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  1. I'm excited that I will finally be able to play it with family members and friends! I also hope there will be a lot less bugs in KSP2 than KSP1!
  2. Is there going to be an option to buy a "family pack" (pack of 4 or another number of game downloads) for the game? I have two other family members who will want to play it with me when the multiplayer feature comes out. And on that note, how will multiplayer work regarding accounts? Will it use a private division account, a steam account, no account, a discord account or something else? @Nate Simpson @Intercept Games
  3. I had an idea-what if we could transmit science data from one spacecraft to another? For example, you have a science probe at Jool, but it needs to transmit its data because it is going into the atmosphere. So, you could have a standby craft in Kerbin orbit, the the Jool probe would transmit the science data to the craft orbiting Kerbin, which can then land back at Kerbin and get all of the science value from that mission.
  4. Nah, just me again. @adsii1970Perhaps now?
  5. Nice to meet you! I'm KSP_linux0191!
  6. Hello there! Haven't been here in a while! @ColdJ?
  7. The Kerbals from the KSP2 gameplay vidoes seem too cute/silly/goofy-like they don't have a clue or care about what they're doing in a rocket. The G1 Kerbals have a more serious look, like they actually care about what they're doing. I personally don't like this-could something perhaps be done about it?
  8. 2001! Rats, I'm one year/number too late. Oh, yeah, A Space Odyssey? Never seen it, though.
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