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  1. Are these textures already in the GitLab, or is this a WIP screenshot?
  2. Pyrios would be a good addition to SOCK if STS Block 2 ever gets there.
  3. I’m gonna say it. TweakScale is a very useful tool. When you need to tweak the size of some landing gear just right the different sizes don’t fit your lander too well, it’s a good mod. There are parts that should undoubtedly be left alone, like crew modules, engines, and others. I don’t use it for most builds, but when there’s a niche that can’t be filled, Tweakscale helps. I used the Gemini Lander Legs on a lander I made, they were too small. Scaled them up just a little and they fit great and worked well. I hate the big changes too, like scaling up the first fuel tank and engines you get in a career play, it’s simply cheating. But for small applications, it’s indispensable. TL;DR: stop hating bro
  4. Sounds like the rabbit hole that BDB went down. They ran out of real rockets to add so they started adding concepts and fictional variants. Now, look at the sheer size of the download for it!
  5. The sound is absent with all PhotonCorp boosters, so it could be a PhotonCorp issue. After all, the mod hasn't been updated in many months.
  6. @benjee10, Would it be safe to delete imported parts folders if I have their respective mods? I have PhotonCorp, BDB, and RMM installed. Also, would deleting the Booster folder bring sound back to the SRBs? This was discussed on page 5, and the exhaust plumes have since returned but sound is still absent.
  7. How long have you been using Blender? How long did this take? This has amazing detail, even without solid textures on it yet! I just downloaded Blender to see what I could do and it's almost alien to me.
  8. The log file is only reset when you start up a new game I believe, so you can post the log from however far back you want as long as you haven’t played since then
  9. Heads-up: If your map screen has flickering atmospheres and temporal antialiasing is off in Scatterer, it's your TUFX profile. Just ran into this, probably AA in TUFX
  10. Never heard of that one before. Tried looking it up, but I can't find it. Could you link the mod?
  11. The changelog mentions a v1.0.1 update, but the latest GitHub release is v1.0.0. Is the newer version on SpaceDock?
  12. I saw a comment by @CobaltWolf a while ago (5-10 pages back, maybe more?) saying he added color variants for the handles on the Apollo CSM decoupler and service module. It would be cool if that color switch also applied to the docking port please visual aid included edit, black bar version maybe as well? just a suggestion
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