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  1. Will realplume-stock also defer to Waterfall if Waterfall sounds are defected on an engine?
  2. It only matters what DirectX version KSP uses, right? Can the rest of my system use a different version (DX12) while KSP uses DX11?
  3. Hi all, Does TUFX work with DirectX 12 and also with Scatterer (in KSP 1.12.x)?
  4. Hi all, I am very new to add-on development, and I was wondering why part attach nodes are written in the CFG if they're configured in Unity along with the materials, CoM etc. (photo of node lines in the CFG) Also, a little side question, does anyone know of any good tutorials for developing parts? The one on the KSP wiki is quite outdated.
  5. Ahh, okay. So would Dragon be compatible with the Atlas V N22 then?
  6. I might just be overthinking it, but then how come it doesn't say "compatible with SLS" or "will be compatible with New Glenn", because Starliner has the "correct" mass (and diameter) to be launched to LEO by both of them. The vibe I'm getting from the way they're written is that they're specifically targeting using it with Falcon 9.
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if for modelling and animating the gimballing of engines, is it (the animating) done in Blender (or any 3D modelling/animating software used to make the engine model), in Unity, while preparing to import the part into KSP, or does the game itself read the .cfg file and automatically add the correct amount of gimbal?
  8. Ah, ok. But then how come the SRBs used on the Shuttle and SLS Block 1/1B, which also use APCP as a propellant, don't need insulation? Is it because they also use PBAN (polybutadiene acrylonitrile) as a propellant? Or is the insulation just put inside the booster instead, rather than tearing off at launch. I suppose this would've made sense for the Space Shuttle, as since the boosters were recovered there wouldn't be a need to get new insulation for every launch.
  9. Does anyone know what this thing is that tears off the lower stages of the Minotaur I straight after launch. I think it has something to do with the Minuteman II booster, but I'm not really sure. Reference Image:
  10. I've read from a couple of sources that Starliner is designed to be compatible with Falcon 9. Would this ever happen/are there any plans for it to happen. Boeing and SpaceX have collaborated once before, on the USA-277/OTV-5 flight of the X-37B spaceplane, as the X-37(B) is made by Boeing, and SpaceX provided the launch vehicle (the Falcon 9). Here's where it said they were designed to be compatible: Boeing Starliner - Wikipedia Crew Dragon and Starliner: A Look at the Upcoming Astronaut Taxis | Space Here's also a photo I made of what it would look like: Screenshot by Lightshot (prnt.sc)
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