching a video and was just wondering if anyone knows that mod the parts the fuselage and cockpit stuff is from
  9. how do i stop this from happening, im just trying to make a manuever and it just appears and i cant make it anymore, i have to delete it and do it again.
  10. Hi, Is there a mod or mods that add everything from the ISS? like trusses, solar panels, ect.
  11. Hello, i accidnetily deleted one of my mods and i was wondering if someone knew what it was called. When a part was placed with symmetry you could right click it and remove it from symmetry. Please help!! :((
  12. Hey! Is there any mod for advanced fuel transferring? like filling to a certain amount, filling from certain tanks but not others, etc.
  13. is there any mods that make it so you can name craft inside the tracking station?
  14. Hi, is there any mods for RSS that makes the KSC bigger or adds launch pads and stuff because I've tried mods before like Tundra Space Centre And KSC Extended but it doesn't show up.
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