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  1. Yes! I like all weather. Each has it's own mood. TUBM uses MacOS X to run KSP.
  2. There once was a Kerbal named Bobster, Who had a pet toy wind-up lobster. While Bobster was fishing, His lobster went missing. And Bobster looks for it still.
  3. No-meatloaf. That sounds very nice, though!! TUBM can without a search engine tell me what unity7 is (not unity game engine).
  4. No, it's just me. Maybe @Bej Kerman?
  5. I get what you are saying now. Maybe there should be an option to install/make themes; some that have 3D buttons and stuff, and some that are flat. That would satisfy both sides.
  6. I am not speaking of cluttered arrangements. I am speaking of using shaders to make e.g. a button look like it is rounded, sticking out of the surface it is embedded in. in contrast to this:
  7. What is it's bulkhead profile? (size2, size3...)
  8. C'mon! Their both cannibals. A vampire is just a cannibal on a juice diet. The fridge ate my food!
  9. Yes, in several games: DeLorean, Mach 3, Falcon Hypercar, Micro Go Cart, and a 60's sedan. TUBM has been to space.
  10. My point is against a flat UI, not a cluttered UI. And you can de-clutter it.
  11. Looks like @ColdJ did a super summon! -one page ago... @AtomicTech?
  12. @KSPStar, could you guys please not use blue as the primary color? It hurts my eyes, especially after dark when I want to see all the colors without putting my orange-glasses on. I would suggest yellow or orange.
  13. I ran out of likes for the first time! This clip is awesome!
  14. Nope, just me. Why does everyone think Nate Simpson will post on a forum game? @Souptime, there's a fly in my soup!
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