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  1. Have you ever been troubled by long-range long-scale or even long-pp cargo transportation? Thinking of “Damn, I wondering how to get this piece of huge dong from my garage to the local rocket launchpad “… Well won’t happen anymore with our brand new SHIPMENT SERVICE Introduce you the <Beluga Delivers> With all new develop trucks you can deliver anything you want! Without much to say, let’s hit the road!
  2. Does anyone knows how to add picture in your topic? I tried “insert image from URL” but it just ain’t work. Have any recommend website for images transform or any other way to upload images? Thanks for reading
  3. Recently, have an idea of using controller to control in game, but I’m don’t know if that’s possible Do you guys have any idea? Does it require specific controller or extra mods to make it work?
  4. Ever feel your home just ain’t safe enough? Well check this out! Our new home defense system! Mighty Multiple use Missile! Now with two models PHX I and PHX II With auto track system for only 89.99$ Full demonstration: (Contains cc subtitles) If you like it, pls consider to hit a like and subscribe. It means a lot to us and we have more interesting content waiting for you
  5. Trying to get home as fast as possible? Imagine, you are a British engineer works in Lockheed-Martin. As you working on the latest top secret project, all of a sudden, you got news from the local hospital at your hometown, finding out your wife is about getting a birth! and you surely don’t want to miss your precious first child’s birth. But you’re in Maryland! You started to panic. After a while of thinking about it, you realize the project you just worked on need a test fly desperately. You rushed to the cockpit and jumped in, as the chief engineer, you are very familiar with the operation of this aircraft. Oxygen, check Engine, check Fuel line, check……Ignite the engine as fast as possible…… Without an hour, you arrived to the hospital, holding your newborn baby, glad you works in Lockheed-Martin Latest Darkstar teaser<https://youtu.be/2_r_f1Ltd-8> Upon the horizon Looking for targeted... If you like it, pls consider to hit a like and subscribe. It means a lot to us and we have more interesting content waiting for you
  6. I recently found out that other players seem to have “Green effect “ on objects when their mouse move on top of them in hanger, but mine doesn’t have the effect and that let it harder to select the item I want to. Is this a bug or is there a switch to turn that back on?
  7. My PS4 version KSP keeps stuck at "Continue Saved Game" when ever I try to play it, I've deleted it and download back several time. Do they stop support the game or what can I do?
  8. Why I alway get extra smooth when I get near to the crystal on the mountains?
  9. Yeah its a great game,but I think the attitude of the team to this version of game can be better...
  10. Things U will have to face: Bugs will combine until U DEAD!!! The PS4 will take a "lovely nap"or let U things explode in stead of load the things should load("WHAT A LAZY BOI") ... Although I only list two situation, I believe these two are enough to make you have a stroke or experience hell. FACE THE PROBLEM!!!DEVELOPMENT TEAM!!!
  11. How can I change my profile photo?
  12. Can u actually blow up a planet without mods?even on PC? If it really works,I think my PS4 will blow up first XD
  13. Hi!I'm new guy,I'm playing KSP on PS4(1.8) now.(It's a tragedy...) Can I rescue Kerbal when MIA
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